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Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea chapter 1 Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea, meaning Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea, genre Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea, book cover Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea, flies Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea, Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea 5f488930c80d3 Moo Dreams Of Becoming A Sailor Little Does She Know, When She Sets Off Toward The Sea, That The First Crew She Joins Will Be Composed Of Cats Or That She Herself Will Be Hailed By A Shipload Of Pirate Steers As Their Captain S Dairy Queen It S Amoozing Where A Dream Can Take A Girl A Truth Which Lisa Wheelerand Ponder Goembel Relish Here In Rollicking Words And Witty, Windblown Pictures

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    Parents, Pre K through 1st grade teachers, and librarians, this review is for YOU If you don t have SAILOR MOO COW AT SEA in your collection, the young children in your life are missing out big time This book was love at first sight for me Or I should say, love at first listen I was at a writer s conference maybe seven or so years ago when I heard the author, Lisa Wheeler, read this book aloud Perhaps my response to it had something to do with my fondness for cows when I was a child In fact, my dad still says Look, Mamy, COW whenever he s with me and we happen to pass a pasture But really, I hadn t realized just how much I still loved cows until I heard Lisa Wheeler tell me the story of Sailor Moo.This book is so charming and humorous that the author could have been selling a full farm that day and I would ve been first in line for it And the funny thing is, I m not much of a rhyming picture book person they often feel forced and cheesy to me But this book well, I ll refer back to the product description for an example Moo loved the way the ocean sang Like moo sic, she would utter, as rocking, rolling ocean waves would churn her milk to butter And it goes on and on, clever page after clever page I love all of Lisa Wheeler s books because her rhymes make perfect sense and read in a linear fashion, rather than the way so many other picture books twist the sentences to force a rhyme.I ve read this book several times to my daughters classrooms, and without fail, I ve been asked by the kids to read it again And they re always than willing to say the refrain with me in pirate talk Yo Ho Ho, and a shiver me be Because, you know, the pirate cows obviously need to talk like Blackbeard And don t forget to talk like the fishing boat captain, either the hissing Captain Silver Claw.This is my all time favorite read aloud Hope you ll give it a try

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    Very cute This is the story of a cow who wants to go to sea The first crew she joins is made up of cats She becomes the ship s cook and befriends some manatees, the cows of the sea During a storm, Moo ends up being thrown overboard, and her manatee cousins help her to another ship run by Captain Angus who isn t exactly what she expects.The pictures are beautifully done, and the story is rather clever I enjoyed the yo ho ho and a shiver me be refrains that end each section of the story Over all, a very sweet picture book.

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    So so cute and clever, and illustrations beautifully done.

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    I m such a sucker for rhyming picture books This is a fun book to read and so creative.

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    Really cute story with some great rhymes Very engaging and would be great to use in a classroom.

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    Lots of puns and good rhyming

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    Cute cow love story with great illustrations and fun rhymes Funny dairy puns jokes.

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    Why do I love this book so much Perhaps it s the clever rhymes and the sea chantey tempo, which is just what was needed for a book about a cow at sea Without the tempo, it s just a silly book With the tempo, it s an epic of the waves Sailor Moo, a young cow, finds a berth with some cats, earning her way by giving them milk Whichwould make her a mother, but let s ignore that Then she hooks up with a team of actual sailing cows Including their very handsome red bull captain But the cows hide a nefarious secret When Sailor Moo discovers the true nature of the ship and crew, she takes a stand, and makes the captain rethink his own life.I can not tell you how many times I ve typed Sailor Moon, by the way.This is a pretty universally appealing book, though, of course, kids who like pirates or cows are going to be particularly drawn in I d recommend this for library storytimes, for certain You could start a good call and response for the chantey sections, really drawing your kids in This is also a good pick for a picture book gift, so long as you re willing to help the parents out by reading this after they ve had to do so for about the hundredth time

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    I enjoyed this book at first The illustrations are nice the rhyming text is fun and a cow going off to sea is, yes, very a moo sing But the ending It could not be any anti climatic Why, why, why can the happy ending not be that Sailor Moo has gone off to sea Why, why, why must she abandon her dreams to settle down as a housewife while trying to change a man who is so clearly up to no good Why It s so disappointing The central message presented by this book is that, for women, dreams are just fluff and such before finally settling down to get married and have babies, as all good women should and it also conveys the message that women should fall in love with and nurture bad men These are hardly the great kind of messages I want to be giving my daughter during our time together I found myself getting halfway through this book, slamming it shut, and proclaiming, And she lived happily ever after at sea The end We won t bother with this one again.

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    Moo the cow watches the undulating wheat as wishes it was the sea, and the ocean swells.She dons a sailor cap and hooves it to the bay in hopes of finding a ship She somehow ends up on ship captained by a Tom Cat and offers to pay her way by providing fresh milk everyday The cats ignore her so she befrinds the ocean life especially the sea cows when a storm picks up and Moo ends up thrown overboard she is rescued by her sea cow friends who transport he to the nearest ship The Captain , a handsome Red Angus cow, is everything she is looking for untill she finds out that this is a pirate ship what will Moo do will bovine love conquer all Moo knew, will you With lovely illustrations that ceratinly glorify the cow this book is a charmer.

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