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Princess Charming chapter 1 Princess Charming, meaning Princess Charming, genre Princess Charming, book cover Princess Charming, flies Princess Charming, Princess Charming f7d601b7f13a3 Feisty, Fast Talking PR Executive Elaine Zimmerman And Her Best Friends Jackie Gault And Pat Kovecky Have Taken Their Annual Vacations Together Ever Since They First Met In The Courthouse Getting Their Respective Divorces Together, They Ve Been Everywhere And Done It All, From Herbal Wrapping To White Water Rafting To Running With The Wolves At Some New Age Place In The Catskills This Year, Jackie And Pat Have Talked The Land Locked Elaine Into A Seven Day Cruise Aboard The Spectacular Megaship, The Princess Charming It Isn T Her Idea Of A Good Time Especially When Her Luggage Is Mislaid And She S Forced To Resort To The Ship Boutique S Tacky Version Of Cruisewear It S A Chip On Her Shoulder Elaine S Proud Of, Until It S Knocked Off By A Surge Of Romantic Electricity The First Night At Sea When She S Seated Next To Sam Peck, A Cross Between John F Kennedy, Jr And A Greek God

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    This was another book that took place on a cruise ship that came recommended to me so I decided to read it while cruising the Caribbean This was of a whodunnit or who s gonna get it dun to as we are told in the prologue that someone is being hired to kill one of the three main characters That aspect of the book had me curious, and the cruise ship elements were pretty accurate However, about halfway through I got kind of bored with this story and just kept reading in order to be finished with the book It was less predictable than I thought it d be, but after finishing the book and seeing that there was going to be a sequel I decided that it wouldn t be something I d be interested in reading.If you re looking for a light hearted kinda funny suspenseful book that takes place on a cruise ship, then this is the book for you Otherwise, skip it.

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    A fun quick read, though a little dated 3 divorced women who have bonded and vacation together take a cruise There is a little bit of mystery after one overhears a murder plot, a little love story, some humor Glad the cruises I take no longer have arranged seating times and tables

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    I picked this up at the used book store because it looked like it might be a fun beach read trip to Hawaii It kept my attention, which is than I can say for the other book I bought and threw away, but I ll probably never read another Jane Heller book.

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    I just couldn t get into the characters or the story It was my borderline OCD that made me finish it I skimmed the last third of the book I don t know, the storyline had a lot of promise, it just didn t deliver for me.

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    Kind of silly

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    Cute but a bit repetitive at times

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    For me this was a slow book It really didn t have the mystery factor, nor the humor I was hoping for.

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    Keeps you guessingI figured out who the killer is about 2 3 of the way through, but I couldn t be sure of the victim until almost the end.Jane Heller is definitely a new favorite

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    i tried to read this one but there was just too much going on.too many characters introduced to keep track of.it was too busy.i gave up about 1 3 in.there was humor and i m sure the mystery was intriguing but i didn t get that far.

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    Silly but fun definitely a beach read

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