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Kirkland Revels pdf Kirkland Revels, ebook Kirkland Revels, epub Kirkland Revels, doc Kirkland Revels, e-pub Kirkland Revels, Kirkland Revels 586e17e4b94 Kirkland Revels Loomed High Above The Wild And Eerie Yorkshire Moors Like A Brooding Stone Fortress To Some There Was An Atmosphere Of Evil About The Place, But To Innocent Young Bride Catherine Rockwell, The Mansion Seemed Magnificently Romantic She Did Not Know Then Of The Terrible Secrets Imprisoned Behind Its Massive Walls Or That At The Moment She Had Entered Her New Home, She Had Crossed The Threshold Of Terror

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    Three and a half starsAfter my last harrowing read, I needed something light I went back to a book that I last read and loved as a teenager Back then Victoria Holt was one of my favourite authors The story is told from the point of view of nineteen year old Catherine Corder After coming home from finishing school Catherine meets Gabriel while out riding She also finds a mistreated dog which Gabriel helps her rescue She calls him Friday For her they are irrevocably linked as the first sentence of the book tells us Catherine s life starts to change when she marries Gabriel and he takes her to his estate Kirkland Revels Matthew Gabriel s father and his Aunt Sarah welcome Catherine But not everyone is happy about the new bride Death and mysterious happenings occur that leave Catherine frightened, questioning her sanity and wondering who she can trust While I picked early on who was behind many of the strange scare tactics, it didn t impinge on me continuing to read This is an atmospheric gothic romance Not something that requires lots of deep thought but entertaining enough for a holiday read Perhaps I wasn t quite as enamoured as I was when I was a teenager but I still enjoyed it It s made me nostalgic to go back and read some other books from younger days A three star read but an extra half star for nostalgia s sake.

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    Fun dive back into my teenage reading habits with this classic Victoria Holt.I used to devour Holt, and still have several in storage This one I bought at a used book sale at my local library.Every Holt book follows a predictable plotline and has interchangable heros, heroines and villians I say that like it s a bad thing, but truthfully it s comforting to snuggle up with a Holt book and be charmed by the fiesty, plain heroine and her verbal duels with the attractive, always amused hero.Good literary comfort snack food.

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    3.5Holt did not disappoint with her cast of colorful characters and a mystery that kept me guessing The first half was a little drab for me but by the second half I was rapt The twists and turns toward the end were delightful Honestly I don t care whether I have figured out who the culprit is in these novels or not So many reviewers seem to be bothered by that It s the journey that matters The atmosphere that is created, the vividly real characters, the angst all served up in engaging style by Holt.

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    I keep losing my reviews You d think I d learn to copy first before I hit save So, substitute review until I can get back and rewrite it Terrific book I m two for two for this author so far Flat out keep me in suspense until the very last minute Definitely would recommend it.

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    What an entertaining book Why can t they ALL be this good If you only read 100 books this year, make sure 99 of them are by Victoria Holt Just kidding Actually, some of her titles are filled with too much filler , but not this one This one comes out punching pretty quickly, and doesn t let up for an instant.One of the most entertaining books I ve EVER read.

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    I think this was her first novel and it sets the scene for all of the Victoria Holt genre, as in gothic mystery romance Lonely young woman finds herself in a strange situation where her life is under threat from a mystery person They are highly entertaining, easy reads, great when you don t want to be weighted down by some great masterpiece

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    KIRKLAND REVELS Gothic Suspense England 1800s G Holt, Victoria 2nd bookFawcett Crest, 1962 US PaperbackFirst Sentence I met Gabriel and Friday on the same day, and, strangely enough I lost them together so that thereafter, I was never able to think of one without the other Catherine Corder marries Gabriel Rockwell out of affection and to escape an unaffectionate father than out of real love Shortly after returning to Gabriel s home of Kirkland Revels and being introduced to Gabriel s family, one of whom think she is a fortune hunter, Gabriel dies of apparent suicide Cathy finds she is pregnant and she is being terrorized by a vanishing monk, things disappearing and being made to question her sanity It was fun to read this again after probably almost 40 years I was amazed how much I still enjoyed it It is a classic gothic suspense with the gutsy female protagonist, a large, brooding building, an undefined threat to her life, sanity and or child, and a romantic interest to support her I really enjoyed it.

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    I consider this the sunniest of Victoria Holt s beautiful gothic romances Pure pleasure in reading this Evokes the beauty of the English countryside

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    One of Holts shorter stories I just love a good Gothic romance murder mystery She had me second guessing the villain to the end Victoria Holt paints a pretty picture of the landscape and buildings I never tire of reading her work even though the plot is generally very similar I find that the characters have such life to them, that even though they are not central to the love story line, I read for the pleasure of getting to know them.

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    Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that s exactly what you need I ve read a loooot of her books when I was 14 15 years old..that was the last time I ve read them I absolutely loved them at the time I m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

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