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    The Parajian family is famous for its Oriental rugs. The company was built up by its patriarch, but now the next generation is anxious to take over from him. In the midst of the battle, it is far too convenient that Dad Parajian's sister arrives out of the Middle East - and promptly dies. In a family whose members had been torn apart by war and reunited many years later, the accusation of fake identity arises, and nothing in the family business can be predicted any longer.

    I had great fun once I managed to remember who all the family members were. The climactic rug auction was especially enjoyable. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes their mysteries to be based on plot instead of bloody mayhem.

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    I read the Emma Lathen books long ago and loved them. Glad to see that they're still fun. Avoid the most recent ones, which appear to be written by someone else.

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    The Sloan (and Thatcher) gets involved with an Oriental rug business. The elderly sister of the owner comes to the US after having lived in the USSR and recuperating in Tehran from an illness. This book was written in 1975, 4 years before the overthrow of the Shah and the hostage-taking there. It's a bit jarring reading about previously normal relations with a current enemy. Another interesting thing about this book is that it's the only one so far where I've had some sympathy for the murderer.

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    A rather fun story that confronts the banker-sleuth with a dysfunctional family in which speculation is rife that no-one is what he is thought to be. In that light, the outcome of the plot is highly ironic. Special marks to Bradford Withers for putting in an even more clueless performance than usual!

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    Very tricky mystery.

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