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    I found the second book in the series in a used book store, and I loved it So I looked for the first entry in the series, Falconer s Crusade, and I loved it Being a fan of historical novels, I thought it had a clever premise, good characterization, and a plot that kept one engrossed Ian Morson s Falconer s Crusade is the first in a series that improves as it develops as a series I read book 2 first Morson seems to have a firm grasp of the setting of his mysteries and many of the historical details that make reading this sort of mystery enjoyable What a delightful way to discover history here we discover some of the conflicts that resulted in the monarchy of Edward I, the English king of Braveheart fame.The mystery is set during the thirteenth century at Oxford University, in 1264 the savage murder of a young girl kindles a frenzy of suspicion between Oxford s privileged students and the poor townspeople One of Falconer s students literally stumbles over the fresh corpse of a beautiful young girl and narrowly escapes from being beaten to death by an irate mob of townspeople by hiding in the Jewish ghetto Regent Master Falconer rushes to his young student s defense and begins what becomes a dangerous investigation During the course of the mystery, we also discover that young Prince Edward, weak King Henry III s son, is being wooed by rebellious barons Ian Morson introduces an intriguing sleuth, Regent Master William Falconer of Aristotle College, Oxford University, who calls himself a deductionist The characters are believable and well developed, as is the discrimination between the students and the town folks as well as between Christian and Jew I especially appreciated the subplot involving the Jewish quarter of Oxford and issues related to the prejudices of medieval times which are sadly not so different from today The plot is cleverly crafted and well thought out Often in mysteries, the reader can predict the way the story might go, but Morson puts some nice twists and unexpected turns into the plot which made it challenging This mystery is enjoyable Morson appears to have researched the historical details about the life and times of Medieval England.

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    Falconer s Crusade is a pretty pallid attempt at historical crime fiction Set in 13th century Oxford, during the Second Barons War, it follows the university master William Falconer as he attempts to solve the murder of a young woman Morson seems to confuse bundles of quirks and unusual characteristics with three dimensional characterisation There is no inner life to Falconer or his new student Thomas, and the murder mystery isn t complex enough to compensate for that deficiency Perhaps for those with only a slight interest in medieval history, the setting will be enough to appeal, but this medievalist found it weakly drawn and with than a couple of moments that made me say huh A book is central to the mystery here, for example, but I m not sure how any of the characters could have recognised what it was so quickly as it would surely have been written in Occitan I also wish people would stop with the whole medieval people thought the world was flat idea, because it s second in frustrating misapprehensions only to the early medieval period was a Dark Age.

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    This is a pretty short mystery to read through Looks can be deceiving though Despite being short, it s packed in with some heavy duty stuff The setting for example Very rich in detail and gives you a sense on how it was back then in William Falconer s time Add in some political intrigue, a Jewish Quarter, and some rioting and it gets pretty exciting I really can t get over how great the setting is It s so descriptive you can feel the darkness and the dampness that permeates throughout the novel Morson also does an excellent job to stay close to historical accuracy here in this novel as well Forensic pathology is frowned upon, and you even get to see Falconer try on a strange contraption that looks a lot like Medieval opera glasses at the time The plot is pretty straight forward although there is not much of a secret mystery element in it The suspect list is not extensive thankfully You ll see why as you read further into this review and when revealed it s not much of a surprise or an a ha Moment There isn t much personality to the characters except Falconer and his student Thomas Thomas is a particular dolt A Farmer boy who managed to be gifted and chosen to study and be a Scholar, well, for all the idiotic moves he makes, you have to wonder how the University chose this guy to let him attend their school He fumbles and stumbles at the worst times and always manages to get himself into some life threatening situations and doesn t learn from it It was funny the first few times, but after a while it gets annoying and you want to slap this boy upside the head You don t deserve Hannah s attention, you twit I m going to assume it will get better with other books in this series, and this one serves as an introduction to the series Since I really do love the historical aspect I will stick with this series and see where it takes me Historical mystery lovers will love the setting and theme of this book, the mystery part, not so much.

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    Really three and a half stars I really liked the character of Falconer, who I met once in the first Medieval Murderers collection, and for such a short book there isn t really any thing regarding the story that I would change No, I had to knock down half a point because of the editing The story would change points of view in mid paragraph One second I m following Falconer then without any warning I m with his student Thomas I hope this gets cleaned up in the next book.

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    This view of the beginnings of Oxford University was very enlightening I found the depictions of interactions among academics, townspeople, and outsiders to be solid The desire to figure out who was committing the murders kept me going even when I found many of the characters to be unlikeable When I read the end notes explaining what is historically known of each of them, I was surprised as I hadn t realized so much was based on real people and events.

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    Un giallo snello e affascinante, ambientato nel XIII secolo con atmosfere che richiamano Il nome della rosa Accurato inoltre anche nella ricostruzione storica Un protagonista dedito alla logica deduttiva aristotelica Lettura super consigliata.

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    When I have no desire to pick up the book to read, I know that the book is not very engaging Forced myself to read this one, not reading another This book was disjointed and the characters were not enjoyable Moving on.

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    An Oxford University professor uses reason and logic to determine what really happened in the case of mysterious deaths Not compelling enough for me to read .

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    The first in a series set in Medieval Oxford, this was an enjoyable debut.

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    Falconer is scholar in Oxford in the 13th century, just at the time of Simon de Montfort the younger s revolt against Henry III He investigates the death of a young servant girl, which leads to several other deaths They turn out to be linked to a Cathar Bible and Earl Simon s father s leadership of the Albigensian Crusade which destroyed the Cathars, or exactly, created the political framework for their destruction The hero is rather self consciously progressive for his era, believing in dissection of victims early CSI , tolerance for Jews, and the roundness of the earth the last was in fact much less controversial at the time than this book suggests His naive young pupil has an incipient romance with a Jewish maiden which would probably have been fatal in real life.

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