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Satan in St.Mary's chapter 1 Satan in St.Mary's, meaning Satan in St.Mary's, genre Satan in St.Mary's, book cover Satan in St.Mary's, flies Satan in St.Mary's, Satan in St.Mary's abe81a82c9591 And Edward I Is Battling A Traitorous Movement Founded By The Late Simon De Montfort, The Rebel Who Lost His Life At The Battle Of Evesham In The Pentangle, The Movement S Underground Society Whose Members Are Known To Practice The Black Arts, Is Thought To Be Behind The Apparent Suicide Of Lawrence Duket, One Of The King S Loyal Subjects, In Revenge For Duket S Murder Of One Of Their Supporters The King, Deeply Suspicious Of The Affair, Orders His Wily Chancellor, Burnell, To Look Into The Matter Burnell Chooses A Sharp And Clever Clerk From The Court Of King S Bench, Hugh Corbett, To Conduct The Investigation Corbett Together With His Manservant, Ranulf, Late Of Newgate Is Swiftly Drawn Into The Tangled Politics And Dark And Dangerous Underworld Of Medieval London

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    3.5In short, Satan in St Mary s is a medieval murder mystery that turns out to have layers than the protagonist knew or expected The readers know it s about treason, plotting against the crown, Satanic rites and so on, because you get scenes with the antagonists too Well, a couple of meetings actually, but it s enough to know about it than the man sent to investigate the whole thing.I liked the way the world is described The 1200s London is a filthy and dangerous place maids throwing he ordure and rubbish of the night so the scavengers or rakers could clear it away , roaring boys , gangs of ruffians , secret brothels, people being murdered in the street and left there and so on The protagonist Hugh Corbett is a clerk from the Court of King s Bench and he is sent to investigate a suspicious suicide He isn t given many details I mostly enjoyed the way he went about it Mostly, because he was a bit distracted by a woman at one point The other side isn t really hidden that well I mean, the reader knows a lot of things way before Corbett discovers them, but overall the story is pretty good Being the first in the series, I think it does the job of attracting a reader quite well I will continue with the series.

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    I really enjoyed that and I look forward to reading of Paul Doherty s books.

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    SATAN IN ST MARY S Hist Mys Hugh Corbett England 1284 GDoherty, P.C 1st in seriesHeadline, 1986, UK Paperback ISBN 0747234922First Sentence A savage, cold wind had sprung up just after dark.Simon de Montfort, considered traitor to the king, is dead but his supporters, many of whom are thought to be practitioners of the black arts, still exist and are thought to be associated with the Church of St Mary le Bow Lawrence Duket committed murder and took sanctuary in St Mary s only to be found hanged as an apparent suicide Clerk of King s Court Hugh Corbett has been summoned by Edward I s Chancellor Robert Burnell to investigate the death.That this book is based on an actual event was particularly appealing to me Doherty makes this period come to life As we travel around London with Hugh, it felt as natural as were he taking taxi s in present day The story, however, I found weak The basic plot was good and interesting, but the execution was awkward The protagonist would uncover information but not share it with the reader, which was annoying rather than enticing The villain was evident very early in the story so I had little sympathy with Hugh figured it out As to the characters, we were given just enough information to understand who they are but I still didn t feel I knew them Ranulf, Hugh s sidekick, is appealing and adds lightness to the story where Hugh was rather unsympathetic I liked the book well enough that I will read , but mainly because of the history.

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    I am new to historical fiction I was motivated to seek this one out having recently read the 5 novel series by CJ Sansom set in Tudor England, beginning with Dissolution Paul Doherty has written a series of 17 historical novels set around 1300 in England His main protagonist is Hugh Corbett, an official of King Edward s court who is repeatedly sent by the king to solve some crime or other The first one, Satan in St Mary s is set in London but others are set in different parts of the country as well as London They are mostly around 200 pages and easy to read with a good combination of interesting characters, real history and suspense I enjoyed this first one sufficiently that I have now read the first 12 of 17 in the series Some are naturally better than others The best ones involve political intrigue with the king s French enemies and spies Satan in St Mary s revolves around murders committed by a cult of sort, supposedly with satanic links.

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    I wished to read the first book in which Hugh Corbett is introduced, and Satan in St Mary s by P C Doherty accomplished this for me What a fascinating character Also the author s knowledge of London in 1284 is unbelievably realistic It just jumps off the page Hugh is assigned to investigate a death at St Mary Le Bow Church, but he is sent on assignment with no pertinent information in which to assist him, and he is doing this alone Hugh realizes after awhile that he needs to hire someone to literally watch his back Thus, I got to met Ranulf atte Newgate who becomes Hugh s new assistant Ranulf s last name indicates where Hugh found him, but his streetwise ways become extremely helpful to Hugh A great introduction The author knows his material and uses fact to enhance his presentation of Hugh Corbett, Royal Clerk If one is into medieval , this book is for you.Loved it

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    After reading Paul Doherty s recent novel The Cup of Ghosts see blog entry dated 17 June I was extremely eager to read his first medieval mystery featuring Hugh Corbett The plot wasn t as exciting as The Cup of Ghosts, the incidental descriptions of medieval life kept the pages turning at a rapid rate I love this genre, and it s enough to keep me wanting to read the remaining 13 novels in this series.I m looking forward to seeing how his style of storytelling develops over the ensuing novels Hopefully one or two will find their way under the Christmas tree for me

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    Donna led this discussion on 03 04 14.We had a large group at least 12 people to discuss this and others in the Hugh Corbett series Most were very impressed with the writing We wondered whether the grittiness of this book as compared with the first two we read in this series was because this was a male author and the first two were female King Edward I and his chancellor appear regularly in these books.

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    This is the first in a series of medieval mysteries I ve probably read them all except maybe the last one and found them to be quite enjoyable.I would also recommend the Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan by the same author.

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    3.5 I figured out most of it early on, and the bad guys were obvious I did like how the author created this mystery from actual documented events.

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    Cheesy fun.

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