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    It took me a loooong time to finish this one but I am glad that I did The book turned out to be insightful and I sense that it will be helpful to me my children for several years.CONS a little new agey, but her suggestions are easy enough to adapt to Catholic spirituality and it is to the author s credit that she included Christian prayer and thought in her book seemed a bit dated, can it be that a book published in 2007 seems dated We live in a rapidly changing world the challenges and solutions she described mostly pertained to children in the 6 12 age groupPROS chapters can be read individually based on what the reader needs or wants to work on activities and practices are listed at the end of each chapter for quick reference thoughts seemed really on point Money quote 1 When your child makes a mistake in judgment and treats someone poorly, as you talk to him about it, reassure him that you know he has to make mistakes to learn Assure him that he has the power to choose love and compassion, even when it is hard to do Always assume that he can improve and that any mistakes are made out of self absorption, not meanness Money quote 2 Parents tend to be either strict and threatened by negotiation and compromise or permissive and unable to establish consistent boundaries It is not easy to strike a balance between providing our children with the environment and guidance that enables them to be the best they can be and simply relaxing into acceptance and affection for who they presently are It helps to remind yourself that your children s future is not solely up to you Each child has his or her own qualities at birth before our input even starts and a set of life circumstances that you influence, but do not control.

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    I hate reviewing parenting books because the results of applying any philosophy of parenting are always a bit iffy even when the kids seem to be good When will we know if the ideas in this book worked When my kids are dead, if some brilliant person with access to the archived internet of 2009 biographizes them And who wants to think about the likelihood of seeing that day Not me.So I ll have to review this against all the other books like it.The author is respectful of and awed not just by children but by the human being, coming from a strongly spiritual perspective It s definitely a heart out approach to raising good people It s all about how to preserve and empower your kid s soul Her book includes all the behavior management ideas you ll find in other non punitive discipline books, plus a few I had seen rumors about on the fringes of the internet She doesn t write prescriptions for those immediate situations where most parents would punish Her suggested activities are pro active, not reactionary It s in her anecdotes that she reveals the attitude she takes when she has to do something because that is not okay, and I think her spirit comes through these tales and is just as instructive as the lists of activities at the end of each chapter She weaves together the spirit of her childrearing approach and the feet of it with clarity and a deft teacher s hands The author is inspiring and has a gift for bringing gentle parenting out of the clouds Read this one.

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    i count this as one of the three or four books that i turn to for perspective in parenting a few of my favorite chapters include concentrating to calmness in silence we know ourselves nature awakens feeling music to sootheour home life is better for this book.to name a few

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    This book has some really helpful suggestions Nothing amazing, but helpful My two favorites were the suggestion of developing routines rituals Dermond gave detail on how to do this than other books I ve seen and the image of an eternal stream of love and as parents, when we re angry, we need only dip into this stream to offer this love to our children or ourselves or our partners It helps me when I m angry to not feel like I have to come up with the loving feelings on my own, that the love just exists and I merely need to access it Kind of a simple idea when I write it out like that, but I ve found it quite helpful.

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    I really enjoyed this book and found it to be very helpful with my children I have noticed how easily my girls pick up on my anxieties and frustration, and I want to model dealing with emotions positively I was happy to randomly stumble on this book in the library Everything about it is calming the tone, the suggestions, the quotes, the examples It doesn t make me feel guilty or inadequate, but instead gives a lot of clear and thoughtful advice I copied all the Practical Advice sections before returning the book to the library so that Jake and I would have reminders of games, activities, exercises, etc that the author suggests Maddie has always been a calm child and has just the past year or so started to get regularly very frustrated and emotional maybe it s the age, maybe it s the little sister, maybe it s being home for the summer , and I feel like this was the perfect book to help me I learned a lot about being calm myself, too, and I have noticed that when I put it into practice, our family is happier and our house is a peaceful place to be.

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    I wasn t sure what to think about a book like this when I read the title I found myself wondering whether the author would blatantly tell us how to raise our child or tell us that we have parenting all wrong It wasn t like that After reading it, I think my husband and I are doing a great job The author tells you stories about how small techniques and changes can help a child become peaceful, mindful of others and one with nature and family There are activities that families can do with their children as well I thought this was a great, easy read

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    The best parenting book I have ever read, and I ve read tons Most parenting books tend toward generalizations that we all already knew and allow for little adaptation to different the temperaments of child and parents What I loved about this book is that it has really concrete activities and ideas to work into your life that dramatically shift the energy of yourself and your child It s great for children of all ages, teachers, and anyone who is regularly in contact with youth.Oh and did I mention the author taught at a school in Nevada City

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    A good resource Each chapter is centered around a theme and the reader is encouraged to dive in wherever seems most interesting Lots of good, practical ideas and nice stories and illustrations I may need to buy this book so I have it to dive into whenever I am in the mood to be a better parent.

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    Our children are actually good, innately kind little beings Who knew But when you start following these loose tips, magical things do tend to happen I m due to re read soon.

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    Excellent book on how to help raise calm and compassionate children in our crazy world o Easy read.

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