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10 thoughts on “The Magic Spell (My Secret Unicorn, #1)

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    This is a review for the series as a whole.
    As a child, this has been my very favourite series along with the Stardust series by the same author, and it remains one of my very favourites even now. It was the foundation of my reading for years and I read the books steadily over the 5 year period in which they were published. The books absolutely enchanted me, and while I can't say they made me believe horses could really turn into unicorns (I believed that anyway) they really fed my imagination.
    Linda Chapman is a very talented children's author who can write engagingly for a young readership, but not patronise them. The pacing is quick, but amazingly she uses plenty of description to paint a very vivid picture in your mind. Her stories are an excellent example of how to explain to the readers how the character is feeling without making it tedious or leaving too much unsaid.
    The enchanting illustrations by Biz Hull, really enhance the sense of magic and realism (you may not think it can do both, but it does). I was a little disappointed when the illustrator changed half way through the series as it gave the story a slightly more cartoonish feel, but I got used to it and the new illustrations do have their own charm.
    As the series drew on, the stories got increasingly more imaginative, rather than petering into nothingness. I was enthralled whilst reading Moonlight Journey, as they travelled to Arcadia, the home of the unicorns, which is something I never thought would happen. As Lauren Foster grew older (albeit at a much slower rate than me) I got a sense of the slightly older age range these books were catering for, which I was pleased with as I was 12 by this time. The series ends in a surprisingly bittersweet way with the loss of a much loved character, showing that Linda Chapman is not afraid of bringing serious matters into a children's story.
    Whether you're a young child who loves magic and adventure, or an adult reading it to your son or daughter or looking for escapism, I highly recommend this series.

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    My eight-year-old daughter absolutely LOVES the books in this series, so I thought that I should come and put in a review. The later books in the series are a bit hard to get your hands on (I had to order several of them from the UK - but shipping was no more expensive on Amazon), but it was totally worth it. My daughter has read the entire series in the past two weeks and she is now going back to read them all again. She also insisted that I read them too - I read the first six books in the series yesterday and I can see why she loves them. They are realistic stories with a magical twist which makes her feel like she could actually discover a unicorn at any time. What little girl doesn't love that idea!

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    I think it was a great book I love animals and as so I love unicorns I have loved the series so far I love how it is mysterious and fun because I love unicorns and I also love this book!!!

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    Without being a total sap I have a collection of novels at home that I loved as a kid that I wish to pass on to my children when I have them. I felt like re-reading some so decided to start with this - the first proper series I loved.

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    I read it to my six year old daughter and she loved it. It's a cute book.

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    I would have adored this book when I was 7 or 8 years old! Very cute and magical. I'd definitely recommend the series to young readers who love horses and unicorns.

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    I haven't read this book since I was a child and it is still as cute as I remember.

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    This was a very fun book to read with my daughter. We both enjoy magical stories and the fact that this one is about a pony that turns into a unicorn...well what can be better then that, especially for a young girl who loves and dreams of horses. This is the first in a series of books and they all tend to have a moral lesson to learn from.

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    I was in the fourth grade (2007), when I read this book, and I thought it was incredibly lame and childish. I was in a "horsesarethewholeworldiloveponiesandunicorns" phase back then, but this thin-as-cellophane book offered nothing but cheap writing with limited vocabulary, choppy sentences and filler.

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    I read this book when i was about 8, so i really enjoyed them because i love mystic creatures. The developing relationship between the unicorn and the girl made me feel like it was me, because of the way the story was written.

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