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    I have to say I am really disappointed in this book The first two thirds are all about ivory The author goes into great detail about the history of ivory hunters and carvers and what people did with it and how they worked with it He goes on and on about what it was made into and the tools that were invented just to shape it You are told about the people that killed elephants and hunted them than the actual elephants I thought this book would be about elephant poaching and conservation efforts It is not at all The author hardly even mentions elephants He mentions the disconnect in ancient times between the ivory everyone wanted and the creature that it came from Most people knew it came from elephants but didn t really know what an elephant was This disconnect is echoed by the author ironically enough He seems to put ivory on a pedestal and is in awe of it The elephant itself is just a mode of creating this substance The last third is about elephants but it is all about why we should allow the hunting of elephants for ivory again The elephants are portrayed as nothing but a nuisance to people, never mind that people have been a nuisance to elephants for far longer Elephants are troublesome and get in the way of people No other solutions are brought forward other than culling, nevermind trying to help the people rise out of poverty and out of the reach of hungry and thirsty elephants His fascination with ivory can be summed up by the last paragraph of the last chapter The stockpiles of tusks are here, and growing bigger All that sleeping beauty remains unused, dormant the ideas that might be expressed in the material and multiply its value remain unrealized But ivory need not be the elephant s curse ivory, we must remember, is the great gift the elephant leaves behind at the end of its life I have trouble taking the word of a man who has such a fascination with it.

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    Review Ivory s Ghost by John Frederick Walker 04 16 2018This book was interesting, informative with past and recent history on a very popular jewel Ivory that was collected from humans at the beginning of mankind The book was well written and covered so much data on mostly the Ivory but also states some information on what species of Elephants are still roaming on earth I was surprised that Ivory came from several animals starting with the extinct mammoths, bison, antelope, hippo s, walrus, and even a certain whale species Walker seemed accurate about how popular ivory was and still is but he seems to stay away form the controversy issues behind the trade of ivory and the killing of elephants to a most severe statistic loss of these animals.I got the feeling that Walker was writing on the beauty, use, and necessity of ivory and not the issue of animal extinction but why would he The book is about the product and its history and he did write good data on the subject He stated how important the ivory trade was for different projects as piano keys, billiard balls, crafting figurines, and jewelry Every one has their own reasons for their own point of view I just thought that Walker should have covered both sides of the issues Yes, ivory is beautiful, but how long will these animal be roaming this earth if an important perspective towards a solution There are Countries that has banned the taking of ivory but poaching these animals has not been stopped However, Walker did not cover that part of the issue so I will say his information about the Ivory trade has plenty of history behind what he states.

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    A fine book full of interesting facts about the Ivory trade The pacing is a bit slow at points I would describe it as a good but idiosyncratic book.

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    This is a brief history of the ivory trade followed by an illuminating look at the thorny problem of elephant conservation It s problematic because the ivory trade can, if done legally and without violence to elephants, be a solution to elephant conservation and how the local people live in harmony with the giant animals But there is always threat of poaching as well as the absolute positions of animal rights activists who do not want to see one elephant harmed, even though culling them would free up land resources for them to live and thrive in.The book talks about ivory art throughout human history, but it really gets going when it goes to Africa Both in the historical sense when ivory hunters and traders journals are quoted and in the present time, when the author sees for himself the national parks and preserves set up to protect the animals He talks to many informed people former hunters, conservationists, park officials who have their own ideas about what to do about an elephant resurgence that is taking up and land and putting in harm s way the poor human communities around them A controlled ivory trade is his answer.

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    interesting history of the ivory trade up to the present day The author s take is that ivory should be de criminalized, and the proceeds from sales go to the preservation of elephants There will always be a supply of ivory, because elephants always die eventually if there is a legal market, prices will go down and poaching won t be a lucrative pursuit My enjoyment of the book, however, was diluted by the lousy British accents the reader it was a book on CD affected when quoting, ugh

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    A readable and engaging history of the use and allure of ivory in human history and how the fate of elephants both has been affected by ivory s popularity and has influenced the use and availability of the material Also, how ivory was bound up in the African slave trade and the development history of Africa The author contemplates the current conservation situation in Africa and the varying viewpoints on whether to use ivory to fund conservation or to ban it to protect elephants from poaching Enlightening and enjoyable.

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    It s a history of the ivory trade and covers primarily the elephant ivory but touches on walrus, hippo teeth, narwhal tusks, and boar It s a bit loaded with info but I thought the ending made me think about what we need to do now, she d ivory is continuing to be stockpiled and could be used for conservation funding, though difficult to manage in lieu of the poached trade.

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    An in depth look at ivory from a historical perspective to modern times Explains his point of view well i.e pro culling and regulated ivory trade but dismisses the other point of view ivory ban too readily, as elephants are fast on the path towards extinction.

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    A fascinating read from an author who is a true explorer Look John Frederick Walker up His adventures are the historical and factual version of saving animals who are exploited for mere luxury items this book is moving.

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    fascinating read

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Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants download Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants, read online Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants, kindle ebook Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants, Ivory's Ghosts: The White Gold of History and the Fate of Elephants 9b29ddbb11fd Long Before Gold And Gemstones Held Allure, Humans Were Drawn To The Jewels Of The Elephant Its Great Tusks For Their Beauty, Rarity, And Ability To Be Finely Carved In Ivory S Ghosts, John Frederick Walker Tells The Astonishing Story Of The Human Lust For Ivory And Its Cataclysmic Implications For Elephants Each Age And Each Culture, From Ancient Egypt To Nineteenth Century America And Modern Japan, Found Its Own Artistic, Religious, And Even Industrial Uses For The Remarkable Material That Comes From The Teeth Of Elephants And A Handful Of Other Mammals Sensuous Figurines, Scientific Instruments, Pistol Grips, And Piano Keys Were All The Result As Was Human Enslavement And The Wholesale Slaughter Of Elephants By The S, Elephant Poaching Threatened The Last Great Herds Of The African Continent And Led To A Worldwide Ban On International Trade But The Ban Has Failed To Stop Poaching, And Debate Continues Over What To Do With The Legitimate And Growing Stockpiles Of Ivory Recovered From Elephants That Die Of Natural Causes An Insightful History Of This Precious Commodity, Ivory S Ghosts Is Also A Wrenching And Utterly Compelling Argument For A Controversial Mode Of Wildlife Conservation A Controlled Return To The Ivory Trade