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    here s a little story for youso a famous San Francisco lobbyist a lively raconteur, a darling of the media, and an infamously debauched homosexual was unfortunately on his deathbed because this was a man who helped build the careers of many politicians, his hospital room was often inundanted by various famous local personages one afternoon, as his final hours drew near, a respected and well known priest came to see him the lobbyist looked up, seemed rather surprised, and beckoned the good Father to come closer grasping his hand, the lobbyist pulled him down towards his head, and whispered loudly for the priest and all the room to hear Well thank you for coming to see me, Father I always appreciate your visits But, sadly, sex is the last the thing on my mind right now the true story above is also a completely spoiler free clue to solving the mystery of Death in Holy Orders delivered to you free of charge as far as the novel itself goes, this is yet another well done James slow burner featuring the inimitable Adam Dalgliesh detective and poet extraordinaire as this is one of the author s later entries in the series, the mystery itself is impressively dark, gothic in atmosphere, and rich in meaning several of the characters and situations are quite haunting, in particular the central murder victim and the unnerving opening scene PD James is one of the best

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    I hate to offer a negative review but someone has to stand up and say something for children who have been sexually abused particularly by clergy It is amazing that anyone, seeing heartbreaking stories of sexual abuse of young people, would allow such an apologetic to be published It will give Jerry Sandusky and the like something to read while in prison.In spite of a good tale, and vivid characters, I couldn t get beyond, nor should anyone the defense of child abuse, it was only fondling and the vilification of someone who dug up victims The fact that the story is so well done makes it worse, in that it carries some legitimacy to the idea of abuse being minimal The subtext of abuse was not primary to the story, but it was definitely central you couldn t miss it No one would permit an defense of racism or rape or any other illegal and immoral activities.Seriously, this needs to be addressed At first I assumed it was revealing the context of the story, but when the main character immediately jumped to the defense of a pedophile, I was shocked and sickened This story should be edited, updated, something.Publishers, please read the news, get some information from the young people who were only fondled and check your facts I would wonder if this sort of defense is culpable in the continued abuse of children it offers a way to spin the crime to make the perpetrators sympathetic, and any accusers vilified Shame

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    I read P D James avidly for many years, until one day I just could not stomach her extreme right wing contempt for every non Dalgleish character However, I ve have always acknowledged her great skill as a writer, which finally brought me back to this book recently Yes, the woman can write The setting is fascinating, the characters are pretty good She really conveys the beauty of the landscape, and the tragic destruction of a way of life dedicated to knowledge, peace and clarity of purpose Dalgleish is as constipated and tight jawed as ever If not for the adulation given him by the other characters, I might mistake him for a man who is so tied up in his own dignity that he is a walking corpse Honestly, track any conversation he has in the novel He barely speaks, and what he does say is as boring as batshit However, my main grievance here is that the murderer s motivations make NO SENSE Okay, I get that the motivation is to get the seminary shut down so his son will inherit a metric fuckton of money So why viciously murder the guy who is doing everything he can to shut down the seminary WHY the secrecy about the marriage Why kill the first victim to keep her quiet about the marriage Surely it will have to come out if the son is to inherit What difference does it make to keep it secret I just can t make sense of it at all, and it s really bugging me Oh, and the staunch sympathy for the plight of the poor pedophile priest Yes, he was such a victim Wait, WHAT Seriously, WTF

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    I enjoyed the setting and I do like Commander Dalgliesh The story was reasonably good What I didn t understand was the author s sympathy for her priest character who has spent time in jail for molesting, although not raping, young boys The author makes the rest of the characters, except one, sympathetic to this character with the idea that pursuing a conviction and jail time were betrayals, not Christian charity, too harsh I didn t understand if this was just supposed to be part of the story or if this was the author s viewpoint She seemed to be saying that a little fondling was not a crime Excuse me It certainly is It was odd to read The author worked in criminal justice In fact there were some other disturbing sexual relations going on in this book at the theological college that everyone just kind of looked the other way I don t remember this from other P.D James books.

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    Fans of crime mystery fiction already know how why P D James work is worthy of reading and rereading This novel confers additional blessing in its portrain of Anglo Catholic Anglicanism in Britain If that scene holds any interest for you ahem it does for me , then this book delivers a double payload of entertainment.

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    I think I must be the only person in the western world who hadn t read the work of PD James What a fantastic writer and she s written so many books I look forward to working my way through her stories.

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    Death In Holy Orders is the 11th book in the Inspector Dalgliesh mystery series by P.D James It s the 4th I ve read The books are a joy to read, intelligent, thoughtful and excellent mysteries Commander Adam Dalgliesh works for Scotland Yard, in charge of a prestigious murder team.In this story, Dalgliesh is asked to go to a seminary near Norfolk to look into a previously closed death A young ordinand had been found dead at the base of a cliff The death is deemed to be death by accident The young man s father wants Scotland Yard to investigate Since Dalgliesh is about to go to the area on vacation so he agrees to look into the case It also turns out that as a child, his father being a parson, that Dalgliesh spent time at St Anselms and it becomes somewhat a visit into his past.The story starts in the past with the original discovery of the boy s body by Margaret Munroe, an elderly woman who works at St Anselms This part of the story is told through the means of Margaret s diary She ends it with a statement that the death concerns her and that it reminds her of something that occurred in her past Margaret is discovered dead the day after this last entry.So there are two deaths that Dalgliesh looks into, wondering if they are related At the same time the Arch Bishop responsible for St Anselms is coming for a visit He is most unlikeable and wants nothing than to close the seminary There are also other visitors to St Anselms and there are links between them all Another death, this time a murder, brings all of Dalgliesh s team into the case DI Piers Tarrant, DI Kate Miskin and DS Robbins.Thus begins an interesting investigation as the team try to find clues to the murder and to see if the other deaths are in any way related I love the way James presents the story, delving into the personalities, in a way that you feel you know them and presenting the investigation methodically and neatly James has such a clear manner of presenting the story I thought it would be too long but the pages turn quickly and the story holds your attention and keeps you moving along nicely Don t expect much action, just a well crafted, excellent mystery and just an excellent piece of fiction 4 stars

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    I ve read this before, seen it on tv, and it held up to yet another reading I ve always been interested in the way James teases out the effects of nasty things people do or say to each other as well as of death in suspicious circumstances.Here she takes time to create her characters and to lead us into understanding the tensions within this small, isolated community, disrupted from its usual quiet routines by external pressures from the church hierarchy and a group of weekend visitors And Dalgleish is always Dalgleish, overlaid forever for me by the actor, Roy Strong.

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    Another well crafted mystery with a series of murders and intrigues set at a private school run by the Anglican church near London Again the protagonist detectives wend their ways through the hints and clues and ultimately the crimes are solved It was a good book to read Not too easy to solve and the characters ran true Adam Daglgleish may have discovered new love, which I guess will be good altho I have only read two books so I am not sure his personality needs it We ll see.

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    Commander Adam Dalgliesh of New Scotland Yard has been asked by Sir Alred Treeves to take a closer look into the suspicious death of his adopted son Ronald, who suffocated under the cliffs near St Anselms by an avalanche of sand Was it an accident, suicide, or murder Dalgliesh, the son of a rector, has former ties to the school as a young teen, he spent several happy summer holidays there among the priests and ordinands.There is no shortage of possible suspects, or motives, for Ronald s death But before Dalgliesh even arrives on the scene, another death occurs a death everyone else considers natural and expected Dalgliesh wonders otherwise As the body count continues to rise, so too the means, motive and opportunity of almost the entire community of St Anselms Dalgliesh and his team steadily work to reveal the killer or killers before someone else falls victim Long time widower Dalgliesh is furthered hampered in the investigation by his unexpected feelings for a visiting guest lecturer, Emma Lavenham Will the possibility of love turn out to be a blessing or curse for Dalgliesh Death in Holy Orders is another extremely entertaining whodunnit by P.D James, and without a doubt my favorite so far of the three I ve read in backwards order Very possibly, this has everything to do with the excellent TV adaptation starring Martin Shaw as Dalgliesh, Robert Hardy as Father Martin and Jesse Spencer as Raphael Arbuthnot The movie stayed fundamentally true to the events from the book, but also added another layer of texture to the story and characters IMO.The thing I liked most about the story was the backdrop St Anselms, the fictional elitist theological college on a remote Suffolk coast, which is known for turning out the best and brightest Anglican priests, but is now in danger of being decommissioned by the CoE powers that be not to mention the very real threat of the college tumbling into the North Sea by an eroding cliffline The solitude found in and around the setting, along with the contemplative almost monastic aspect of the story definitely appealed to my personal taste The characters carried around their own brand of P.D James favorite pet vices petty power struggles, greed, various sexual insecurities proclivities, religious apathy and a pervading sense of depression.Good, if predictable, fare I ll have , please.

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Death in Holy Orders download Death in Holy Orders, read online Death in Holy Orders, kindle ebook Death in Holy Orders, Death in Holy Orders cbe2b19e743c The Setting Itself Is Elemental P D James The Bleak Coast Of East Anglia, Where Atop A Sweep Of Low Cliffs Stands The Small Theological College Of St Anselm S On The Shore Not Far Away, Smothered Beneath A Fall Of Sand, Lies The Body Of One Of The School S Young Ordinands He Is The Son Of Sir Alred Treves, A Hugely Successful And Flamboyant Businessman Who Is Accustomed To Getting What He Wants And In This Case What He Wants Is Commander Adam Dalgliesh To Investigate His Son S Death Although There Seems To Be Little To Investigate, Dalgliesh Agrees, Largely Out Of Nostal Gia For Several Happy Summers He Spent At St Anselm S As A Boy No Sooner Does He Arrive, However, Than The College Is Torn Apart By A Sacrilegious And Horrifying Murder, And Dalgliesh Finds Himself Ineluctably Drawn Into The Labyrinth Of An Intricate And Violent Mystery Here P D James Once Demonstrates Her Unrivalled Skill In Building A Classic Detective Story Into A Fully Realized Novel, Gripping As Much For Its Psychological And Emotional Richness As For The Originality And Complexity Of Its Plotting And, Of Course, For The Horror And Suspense At Its Heart Filled With Unforgettable Characters, Brilliant In Its Evocation Of The East Anglian Scene And The Religious Background Against Which The Action Takes Place, Death In Holy Orders Again Offers Proof, If Proof Were Needed, That P D James Is Not Only The Reigning Master Of The Crime Novel But Also, Simply, One Of The Finest Novelists Writing Today From The Hardcover Edition