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Teacher Man txt Teacher Man, text ebook Teacher Man, adobe reader Teacher Man, chapter 2 Teacher Man, Teacher Man 3242d7 McCourt S Long Awaited Book About How His Thirty Year Teaching Career Shaped His Second Act As A WriterNearly A Decade Ago Frank McCourt Became An Unlikely Star When, At The Age Of Sixty Six, He Burst Onto The Literary Scene With Angela S Ashes, The Pulitzer Prize Winning Memoir Of His Childhood In Limerick, Ireland Then Came Tis, His Glorious Account Of His Early Years In New YorkNow, Here At Last, Is McCourt S Long Awaited Book About How His Thirty Year Teaching Career Shaped His Second Act As A Writer Teacher Man Is Also An Urgent Tribute To Teachers Everywhere In Bold And Spirited Prose Featuring His Irreverent Wit And Heartbreaking Honesty, McCourt Records The Trials, Triumphs And Surprises He Faces In Public High Schools Around New York City His Methods Anything But Conventional, McCourt Creates A Lasting Impact On His Students Through Imaginative Assignments He Instructs One Class To Write An Excuse Note From Adam Or Eve To God , Singalongs Featuring Recipe Ingredients As Lyrics , And Field Trips Imagine Taking Twenty Nine Rowdy Girls To A Movie In Times SquareMcCourt Struggles To Find His Way In The Classroom And Spends His Evenings Drinking With Writers And Dreaming Of One Day Putting His Own Story To Paper Teacher Man Shows McCourt Developing His Unparalleled Ability To Tell A Great Story As, Five Days A Week, Five Periods Per Day, He Works To Gain The Attention And Respect Of Unruly, Hormonally Charged Or Indifferent Adolescents McCourt S Rocky Marriage, His Failed Attempt To Get A PhD At Trinity College, Dublin, And His Repeated Firings Due To His Propensity To Talk Back To His Superiors Ironically Lead Him To New York S Most Prestigious School, Stuyvesant High School, Where He Finally Finds A Place And A Voice Doggedness, He Says, Is Not As Glamorous As Ambition Or Talent Or Intellect Or Charm, But Still The One Thing That Got Me Through The Days And Nights For McCourt, Storytelling Itself Is The Source Of Salvation, And In Teacher Man The Journey To Redemption And Literary Fame Is An Exhilarating Adventure

About the Author: Frank McCourt

Pulitzer Prize 1997 and National Book Critics Circle Award 1996 for his memoir Angela s Ashes 1996 , which details his childhood as a poor Irish Catholic in Limerick He is also the author of Tis 1999 , which continues the narrative of his life, picking up from the end of the previous book and focusing on life as a new immigrant in America Teacher Man 2005 , detailed the challenges of being a young, uncertain teacher who must impart knowledge to his students His works are often part of the syllabus in high schools In 2002 he was awarded an honorary degree from the University of Western Ontario.He died Sunday, July 19, 2009 of melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer He was 78.

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    Teacher Man is as good example as any that if you have wit and personality you can tell an entertaining story Told with an Irish accent helps too.I think McCourt, with his humble yet playful, self degrading Irish charm could read from the phone book and hold a reader s attention But he has lots to say worth hearing, as he recounts thirty years of teaching in New York s high schools and community colleges A working class, blue collar teacher in the trenches, McCourt helped me better appreciate teaching as a profession this is an enjoyable book.

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    This book is difficult to review While I appreciated McCourt s attempt to recognize teachers especially English teachers and the work often underappreciated that we do, I felt that his theory of if we all think outside the box and try to be friendly with our students, than we will have a successful teaching career, a bit unrealistic, overly idealistic, and in many ways, condescending While I do admire some of his methods, and enjoy his writing style, I found that the times when he let his true sentiments show like telling a kid to stop being so ignorant and have some respect for the English language, or having days where you were just sick of whining teenagersdoes that make me mean or already jaded or when he simply let the student anecdotes speak for themselves, were my favorite parts of the book I do think this is a honest perception of teaching especially the first part where he is working in the tougher schools during his first few years than many other movies I ve seen that try to portray teaching Some of the autobiographical stuff could have been left out too much information sometimes.

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    My fourth book by Frank McCourt and I am still impressed Teacher Man 2005 is the last book of his 3 part tragicomic memoir and it is about his experiences as a teacher in at least 3 schools in New York He spent 33 years teaching high school students before he retired at the age of 60 and wrote his first book, Angela s Ashes at the age of 66 The book changed his life tremendously He won a Pulitzer in 1997 National Book Critics Circle Award in 1996 He met President Bush, Lady Diana and other well known personalities because of it However, looking back, what he most treasured in his life was the opportunity to influence the many future American citizens The schools were he taught at vocational and technical school McKee , adult education teaching English to immigrants mostly mothers New York City College of Technology and later in the Harvard equivalent for high school in the US Stuyvesant High School where only the brightest high students are admitted So, McCourt had enough challenges and to be able to survive that long means that he must have loved teaching Afterall, teaching is said to be one of the noblest professions.Although there is almost nothing about Ireland and his poor family background in this book, his funny and witty lines are still much evident I particularly enjoyed his conversations with his students particularly the immigrants who did not know much about literature and grammar Those poor immigrants who came to America during that time early 70 s to late 80 s barely knew English and thought of themselves as nobody and McCourt took patience in turning that wrong belief around They ended up liking William Shakespeare and appreciating Hamlet Something that I can relate with since I have not read Hamlet yet.Ah, four lovely lovely books It was nice knowing you, Frank McCourt I will now read those two books Singing My Him Song and A Monk Swimming by your brother Malachy McCourt born 1931 and 1 book A Long Stone s Throw 1998 by Alphie McCourt born 1940 I wonder if these younger brothers of yours are also as brilliant as you are when it comes to writing memoirs

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    At first, I was a little disappointed, because the book went by so fast He summed up 30 years of teaching in a little over 200 pages.Then, when I thought about it, I realized how much it made sense I ve only been teaching for five years, and at times, it feels like forever, but at the same time, it s gone by so fast I think McCourt captured that perfectly.Also, I love his self deprecating humor There are many times when I feel like a fraud as a teacher, but I know that if I tried to write like McCourt, I d come off sounding whiny He manages to do it sounding sincere.

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    i hated this book i didn t like the style of his writing i didn t like the way he talked about his teaching and what he did in his classroom as i kept on reading, i was just like dude you are not a good teacher but maybe it s just the way he presented himself.when i got to the end, i was like so what was the point but i guess the point was that this is part of his life story.

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    Titolo Ehi, prof Sottotitolo I libri non sono oggetti I libri hanno l anima Caro Frank, ormai la terza volta che ti scrivo, ti do del tu perch ti conosco da quando eri un moccioso e vivevi a Limerick, e anche se sei morto professore a New York, io ti ricordo cos , come quell infelice infante irlandese e cattolico.Siccome ormai abbiamo la confidenza adatta, e non mi piacerebbe essere disonesta nei tuoi confronti, te lo devo dire, ho pianto per le prime trenta pagine di questo ultimo libro Ho pianto per quell ultimo, anche se stavi scrivendo della tua a dir poco verosimile esperienza con l insegnamento onestamente credo sia da pochi riuscire a far piangere per la commozione mentre si stanno raccontando degli episodi che farebbero ridere anche il mio tutor di privato che sempre stizzito per via del fatto che non muoiono i docenti e non si becca la cattedra Separarmi dalle tue parole stata una scelta per me dolorosa, ma dovuta e di coraggio, di bisogno sopratutto, perch volevo sentirmi dire da te che nella vita bisogna farsi spazio, che della vita bisogna saper apprezzare con un sorriso anche quelle situazioni in cui uno ha voglia solo di rinchiudersi in un bunker e sperare che i Maya o chi per loro c avesse visto bene.Non te lo dico, anzi, s te lo dico, a costo di essere banalmente ripetitiva o insulsa darei tutto ci che ho per poter tornare indietro nel tempo, iscrivermi al Liceo Stuyvesant di New York e assistere alle tue lezioni di scrittura creativa.Non tanto per l insegnamento della scrittura creativa, dato che non ne sapevi granch , quanto per l insegnamento di vita che m avresti detto facendomi vedere che a volte bisogna imparare a scherzarci su, anche quando fa pi male Sorrido ad uno schermo di computer a pensare a te in cattedra, sprovveduto, infilato a forza nel ruolo di insegnante, che cercavi pi di apprendere che di insegnare, che non esaurivi mai la curiosit e leggevi come leggo io, Fitzgerald come se fosse un diamante, non uno semplice scrittore.Forse son troppo di parte, forse dovrei scriverti due note di rimprovero sul fatto che bevessi troppo, e che predicassi bene e razzolassi male, ma tutto ci che vedo tra le tue parole, che son l unico elemento che ho per poterti conoscere, un anima bella innamorata della speranza Un po come io non sono, un po come io vorrei essere Ho letto le ultime venti pagine con una lentezza quasi stoica, con una ripugnanza per la fine che mi addolorava passo passo, parola dopo parola perch sapevo che ogni parola era una in meno verso la conclusione delle tue memorie In generale sono abbastanza pettegola, e quando scopro un autore nuovo la prima cosa che voglio sapere era se fosse sposato poligamo single, se avesse vissuto scandali e tutte le cose da classici rotocalchi rosa Ma la tua vita l ho letta in queste tre puntate perch dalla prima riga della prima pagina delle Ceneri di Angela sapevo anche se tu non lo sai , che questi libri li avevi scritti per me, affinch io imparassi E quindi, svestitami dei panni della pettegola, ho indossato quelli della sensibilit cos che ogni tua singola parola mi ha trapassata da lato a lato lasciandomi un segno, un segno che fosse una risata della grossa viste certe cagate che hai combinato, un segno che fosse un insegnamento visto certe vite che hai vissuto, che fosse un sostegno, visto che mi sei pi di quanto siano molti altri.Siccome poi odio essere sentimentale, lo sono stata abbastanza, e voglio che tutti ti odino, cos che nessuno compri i tuoi libri e si legga le cose che hai scritto a me, io ti saluto Frank.Grazie

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    4 estrellas, ya que es de esos libros que empiezas a leer y no esperas mucho de l Y lo terminas con una sonrisa grande There s nothing sillier in the world than a teacher telling you don t do it after you already did it Debo de admitir que al empezar a leer este libro me lleve una impresi n mala del mismo no terminaba de ser un libro de car cter bibliogr fico, que en lugar de comentar lo que hace a una persona ser profesor, tan solo aparentaba ser un anecdotario de la vida de Frank McCourt That s what he disliked about certain artists and writers They interfered and pointed to everything as if you couldn t see it or read for yourself Despu s de leer algo mas, me di cuenta que esta forma de hilar la historia, hacia que la lectura fuera f cil y amena sin pelos en la lengua te cuenta de sus encuentros sexuales y casuales, sin miedo a decirte de sus fracasos en este sentido as como escolares y sociales You can t teach in a vacuum A good teacher relates the material to real life You understand that, don t you La magia del libro es que no busca ser una gu a de lo que debe de ser un profesor, sino explicarte cuales fueron las caracter sticas que a el le funcionaron ese anecdotario es algo que se puede repetir tanto en las aulas de una secundaria de New York como en las de una universidad en Sinaloa donde soy docente This is the situation in the public schools of America The farther you travel from the classroom the greater your financial and professional rewards Nos sirve para recordar que un profesor no es un trabajo mas, sino que es una actividad que trasciende las aulas y la funci n del profesor marca a los alumnos para bien y para mal llena de errores, cosas que espero no hacer y cometer, pero tambi n ense anzas que debemos de llevarnos con nosotros no busca ser un ejemplo a seguir, pero si un recordatorios que esto que estas viviendo, lo han vivido y sufrido otros antes que tu El aula es un lugar de gran dramatismo Nunca sabes lo que has hecho para o por los centenares de alumnos que llegan y se van Los ves salir del aula so adores, apagados, burlones, con admiraci n, sonrientes, desconcertados

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    I read this book years ago, at the start of my teaching career I can t remember if I was student teaching or if it was my first year, but nevertheless, I was a newbie I actually started reading it again forgetting this was the Frank McCourt book I had read years ago It took me about two pages to realize my mistake, but I figured I might as well finish it since I hadn t even remembered I had read it in the first place McCourt no doubt has some questionable pedagogy Some of his out of the box lessons are clever while others are downright ridiculous He wrote he felt guilty not sticking to the curriculum, but I suppose sometimes it takes risks to discover gold I feel a little cheated because we never get to experience a typical day in his classroomthere s no way he had his students reciting recipes every day throughout his decades of teaching What did a regular day look like He had to have touched on some of the curriculum throughout the year, but I suppose those stories may not have been as engaging.What I did not appreciate was his manner regarding his marriage He nonchalantly writes about cheating on his wife, claiming that it was a marriage doomed from the start Ummm, when did that make it okay to have affairs And, what are these stories adding to this book The best part about the book is the stories about students and their lives I tell my students teachers are people, too but maybe we sometimes forget that the same applies to our students We see them in a bubble and make judgments based on their attentiveness in our class and their homework completion and perceived effort, but they have home lives and struggles, just like us Oh sure, with the troubled kids, you can clearly see that there are outside forces pulling them from being a motivated student, but what about the others I sometimes get jealous that other teachers get to know about their students outside worlds English teachers have papers, art teachers see their pieces rife with emotion, religion teachers have journalswhat about math teachers We get to see word problems It s hard to start deep, provocative discussions around the topic how to solve for x

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    A very different book to Angela s Ashes It s like listening to a witty, self deprecating yet passionate man tell you stories of his life You can even hear his accent McCourt talks about his time as a teacher how it came about, his successes and failures, his talent for telling stories In other hands, this could read as one long ego trip But this man is, was, a master storyteller He draws you in with his confidences and asides, making you believe you re sharing his secrets I met Susan Jane Gilman a couple of years ago She s a successful writer of memoir and funny anecdotes that had me snorting in hog like fashion She was one of Frank s students at Stuyvesant High School and talked about him with such enthusiasm I just had to read his side of the experience So I smiled when I came to this line in Teacher Man Susan Gilman never raises her hand Everything is too urgent The other thing that appealed to me throughout this book is his clear belief in firing young minds with the value of imagination He loved sharing his enthusiasm for literature and writing, and it s evident from these pages that he was a terrific teacher This is a gentle read, filled with quietly emotional moments which make you smile, nod and choke up I d love to have been in his Creative Writing class.

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