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    this is my 8th or 9th kinky book and he continues to deliver like all the other books in this series it contains the same brilliant language and writing style, brilliant characters, brilliant settings and environment, and another nice little mystery for the kinkstah to solve although i did solve this one myself pretty early in, but the ride is always fun than the destination a must for all fans and as for the shock ending, please kinky, say it isn t so

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    This is my first Kinky Friedman book and it was absolutely wonderful So much insight and great quotes and humor and raunch and just everything I am going to read all the rest of the Kinkstah s mysteries

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    Ten Little New Yorkers was like ordering an apple pie with vanilla ice cream and only getting the pie There was a slightly confusing introduction maybe I would have been less confused if I read other books from this series, but then again, is that the reader s problem I had a feeling that the author couldn t make up his mind is my protagonist a slightly nasty, but kind hearted ordinary New Yorker in his mid life crisis or is he a fascinating brainiac, solving the big city crime You can always combine the two, with a bit of hard work, but the way it felt to me, the author failed to do so.He kept building up the tension, and even though I knew the killer very early on another disappointment , it was still kind of interesting to read And then bam, just like that the book was done What I really felt as is the author was like yeah, whatever, that will do it No intriguing pursuit, no painful revelations, confessions, heart break So much could have been done with that story line.So there you go, only an average pie with no ice cream.

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    Kinky Friedman feels like a compatriot, about my age, lived through many of the same cultural experiences as me, loves a lot of the same music that I do and has some of the same respect for animals A few friends have been telling me I should read him for a while So, when I saw Ten Little New Yorkers on the remainder shelf at the book store, I picked it up This seems to be the last book of the Kinky mysteries so I probably chose the wrong one to start with but it was enjoyable anyway My favorite parts were when he was playing himself, remembering a woman who worked for his family and became a life long friend, talking about his feeling for animals But, he is a truly funny man I think my favorite expression might be his use of the word Nixon as a synonym for human excrement without taking the time to explain it His integration of song lyrics into the narrative was fun since he used a lot of my old favorites After a while though, the one liners got to be a bit much for me And, I think it s possible that I like Kinky Friedman, the man, than I like Kinky Friedman, the writer.

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    I have read almost all of the Kinky Friedman, Detective books and they are fun, easy reads with some interesting twists and turns While this fit the formula as well, it was less fun with fewer twists and turns All the Vandam Street Irregulars are there but they somehow lacked some of the passion and interest of the prior books This would have to be considered an average book and a below average tale in this series.While it looked like this might be the last of the series, it seems another detective novel is on its way I will definitely read that one and look forward to a interesting tale along with renewed interest and passion in all the characters after a 10 year layoff.

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    I read this for my local bookseller s mystery bookclub and enjoyed it I m sure I missed a lot as I ve never read a Kinky F book before and didn t have any understanding of the characters, especially Kinky I consider this a guy s author as references to taking a dump, casual sex, and genitalia were present throughout I liked when Kinky started thinking because that is when the book is best being Jewish, living in New York, missing his cat, and just plain anything that comes to mind is a fun read The mystery PI aspect of the books is nonexistent If that is what you are after..this isn t that book.

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    A year or so ago, I read an article in the New Yorker about a cowboy named Kinky who was running for governor of Texas apparently, they ll give that job away to anyone Look in the White House It turns out he s also written something like 25 books Not mind bending stuff here, but a quick and enjoyable read nonetheless Murder mystery centered on a whiskey swilling tough guy detective think of the guy in the first third of Sin City framed for the murder of a rapidly increasing number of New Yorkers A lot of good word play, amusing sarcasm, and even a song about boogers All this for six bucks Kinky for President

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    This is the last in the Kinky Friedman series The series overall is fun, enjoyable and humorous However, I hated that the series had to end on this note The ending was abrupt, not at all what you are expecting in some series that would be a good thing , and not consistent with the series If feels as if after so many years of writing, Kinky Friedman was just ready to walk away I really hate that Perhaps he will write another one to follow this one up, just to answer many of the unanswered questions Bummer.

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    I like Kinky Friedman.the fact that he may be bonkers helps He is funny, very crude to the point of rudenessI like that in a Cowboy story teller from NYC via Texas hill countryKinky is known as the Sherlock Holmes of Greenwich Village In this book Larry Ratso Sloman, Kinky s Watson , writes the Prologue leading the reader to believe old Kinky stepped on a rainbow The cops are looking at Kinky as a suspect in a rash of homicides.Kinky has to find the real killer Plus his cat is missing He loves his cat..

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    I really hate to put down funny guys, because their work is so hard However, I enjoyed few smiles as I read through this intentionally ridiculous detective story The humor was dated,and I felt that, at times, Mr Friedman was trying a little too hard for a laugh I also had a hard time keeping track of who was whom, as several of the characters had multiple names This is the first one of his books I ve read, and it s prompted me to try another, for comparison This one was published in 2005 Perhaps I ll try looking for something he wrote prior to the 21st century.

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