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"Off The Record" chapter 1 "Off The Record", meaning "Off The Record", genre "Off The Record", book cover "Off The Record", flies "Off The Record", "Off The Record" 615ff866212f0 A Fast Paced, Revealing Look Behind The Scenes Of The Music Industry, Where The Real Truth Is Always Off The RecordTake A Volatile Rock Band, A King Making Concert Promoter, A Downtrodden Club Owner And A Rock Critic With Questionable Journalistic Ethics, Add One Hit Record, A Drug Problem, A Couple Of Riots And Shake Well There You Have The Essence Of This Book, The Very Unauthorized Account Of The Rise And Fall Of The Tommy Aguilar Band Off The Record Will Confirm Your Worst Suspicions About The Music Business, An Industry In Which Musicians Are Like The Infantry The First To Die, And The Last To Get Paid

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    Story of a fictional Kurt Cobain Ryan Adams hybrid and his band, TAB Tommy Agular Band Proof that music writers should never name bands.

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