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Dark Citadel chapter 1 Dark Citadel, meaning Dark Citadel, genre Dark Citadel, book cover Dark Citadel, flies Dark Citadel, Dark Citadel d02774997ad53 Mystery Heir Who Would Reap The Wealth When Dawson Grainger Died Who Would Inherit His Millions, His Priceless Antiquities, His Palatial Citadel On Grand Croix Island None Of His Nieces And Nephews He Demanded Stay With Him On The Island Knew Nor Would They Know Until He DiedSo Death Filled The Minds And Hearts Of The Clan Beautiful Ann Laird Met When Luke Grainger Invited Her To Vacation There And When Death Struck The Island Mysteriously And Violently, The Warm Stirrings Of Love Ann Felt For Luke Turned Suddenly To Cold Suspicion

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