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    I was excited to get this and start reading hopefully find some insight into some things that I didn t previously know about one of my favorite bands Unfortunately, however, this book was little than regurgitated facts easily found on the internet and quotes from other articles I picked up a few unknown tidbits here and there, but nothing extraordinary The author took a rather detached stance and didn t really ever allow the reader to know whether or not he actually LIKED Pearl Jam The drummer history and early band history were both fairly interesting, but you can find out everything in those sections over at lukin.com The most fun part of reading the book was coming across references to specific shows, then running to my bootleg folder to listen to the show It s always cool to have some background to put the thing you re listening to in perspective Except that, even this, is easily available on the web at Five Horizons It s a decent refresher course , but I was looking for something that, when I was done, would make me want other people to read it When I finished this, I was, instead, just rather ho hum about the whole thing old review copied from just trying to get everything in one place Obviously this review and this book are very much out of date at this point

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    This book made my life just a little better the story of pearl jam and the influence it has on Eddies life Although the writing tended to be a little bit sloppy and choppy at certain points, the interesting story is truly there There s much appreciation and insight on what the band is about.

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    The writing is pretty terrible, but the content is good enough since it s based upon an interesting band.

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    I m pretty sure Pearl Jam could have been made a lot interesting than this It s all surface and no depth, but I guess it s a neat read for fans.

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    Since it s a pretty old book, first published back in 98 and then updated in 02, it only covers the early years of PJ s and EV s rise to worldwide musical fame, but because it seemed to be an easy enough read, I would recommend it to fans of theirs I know you can find most if not all of the info that it covers on the WWW but it was still sort of cool to look at all the pictures and quotes by the band members There seems to be something a little different about Vedder He seems to be tremendously enigmatic and charismatic I have always gotten the feeling from watching him and his bandmates during interviews that since he s been given the gift of being able to express himself in music, that he s always taken that has a huge responsibility to make sure he was bringing a good and positive influence to the world This book gets that point across too I don t think it was just for the sex and that he did does what he has done for the last 27 28 years I could see myself sitting with and listening to this spiritual leader of Pearl Jam because I bet he s got a lot of really cool stories to tell but I gotta say that I would hate to talk politics with him All in all, I liked this book I d give it 3 Stars for sure.

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    1st Read August 19 20, 2018 Overall, it wasn t too bad There was an anecdote which is wrong when describing where Pearl Jam was as a band Ten had not been released yet, but somehow Superunknown from Soundgarden was That is my only rant about the book.

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    My favorite band ever

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    This was a really informative book about the band I liked it because I generally like learning anything about the band I thought the writing was okay, however I definitely think it could have been solid and vibrant The author seemed to make assumptions about certain situations but with no real vitality or conviction.

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    I expected this to not be that greatthe entire book is in glossy pages But it was a pleasant surprise.I liked that it was succinct than Five Against One, but was skeptical about a few statements that were made Perhaps those passages were simply this author s interpretation of events I did however enjoy the read and read it straight through.

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    Rene my beautiful wife gave me this as a stocking stuffer way back in like 1981 Served its purpose, fun to look at, I might as well have been checking out Tiger Beat 5 Titties cause it Pearl Jam and anything from or about them, anything even rhyming with their name receives the 5 Titty Told ya So in my opinion

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