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Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) chapter 1 Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) , meaning Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) , genre Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) , book cover Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) , flies Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) , Beneath the Ashes (The Calderwood Cases, #2) dac82a80c5de6 A Troubled Detective Learns That The Fires Of The Past Are Still Burning In This Haunting, Emotional ThrillerWhen Detective Claire Calderwood Is Called To A Grisly Murder Scene, She S Haunted By Memories Of Her Murdered Sister The Victim Is Tied To A Motel Bed, Her Head Covered In Plastic And Her Body Sprinkled With Ashes Claire S Dealt With Vile Crime Scenes Before, But This One Strikes Close To HomeClaire S Boyfriend, Reporter Noah Washington, Once Helped Find Her Sister S Killer, But Now He S A Distraction To This New Investigation She Wants To Help Him Resolve The Mysteries Of His Past, But Noah Has Been Distant, And Claire Knows He S Keeping Something From HerWhen Another Girl Is Murdered Like The First, Claire Suspects The Work Of A Serial Killer As The Case Heats Up And Evidence Mounts, She Finds Herself In Profound Danger Claire S Been Burned Before Now She Must Decide If She Can Trust Noah To Help Her Solve The Case And Uncover The Truth That Lies Beneath The Ashes

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    I read an early version of this and loved Claire s progression She takes on another grisly case and struggles with her relationship with Noah Dea writes with grit and depth that make her characters real.

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    A good murder who done it book Page turner, lots of suspense and twists as Detective Claire Calderwood is assigned to the case Is it a Serial killer This book is part of the Calderwood case series , I didn t know that when I started off and I discovered they can be read as a stand alone.The character of Claire strong female detective is going to solve the crime, no matter what Small impact from her boyfriend Noah who is involved in solving the case I will look forward to reading book three 3.5 stars Thank you to the publisher and author I received an advanced reading copy in return for an honest review.

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    Fresh off the investigation into her sister s death, detective Claire Calderwood is called to investigate a murder in a nearby community A girl s body has been found tied to the bed of a hotel room, covered in ashes Without witnesses, and with few clues, Claire must figure out who killed this girl while dealing with her own memories and the realization that her boyfriend, Noah, has been keeping secrets about his own past And then another girl is found, and another Now, faced with a serial killer, Claire has to find out how the three girls, text messages from a burner cell phone, and GPS coordinates tie them all together while under pressure from the local police and a very irate hospital CEO to find the killer.In her follow up to Next Girl to Die, author Dea Poirier has expertly crafted another thrilling who done it The story line is fast paced and with just as much intensity as book one Claire is someone you can just identify with, she isn t perfect, but she s exactly the person her past has molded her into While characters in some books seem to act just to advance the plot line, Claire is consistent and genuine Poirier has also done an amazing job of bringing the details of Maine to life so that the setting acts as another character, helping to bring a stark, harsh richness to an already chilling story The crime and resolution is just as satisfying as I d hoped no spoilers from me Beneath the Ashes The Calderwood Cases 2 will be released November 19, 2019 I received an ARC of Beneath the Ashes from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Beneath the Ashes by Dea Poirier is a who done it mystery thriller with a couple of intriguing twists throughout the book This book also captures police procedure and has the reader follow through as the case unfolds While the book itself isn t overly complicated with the who done it , it isn t a super easy conclusion either I enjoyed trying to figure it out as everything unfolded The characters are one of my favorite parts of this book Poirier has added just the right amount of supporting characters to really make things interesting She has given the supporting characters just enough details and intrigue that keeps me wanting to know As in her previous story, Detective Calderwood continues to be a strong female detective who is determined to solve the case Noah, Claire s significant other is given back story and plays a part in helping to solve the current case There is also some tension that arises which adds to the intrigue Poirier gives Roxie, Claire s best friend and former partner a staring role that sets the future for additional Calderwood cases and plot development.I would have to say that the biggest downside to this book is the who done it character seemed to not be as developed as I felt they should have been which makes me wonder if originally the bad guy was going to be someone else.I look forward to continuing the Calderwood cases Thank you to the publisher as I received an advanced reading copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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    Beneath the Ashes is the second in Poirier s Calderwood series Detective Claire Calderwood is investigate a murder in a nearby community across the island where she lives When a girl s body is discovered tied to the bed of a hotel room and covered with ashes from an ash can There are no witnesses and the efficacy of the few clues has been diluted with DNA from multiple cigarettes Claire must handle her past the death of her sister while figuring out who killed this girl When another girl is found, Claire is faced tracking down one very smart serial killer.The pacing of the novel is fast and intense enough that I read it in one sitting The police procedural aspect seems accurate Claire is tough enough to be a cop, but with enough flaws to be human Though this is the second in the series and I hadn t read 1 Next Girl to Die , I was able to read Beneath the Ashes without difficulty My only complaint was that Noah, Claire s boyfriend, isn t well realized, but that may be because he was well delineated in book one The New England winter is almost a character in itself This book might do well read in conjunction with The Winter Sister by Megan Collins Both books deal with the loss of a sister via murder, but the The Winter Sister is told from the POV of a civilian while Beneath the Ashes is told from the police POV.

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    When girls are murdered in this small town community Claire is called to duty as a lead detective Each girls death is a reminder of her sister s murder Claire is determined and dedicated to this case It s personal on a level that only Claire and Noah understand Overall I enjoyed following Claire around this small town interviewing individuals As a seasoned homicide detective Claire is well respected These books are part of the Calderwood Cases series, yet they can be read as a stand alone I sensed that this was an extension from another book with a few references mentioned about her sister and Noah I thought the killer was careless with his actions making it too easy for Claire to piece together this crime I m not sure Claire would ve succeeded had the killer not been so impatient with his eagerness to kill Dea is a tease giving you just enough information to bait the reader In romance books this is referred to as angst building Not sure what to reference it in a homicide case I like how vulnerable and uncertain Claire is in her relationship with Noah, yet assertive and certain in her position as a homicide detective.

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    This is the second book in the Calderwood Cases series and can be read as a stand alone Dea Poirier has crafted a detailed novel in which she artistically utilizes the harshness of Maine winter as part of the story s dark underpinning Poirier s plot moves at a steady pace with limited foreshadowing, giving the reader a heighten sense of trepidation throughout the story Characterization is strong, making Claire s internal and external conflicts relatable and her character s attributes really stand out While the first book highlighted who Detective Claire Calderwood was and defined her background, this story gives the reader a glimpse of what it s like for her to just exist in the aftermath Fabulous read 5 stars.Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC, which I read and reviewed voluntarily All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Beneath the Ashes picks up where the previous book ended with Clair getting a call from across the bay to assist the Camden Police Department with a murder of a young woman With Clair s experience as a homicide detective she is put in charge of the investigation along with being assigned a wet behind the ears female partner Their investigation into the one murder slowly reveals that this isn t the first for this killer Clair is still struggling with the death of her sister and with her new relationship with Noah Washington, the reporter that help her find her sister killer in the first book They both have demons from the past that haunt them today and it turns out that Clair s current case may have ties to a unsolved murder from Noah s past.

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    I read the first book in this series and loved it and was so excited to see a sequel Unfortunately the second book was not as good as the first I like the characters Claire and Noah but the story line for this book was honestly boring I really didn t get into this book till I was almost in the middle of the book I hate giving bad reviews but I really prefer a book that keeps me reading into the night If the author does write another book I will watch for it because the first book in this series was great and the writing is good So crossing my fingers the next book is just as great as the first

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    Beneath the Ashes, the latest novel by Dea Poirier and it is a masterfully written novel of suspense and intrigue Tracking a serial killer is a difficult job for a local detective, and it is extremely difficult in a small community where everyone seems to know something or someone related to the murders of young women Ms Poirier has a rare talent that allows the reader to be mystified until the very end I was given an advanced copy of this book, and all of the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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