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    Text to Text Connection This past week at the library, I tried to find a few non fiction picture books that actually seemed interesting I decided to check the history section and ended up finding this picture book When I saw it, I instantly thought of another picture book called W is for Windy City A Chicago Alphabet Both of these picture books are concept books that are geared for teaching the alphabet by the use of different topics What a great way to capture a child s attention by teaching a concept with a topic that they are interested in These books also provide great source of knowledge as well Each book has information regarding each word chosen for all of the letters It is a simple tool integrated on each page that older students can use for research and further learning In particular, P Is for Pi ata A Mexico Alphabet also serves as a great multicultural book for in the classroom

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    Genre Nonfiction Information Book Lexile level not found Early Childhood Preschool Organization P is for Pi ata A Mexican Alphabet is organized based on the modern English alphabet, which consists of twenty six letters Each letter is designated with a relevant word in the Mexican vocabulary with a brief description of such word For instance, the letter A is for Adobe Adobe is a certain kind of brick It s made from straw and mud that s very thick In addition, there is a descriptive explanation of the word, which focuses on its presence in Mexican culture Throughout the book, each letter is illustrated with colorful and detailed images Unique Features of Text In the beginning, of the book there is a map of Mexico, which gives some context to the reader As stated above, this book begins with the letter A Adobe and ends with the letter Z Zero Overall, each letter consists of two pages in which one has an elaborate description of the word while the other illustrates its meaning Main Ideas Travel and Places The Alphabet Recommended I would recommend P is for Pi ata A Mexican Alphabet in order to learn a bit about Mexican culture and historical accounts Through detailed illustrations, students will not only be able to extend their vocabulary, but also increase their alphabetical recognition By using this book with the early childhood and preschool grades, students will learn about Mexican culture while developing their recognition and their ability to hear, identify, and manipulate letters Personal Reaction Reading P is for Pi ata A Mexican Alphabet was fun In the beginning, I was a bit uncertain of what to expect Since the book s main objective is to identify the English alphabet with Mexican words, I though I could not enjoy reading this book or learn from it Nonetheless, after reading certain pages I realized children and adults could learn about cultural and historical aspects of Mexico Satisfying Concluding Statement A colorful and detailed tour through Mexico.

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    The illustrations are beautiful.The information than adequate Though some of the alphabet choices are a bit strange.The rhymes AWFUL Maize is eaten in many ways,like sopes and quesadillas.One perfect way of eating itis humble, warm tortillas The rain god has a lot of different names,But what he does has always been the same.He sits up in his cloudy damp domainand when he wants to, lets fall all the rain Not super impressed Worth looking at for the pictures But then put it away and find something else to learn about the culture Maybe George Ancona or something I know there have to be better titles out there.

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    Word Count 5,549 Reading Level 5.8 Interest Level 2 5 Accelerated Reader reading level 5.8 points 1.0 quiz 126905 01 12 09 grade Middle Genre Nonfiction Information Book Lexile level not found Early Childhood Preschool This book tells readers all about mexico in a a z walk through of what mexico and Mexican culture has to offer This book goes through the alphabet as it covers thing like the Ballet Folklorico a famous Mexican dance and Lady Guadalupe the saint of mexico This book is packed with facts about mexico and Mexican culture Great book for with tons of information great to read to your kids on cinco de mayo or just to have in the library.

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    Adobe Ballet Folkr rico Cacao Diego Rivera Emperor Folk art lady of Guadalupe Hairless dog Independence monument Juhit n Kahlo Lava Maize Netzahualc yotl Olympic games Picky pear Quetzal Rain God Skeleton Tomb Usmacinta river Vaquero Weave Xochimilco Yoke Zero i like the illustration

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    Definitely a winner I ve never seriously considered visiting Mexico before but this book was much interesting than any grown up ones I ve read on the subject, making me wish I had seen the country I especially appreciated the folk art illustrations very much in keeping with traditional Mexican art.

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    Any book that sends me to Google as often as this one did is a winner it covers a wide range of topics, and definitely gets the reader interested and excited to do research.The illustrations are fine done in a folk art style, they convey what the text is talking about, but they aren t necessarily interesting than the words.

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    What s weird is that inside the book, P is actually for prickly pear.Also, it s interesting that probably two thirds of the words are English Not good or bad, just interesting.Also, I like that the very mixed heritage that makes up Mexico is represented Olmec, Maya, mestizo Modern history, ancient history Nature and culture Good stuff overall, just a little weird.

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    A beautiful trip through Mexico, one letter at a time By just reading the lines at each letter and skipping the in depth information, this book can be a good choice for a preschool storytime program This book is in English, with some Spanish words mixed in.

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    Lots and lots of info, best suited for school age kids.

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