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    Great collection of Battlestar Galactica information from the re imagined version of the series that ran in the 2000s Lots of excellent pictures throughout, lots of indepth character stuff, lots about visual effects, covers season 1 and 2 Takes you deep inside the Battlestar galactica universe, loved it, as a Battlestar Galactica fan, could not find any faults other than later series were not included in the book Worth collecting just for the endless picutures throughout the book, Great, excellent presentation, excellent book layout a true gem I think.

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    I don t know why this lists as 300 pages, it was like 175 and than half of those were beautiful full page color glossies of the cast and various episode highlights The book covers the first two seasons of the ground breaking re imagining of Battlestar Galactics For most of the fans those were the best of times including the mini series.Lots of background details including production design and special effects Fun read that brings back some great memories Now where are my DVDs

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    This book made me really want to watch Battlestar all over again It s a nicely presented book, lots of photographs Takes you through each episode of season one and two Found out that they almost didn t cast Tricia Helfer as Number Six That would have been tragic Overall a nice way to look back at the show but for fans only.

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    nice complemente to the series Hope they make another one with seasons 3 and 4 its appeling that the normal series companions

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