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    In which Nigella wraps her mouth hole around the impossible task of cooking everything that begins with an F in a demented Scrabble instruction manual.Her Furby recipe is to die for, but her attempt to BBQ the cast of Friends leads to multiple lawsuits It s a frankly filthy first hand account of her failure to firmly grasp reality.

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    Just in time for Christmas, Nigella Lawson has brought us a wonderful Christmas gift in her new cookbook Nigella Christmas First I have to say this is a beautiful book The photography is absolutely amazing To tell you the truth I could just look at the pictures over and over again and be happy They are bright and vibrant and there are so many of them and of all kinds of things, not only food She has pictures of her table, of gifts, of herself and her kids and a lot of other little things There is also a green ribbon marker to bookmark your place which I think is another really special touch.Nigella is another favorite of mine I find her to have a real personality when I watch her on tv In other words, I don t feel she is acting her way through I love how easy she seems in the kitchen and how un fussy she is about things I get a huge kick out of her night time visits to the fridge for a snack This cookbook certainly hasn t disappointed me As I said the pictures alone are amazing but the recipes are great too Granted, most of this food is very holiday ish and if you are anything like me and ate this rich food everyday, the hips would be continuing their outward journey Really though, the majority of these recipes can be made at any time of the year, not just Christmas and any recipe can be altered with lower fat ingredients if you wish This, however, is a Christmas cookbook and the season itself calls for indulgences In the middle of the book she has a huge Main Event section that deals only with the Christmas meal There is even a schedule on how she handles Christmas Eve and Day and also alternatives to the traditional turkey if you re looking for that.This cookbook reads like a novel She has a great intro where she tells us of her own thoughts on the Christmas season and each recipe has a short section telling us about it which is really interesting The book is in sections such as cocktails canapes, stress free suppers to help before the Main Event hits , baking, and one of my favorites edible gifts It s always nice to receive a nice jar of vanilla sugar or a chutney wrapped up beautifully as a gift All the recipes have make ahead tips and others with tips for freezing so if you were really organized you could really get yourself prepared early for Christmas and really be stress free which is Nigella s goal throughout this book I really love this cookbook and it would make such a great Christmas gift for the cook or aspiring cook on your list It s a beautiful book, full of great recipes to really get you into the Christmas spirit this year and every year This book was released by Random House on November 11.

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    A perfect addition to my book shelf, some truly indulgent and easy recipes to help make Christmas that tad bit exciting the pictures are stunning and add a dimensions to this book lacking in here first few.i loved her writing about the real pagan traditions that have been over looked at Christmas , the way its been turned into a holiday of ridiculous glittering lights and spending far to much on useless presents.Her writing in whimsical but so very true, the traditions are inspirational so as to keep Christmas as a time for family and a little bit of Some of the pages were indulgent in pagan beliefs which was nice to see instead of tacky words about father Christmas, wrapping paper and all the other junk we try to fill Christmas with all in all a must by for anyone who like traditional cooking and a traditional way of thinking.

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    I m a whore for Nigella and own all her books this one, however, was a bit of a disappointment in that I already own all her books This is a collection of previously published recipes, which, on its own, makes a very worthwhile addition to a collection that is Nigella less Or for someone like me who just wanted it for the collection It s a very pretty book, with lush photos throughout but I wouldn t run over a basket of kittens for it.

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    Although i m vegetarian, I still love Nigella.

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    A coffee table volume to dream over, and maybe cook from.I say maybe not because the recipes inside aren t wonderful They are Every last thing in this book looks tasty and worth making, even if you re not normally adventurous in the kitchen However, the ingredients are hard to get, and spendy to boot, so unless you re the kind of person who just regularly puts edible gold dust on cookies, or actually owns a fir tree Bundt pan or is willing and able to shell out for one , this is going to be a fun fantasy read and not an actual cookbook.Which is fine It s good to have dreams Everybody who celebrates Christmas has an idealized picture in their head of what it should look like, and Nigella s set of holiday fantasies is so cozy, it hurts Cocktails, appetizers, gorgeous complete feasts, desserts, a Christmas brunch this is glorious excess at its best, lovingly illustrated with gorgeous photographs The most accessible chapter is the one on homemade food gifts, because most people with even a modicum of kitchen confidence could easily make them Everything else, however, is pretty much a dare out Christmas me, you bloody Yankees Go on and try A warning to sober folks there s a LOT of booze in this cookbook, and I m not even talking about the drinks section because it has plenty of mocktails for you No, just about every last recipe in this book requires adding some sort of alcohol, so if you re one of those people who won t even cook with liquor, you re SOL I know, there are substitutions, but what a pain in the ass, especially since Lawson doesn t provide alternatives you have to be one of those people who already knows what to swap out for vodka or vermouth To sum up, if you re REALLY determined to stress yourself out and have THE most lavish Christmas ever, not just once, but EVERY FREAKING YEAR, you should buy this cookbook and may the gods have mercy on your soul Everybody else should just go to the library, check this out, and spend a pleasant afternoon preferably one in July drooling and dreaming Lawson s accompanying essays are quite charming This is an essential purchase for all cookery collections in communities where Christmas is celebrated.

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    Obviously I love it I have no time for anyone who disagrees There is plenty to inspire in the kitchen, but Nigella s writing chops she is unafraid of alliteration and loves a good pun are readily on display in this book A few favourite phrases include suitably quaffable , kybosed , clipboard briskness , carp at your canap s , prodigious pavlova , and Not just recipes for the big day, these are recipes for the season Quite frankly, it is the book you could easily call upon any time of year when you re cooking for a crowd small or large I mean lamb tagine and maple cheesecake don t scream Christmas, but they are plentiful and welcoming which is really what you need in any dinner for many circumstances A distinctly Northern Hemisphere abounds however there is plenty to adapt to warmer climes try the canap section, cocktails by the jug full, desserts and baking, edible gifts and showstopper centrepiece roasts including ham times two Classic Nigella practicality takes centre stage, but don t kid yourself this is the domain of someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen It s Christmas, it s Nigella, it s perfect As is the Christmas tree bundt tin I am now DESPERATE for.

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    Wie Nigella Lawson, de queen bee van de Britse tv koks Wat Tijd om het elf maanden oude stof van je rendierdiadeem te blazen Nigella s kerst barst van de tips voor een kerstdis op z n Brits Waarom Maak de weg vrij voor Nigelliaanse porties gedroogd fruit, kaneel en kalkoen Als Nigella kookt, is alles vol van de melk tot en met de goesting waarmee ze aan het fornuis staat Haar tv programma s krijgen steevast het etiket culinaire pornografie Zwoel kijken en lippen tuiten kan ze als de beste Maar wie of wat probeert ze te verleiden Mijn gok niet de kijker, maar de ingredi nten Nigella wordt lyrisch van een geslaagde stoofpot of taart Klinkt dat herkenbaar Laten we eerlijk zijn koken is leuk, eten is beter En dat heeft Nigella als geen ander begrepen In haar kookboeken vind je hartige recepten, mooie plaatjes en verrukkelijke bindteksten Tijdens het koken lijkt het of je gezellig met Nigella een praatje aan het maken bent Voor je het weet sta je te knipogen naar de klomp boter in je pan Mijn 3 favoriete recepten Visgratin met peterselieTiramisutaartCubaanse kuursoep van zwarte bonen

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    This was a shelving checkout at the library I enjoyed it quite a bit, as I am getting in the mood for the Yule season Our family doesn t really celebrate the faux before the slaughter holiday that is known as Thanksgiving I like the idea of our family being together and celebrating being grateful and being under the same roof but that can be at any time Anywho, I digress I like the layout and the recipes although I have yet to try any Got sick right before I was going to make the gingerbread As it was for mass consumption at the library, I decided to forgo infecting my friends with consumption Actually hoof and mouth After reading other reviews, I have requested it again because I did not read the text as well as I should have And on layout, pics of food, five stars Pics of people I include pets in this category , children and that adorable dog, way less of Nigella looking oh so festive in red, please.

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    Just what I needed to read Nigella is perfect for the holidays No one else is so unapologetic in their indulgence Her decidedly British vocabulary makes me wonder why Americans so rarely describe the taste of anything as gorgeous With treats like Sticky Gingerbread, Panettone Pudding, and Christmas Chocolate Cookies, you may be tempted to dive right into the sweets and ignore the other side of Christmas dinner Nigella will bring you around With recipes for classics like Chestnut Stuffing, and Perfect Roast Potatoes you might think this is a nod to the Spirit of Christmas Past, but Nigella gives things her own unique twist with Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Lasagna, Fully Loaded Potato Skins, and Roast Squash and Sweet Potato Soup with Buttermilk Blue Cheese Swirl Nigella covers everything from cocktails to homemade food gifts Everything you might need is in one book

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Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities download Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities, read online Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities, kindle ebook Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities, Nigella Christmas: Food, Family, Friends, Festivities 9d67eda60bcd Nigella Christmas Comprises Reliable, Practical, Easy To Follow Recipes And Reassuring Advice About Planning And Cooking Ahead, Presented In A Gorgeous Glittering Package Which Will Make This The Ultimate Gift To Yourself And For Family And FriendsIllustrated With OverFabulous Full Colour Photographs By Lis Parsons Photographer Of The Bestselling Nigella Express , Including Method Photos And Lavish Spreads, Nigella Christmas Is In A New, Larger And Irresistible Format It Includes Everything From Scrumptious Christmas Cakes And Puddings, To Quick And Easy Homemade Presents Biscuits, Preserves And Other Standbys And Edible Tree Decorations, Recipes For Feeding Friends And Family Over The Holiday Season With Minimum Stress And Maximum Enjoyment Cook And Freeze Ahead Or Slow Cook In The Oven , As Well As Christmas Party Food And Drinks And, Of Course, Exciting And Inspiring Variations For The Main Event Itself From Traditional Super Juicy Turkey, Festive Ginger Baked Ham, Special Trimmings And The Ultimate Christmas Pud, All The Way To The Special Vegetarian Christmas Feast, By Way Of Goose Or Pork And Cranberry Options And A Prodigious PavlovaHer Cakes, As Always, Gladden The Heart, And Her At A Glance Christmas Dinner Countdown Helps Take The Stress And Strain Out Of The Big Day Itself Nigella Christmas Will Surely Be A Perennial Favourite, The Book We Will All Reach For For Inspiration And Reassurance As Soon As The Christmas Lights Start Going Up