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    i still believe.you don t have to mock me you re just not open minded enough to digest the truth California is full of eccentric behavior i don t just mean the Hollywood connection either there are people who can detect the seismic activity of earthquakes about to shake by how their brains operate we all know that animals exude a keen, sixth sense of pending disasters true psychics are amongst us and yes even the quacks too this book tells us of the rich, cultural history of California i don t mean exclusively the Gold Rush either i fell in love with the golden state as well i remember flying into San Francisco International Airport it was like landing on another unexplored planet my uncle i toured the northern coastline as well the San Andreas fault moved its fingers to the ground you will be enchanted by the mystery mythic nature of California this is the first time i read this author he is an undervalued writer that is my estimation i suppose natural beauty runs throughout California as well as such varied communities you just hope the Big One won t occur in our lifetime there is much to be proud much to seek out much to research yourself so just open this book of California s secrets you just might unlock your own quest for knowledge.

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    we bought paperback of this book from Friends of the Palo Alto Library book sale several years ago last week we went to fopal there s several copies the book is unexpectedly nice reading initially i thought it was a personal recount totally opposite, it told stories of all kinds of people living or have lived along the San Andreas fault the invisible lives you cannot get to know without actually talking to the people or reading this book.

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    Started strong ended weak and complainy Throughout there were many places where obvious questions went unanswered, in spite of the author s verbosity.

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    It s about California, but this book is scary if you live anywhere on the West Coast, aka the Ring of Fire YIKES The truly crazy parts are about how people desperate for cheap land, pretty views, and whatever remnants of the good life they can grab just move right back into areas that have been devastated and are literally built ON the fault Also a great chapter about the San Francisco Fire, as I recall, which was really an earthquake followed by some fires.

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    Read this several years, and loved the travel through my beloved home state while introducing us to some colorful and real characters who inhabit this sometimes weird and diverse stateall while searching for the elusive earthquake.I was surprised at the readability of the book and the terrific stories of the people and locations and social observations all through my wonderful home that is California.

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    the author follows the San Andreas fault line through CA, interviewing folks along the way, which provides an interesting portrait both of CA and the pending big one.

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    Very interesting I read stuff about my state of California I never knew.

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    Very entertaining book I m probably going to grab his other non fiction books.

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    Great book I first read several years ago Great stories of the quirky towns and people living along the San Andreas.

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