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A Walk Through Darkness quotes A Walk Through Darkness, litcharts A Walk Through Darkness, symbolism A Walk Through Darkness, summary shmoop A Walk Through Darkness, A Walk Through Darkness c7c68ae8 When He Learns That His Pregnant Wife Has Been Spirited Off To A Distant City, William Responds As Any Man Might He Drops Everything To Pursue Her But As A Fugitive Slave In Antebellum America, He Must Run A Terrifying Gauntlet, Eluding The Many Who Would Re Enslave Him While Learning To Trust The Few Who Dare To Aid Him On His Quest Among Those Hunting William Is Morrison, A Scot Who As A Young Man Fled The Miseries Of His Homeland Only To Discover Even Brutal Realities In The New World Bearing Many Scars, Including The Loss Of His Beloved Brother, Morrison Tracks William For Reasons Of His Own, A Personal Agenda Rooted In Tragic Events That Have Haunted Him For DecadesFollowing Up On His Award Winning Debut, Gabriel S Story, David Anthony Durham Presents Another Riveting Tale, A Brilliantly Drawn Portrait Of America Before The Civil War, And A Provocative Meditation On Racial Identity, Freedom And Equality

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    It was a good read though maybe 4 stars was than I think it deserved Somewhere in between 3 and 4 was like it The story of a runaway slave featured brutality to the main protagonist than I like in my stories but I guess the life of a slave was one of constant brutality Although the historical fiction quality of the story lends itself to factual events the authors says he draws from stories of actual slave narratives and runaway records the slaves Saviour seems be a highly unlikely personage in my view After all the vicious brutality the ending seems a little too happy hollywood and fanciful for me but overall these are minor quibbles I enjoyed the book.

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    Is it nature of historical novels to rely on huge chunks of exposition If you are blindly devoted to the show don t tell school of writing, then skip this book You won t have the patience for the occasionally clunky swathes of exposition.For the rest of you, this is an excellent quest set in antebellum America William, a twenty year old slave, finds out his wife Dover is pregnant Dover is in Philadelphia while still a slave, she lives in one of the states where slavery is no longer legal In love, longing for family and connection, William slips away one night The distance between Maryland and Pennsylvania is huge and full of obstacles for a slave on the run, and William comes up against each and every one.Where there are runaway slaves, there are trackers, and among those tracking William is Morrison, an immigrant with a violent history It didn t take me long to see Morrison s connection to William the story alternates between his and William s journey, and while Morrison is not exactly forthcoming, his motives become clearer with each brief section.Hmmin some ways this reminded me of The Keep , just in terms of the narrative structure and the pacing I was also really impressed by Durham s characterizations William is so much than slave He s an impulsive twenty year old boy, a mess of conflicting emotions and yet very much a product of his time Morrison and Dover are distinct secondary characters, and even the minor characters who help try to destroy William along the way are memorable Also, much of the novel seemed to speak to the present I don t know quite how to explain this The most obvious way is the scene that reminded me of current methods of interrogating suspected terrorists But the connection I m talking about is much subtle than that Why four stars instead of five I did find some of the writing a little mannered, some of the exposition a little long winded But I read the whole book I rarely read fiction during the school year, so I consider it a mark of the writing and the story that I was able to finish the novel and enjoy it so much.

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    This book was about a slave being hunted by a man hired to find him The story was true to the time when slaves were sold and beaten I was shocked to read how colored people were treated, but suprised by the ending Would recommend reading this one.

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    I read this in 2 days It s one of the most beautifully written books I ve read in a while, a dark story of a runaway slave and the white man who s tracking him for distinctive reasons that are revealed through hints gradually throughout the book.

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    Timely MessageIn today s world this book should be required reading for everyone in America A soulful measure of America s worth Thank you Mr Durham.

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    I ve had a personally inscribed copy of this on my shelf for, sad to say, almost four years now and finally got to it.It s quite good which is what we should expect from David I liked William s story, although I found the smaller sections that follow Morrison to be engaging in most cases, and were produced with a dramatic tightness and a better economy of words William s sections have a lot of emotional impact, but they often drift into a style of summary and description when I would have liked to see dialog and or action But that hardly hurt the book.It s almost something of a cross between a modernized slave narrative and a thriller, with good suspense and character There were only a couple slightly off putting things One that I ll mention concerns character While the slaves, the free blacks, the abolitionists, and the non slave holding whites are generally written as realistic and complex characters, slave owners and their willing hired hands are pretty much two dimensionally evil excepting William s off stage first master This gives the sections with Humboldt, et al., at center stage the feel of verging on a diatribe But they don t quite fall over the edge.As a matter of taste, I think the connection between William and Morrison might have been telegraphed too early, and diluted much potential suspense And, one anachronism flag that I can t help but note there are at least two references to Boysenberries, which are a cross breeding creation of the 1920s the book is set in the 1850s.It s a nice one A quick read, an emotional story, and a or less happy ending.I recommend it.Disclaimer I know David slightly, as he teaches in the grad program where I got my MFA He was never an instructor of mine, but we ve talked on several occasions then and in the years since most recently less than a month before I picked this up Congratulations to him on just winning the Campbell award, too.

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    Can I say that I am in love with David Anthony Durham Well not in love with him personally but his writing This author is superb Everything I pick up of his is excellent and magical This title was no different The story is about a slave named William who runs away to be with his woman Dover who is pregnant with his child The horrors he encounters along the way held me in suspense I had strong feelings of fear for this character while reading which made me stop reading it at some points I felt like I couldn t take it How did William take it The other half of the story is about Morrison, the tracker sent by William s master to get William back Morrison has his own tale of woe and describes how the white man dealt with slavery There is another story in between the stories of these two characters which makes this book an extra special read The words, descriptions and statements are well written and lyrical in a sense This is good writing that must be read slowly and appreciated This is not something you can rush through I also liked this book because of the questions William asked while he was trying to get to Dover, how much can a man take I asked those questions and many while reading this book The ending was intriguing and will make the reader think about these characters long after.

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    WALK THROUGH DARKNESS is a chilling account of slavery in the ante bellum south William is a slave who is about to become a father His woman, Dover, is taken away by her white mistress But William cannot take life without her, or their child, and so he decides to follow her north What follows is an incredible tale of courage and determination, mixed in with greed, cruelty and sordidness Through it all, William never falters, and I loved the plot twist at the end of the novel.If you are interested in what it felt like to be a slave, you should read this book David Anthony Durham writes in a way that engages your senses, and makes you see the multiple viewpoints on both sides of the color divide I highly recommend this novel Five stars.

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    This book was really two stories in one a young man escaping slavery in the south and the life of the man pursuing him This tale portrays the brutal ugliness of slavery in all it s many aspects, but I just had to keep reading to find out what would happen to William, the young black man.

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    A beautifully written story of family, love, and redemption that deeply explores the ugly, complicated roots of racism in this country and also leaves you with a sense of hope Rich with detail and good characterization Recommended.

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