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    Wonderful, as always This is the fourth or fifth SP book I ve read, and I ve figured out the pattern 1 Everyone tells Percy not to go 2 Percy goes 3 Someone, 95% of the time Chauvelin, devises a really excellently diabolical plan to catch him 4 Marguerite and Sir Andrew worry and collude together 5 shady things happen and 5 Even though the night is black and things are super tense, Percy laughs and evades whatever the problem is and everything is happy I have no problem with this at all I was actually surprised when Chauvelin did not take over from Madame Guillotine, it was a change of pace Also, her ending was quite ambiguous and I cannot tell if it was meant to be so or if it s early 1900s author politeness Did Gabrielle view spoiler drown herself hide spoiler

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    yes, i know that orczy is anti revolution, but it irks me that gabrielle mysteriously and perhaps tragically disappears while her aristocratic ex lover, who had her imprisoned in the bastille for 16 years, gets to live happily ever after with his family in england and seriously, who wouldn t be out for blood if an ex lover was responsible for an indefinite imprisonment simply to get them out of the way also, reading this so soon after City of Darkness, City of Light, i m struck by how differently the storming of the bastille is described also, i wonder if some of piercy s descriptions of Claire and the sans cullotte women in their march on Versailles were influenced by Orczy s description of Gabrielle Damiens at that same demonstration.

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    Although Mam zelle Guillotine was a good adventure story, it wasn t quite up to the standard of the other Scarlet Pimpernel books The conclusion to the book was weak and there were many repeated details, which became a little boring Still, the scenes with Percy were marvellous, and Lady Blakeney featured much prominently than normal 3 1 2 stars.

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    A surprisingly different Pimpernel novel I liked that this one was so spread out, and that much of it was from the point of view of unfamiliar characters e.g Gabrielle and the Marquise , as well as having Marguerite joining in League activities It was also interesting to have Gabrielle as such a large focus, because unlike a lot of the previous villains, her background was meant to be somewhat sympathetic even if it was clear she made the bad choice afterward to let her hate and anger control her.I wish the ending had been clearer about what exactly went down, though I don t think it was horribly done or anything, I just got used to finding out and this particular book decided to leave a lot of questions unanswered view spoiler What exactly happened to Gabrielle Did she just give up her anger and decide to move on, or did she commit suicide If the latter, was Percy anticipating this What was his plan exactly to make sure she didn t go unpunished, as he told his bounders Also, it was never fully explained how much of the first Renaud was Percy Gabrielle makes several mentions of Renaud making love to her, and I couldn t figure out of this meant something different at the time the book was written, or if Percy actually slept with her If the latter, it seems highly out of character for Percy to do, which is what leads me to think maybe he wasn t Renaud the entire time hide spoiler

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    A great book about the famous Scarlet Pimpernel

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    Another excellent and rollicking adventure from the Scarlet Pimpernel He isn t actually around for most of the book, but Marguerite now accompanies him This is proably one of my favorites so far, Sir Percy is excellent, his love for Marguerite not quite as overshadowed by his love of honor as precviously, and the Gang of the Scarlet Pimpernel as endearing as ever A lovely read and highly reccomended for any fan of that great, elusive adventurerThe Scarlet Pimpernel view spoiler I m not sure what I think about Percy wooing another woman, even in the guise of a different man I dislike it for Marguerite s sake, but for the sake of advneture I enjoyed it hide spoiler

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    Mentioned in my old diary Enjoyable historical romp

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    Great book, though I am a bit mad at Sir Percy

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    I liked this one as much as the first book So far my favorites are this book, The first book The Scarlet Pimpernel and El Dorado On to the next one

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