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Behind the Shadows (Berkley Sensation) files Behind the Shadows (Berkley Sensation), read online Behind the Shadows (Berkley Sensation), free Behind the Shadows (Berkley Sensation), free Behind the Shadows (Berkley Sensation), Behind the Shadows (Berkley Sensation) 8ee738513 Some Secrets Are Meant To Stay That WayIn A Race Against Time To Save Her Mother S Life, Kira Douglas Is Stunned To Discover That The Woman Who Raised Her Is Not Her Biological Mother Kira Was Switched At Birth By Someone With A Mysterious Motive Untangling The Clues, Kira Finds Herself Face To Face With A Handsome, Ruthless Man Who Is Either Kira S Darkest Nightmare Or Her Greatest Destiny

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    Reviewed for queuemyreview.com book release Dec08Romance and action steeped in suspense Behind the Shadows by Patricia Potter kept me engrossed from the first chapter In addition to the romance theme, this book also highlights today s desperate need for organ donors I also found myself pondering some interesting observations about what makes a parent, and what, if anything, would a child owe a parent they never knew about Reporter Kira is frantic to save her mother s life It s always been just the two of them and now with her mother s kidneys failing, Kira is determined to donate one of her own to save the life of the woman who sacrificed so much and loved her all her life When the doctor says Kira is not a match, she s heartbroken When he adds that she s not even her mother s biological daughter, Kira is livid The hospital made a mistake obviously She and her mother have often discussed a newborn Kira s fight for life after a difficult delivery But the only mistake apparently happened thirty two years ago Now Kira is determined to find out what happened to her mother s baby If she can find that baby, she will cajole, threaten, or beg to get a kidney for her mother.Max is the successful corporate attorney and trust manager for Leigh, the sole heiress to the Westerfield fortune When he meets Kira he feels a strong attraction When Kira claims that she was switched as a baby with Leigh, Max is furious Just another money seeker But when it appears Kira s claims may be true, Max is torn Leigh is like a sister to him, but he is drawn to Kira Whose interests does he represent the apparent heir The rightful heir The woman he thinks of as a sister The woman he s coming to love And when Kira is attacked, robbed, and shot within the space of three days, Max s worries and loyalties will be tested like never before.I can t begin to tell you what a whirlwind of action this book contains From the first page, there are mysteries within mysteries to solve The story unfolds slowly at first and then seems to pick up speed with every chapter I was impressed with how the author advanced the problem of organ donation without preaching to the reader The urgency and need is emphasized by every action the heroine takes, but we re not beaten over the head with the issue.I also found myself thinking about what I would, or would not, do if I were in the situation of any of the characters the daughter, the biological daughter, and the lawyer family friend Tough questions which made me remember how blessed I am that I don t have to face this in reality Speaking of characters, the secondary cast was excellent Almost every character introduced had real impact on advancing the plot Patricia Potter s Behind the Shadows was a heart pounding read And if everything came out a little too neat and happy at the end Well this IS a romance after all.

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    Piece of poo romantic thriller from yet another crappy romance writer I stopped reading around page 50, after the supposedly dead sexy laywer info dumped to the reader in a single paragraph of description randomly calls the supposedly hot reporter up out of the blue for dinner, after bumping into her once and gasp holding her in his arms after she knocks into him Ultra cliche phrasing and lack of build up, from the moment the reporter lay eyes on him and immediately wanted to reach out and run her fingers through his tendrils of hair, to stupid laywer stud thinking She d felt good Hell he d been away too long without a woman Stupid romance novel style of writing where the character thinks out an explanation of every thought and action i.e., every other paragraph until there s nothing interesting to intuit And just because I m so irked, I ll say the main character is annoying from page one, after hasselling the doctors for so many paternity tests after it s been settled that she s not a daughter by blood.

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    3.5 STARS

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    It was a good story in all A little cliched in a few ways but there was a nice twist I thought I had it figured out but I had all the reasoning wrong The sex scenes weren t explicit enough to be embarrassing which I liked.

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    4.5 stars Excellent, entertaining mystery Didn t want to put it down The ending was good but weak.STORY BRIEF Kira s mother Katy is dying and needs a kidney Kira wants to donate her own kidney but blood tests reveal she is not the biological daughter of Katy She eventually finds Leigh a wealthy heiress who is the biological daughter They were switched at birth Leigh doesn t want to believe any of this and is reluctant to take a DNA test Meanwhile, someone is trying to kill Kira Max is an attorney who manages Leigh s inheritance He s been close to Leigh s family for years Kira and Max are drawn to each other, yet they are on opposite sides of this conflict and potential law suit.REVIEWER S OPINION During most of the book I kept thinking this is a fabulous story I didn t want to put it down When I did, I couldn t wait to get back to it to read However, the ending was a little weak, as described in the Spoiler below There was a happy ending, but it didn t wow me as much as the rest of the book did This was mostly a mystery with some suspense and some romance I usually prefer romance than what was here, but the story and characters were so good that I didn t mind having a little less romance than normal However, the romantic developments were warm and satisfying Overall, the book was a great escape and left me with some thoughts I ve pondered since.DATA Story length 324 pages Sexual language none Number of sex scenes 2 Total number of sex scene pages 7 Setting current day Atlanta, Georgia Copyright 2008 Genre mystery with some suspense and some romance.OTHER BOOKS To date, I ve read one other book by Patricia Potter My 2.5 star review of Beloved Stranger copyright 2006 was posted 3 22 09.CAUTION SPOILER Toward the end, the heroines did something stupid and against character for the sake of the plot, which bothered me Because of several murder attempts, security people are with Kira at all times The bad guy calls Leigh with a lie to get Leigh to come to him Kira then drives Leigh to that location Kira doesn t ask the security guys who are currently with her to come Also, when they get to the location, the security guys who should have been there were gone But, the two women go right on in to the clutches of the bad guy That troubled me Kira was smarter than that It was the only weak part of the book.

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    A well done romantic suspense that got moved up a star simply becauseI appreciated the way that Patricia Potter handled the very volatile topic of organ transplant and organ donating The emotional toll thatit must take on both or parties was handled with honesty, simplicity and sensitivity Because of this aspect of the storyline inside a regular romantic suspense plot, it bumped the rating of this book up from a 3 star to a 4 star rating.

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    Having experienced the wait of a transplant Ms Potter got the details right with the wait, anxiety and elation when it is received Then she adds the drama of finding the right match with such a drama made the book a very fulfilling read The romance and mystery of who done it was just enough.

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    Easy read, a real chick book.

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    The suspense is 1st class The beginning was a bit slow but things pick up towards the end.

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