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10 thoughts on “If You Give a Pig the White House

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    A childs book designed as a parody on the President of the United States Truly, Leftist have gone to a level of diseased and ineptitude that now uses a childs book to defame a President over whomthe have so much disdain Apparently, News Media and constant bias arent enough but they must now work at toddlers and children to disparage the Presidency they didnt get Barnes and Noble, Macmillan Publishing, Target have now joined in the myriad of tabloid magazines to lower themselves into the feces of published Leftist politic Congratulations, you ve become the garbage.

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    This facetious satire of one of the world s best known men and one of the toughest jobs out there delivers a funny parody making light of our current president s most conspicuous traits as well as his most momentous and noteworthy gaffes The short story is buoyed by the clever illustrations and all together makes for a humorous read Worth a read no matter which side of the political fence you stand on because let s face it, we all make mistakes and laughing at someone else s faults makes our own imperfections a little less glaring and a lot tolerable.

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    I read this at the bookstore in about four minutes, and correctly guessed it was written by a female A bitter, misinformed, and angry one at that Not one thing is truthful in this short illustrated book, save for the fact the White House exists Great humor and parody is rooted in truth Miss Knouse s trajectory is way off and misses the mark Don t waste your time is my recommendation.

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    I think your book , and I use that term loosely, is disgusting and pathetic You should be ashamed of yourself for writing such trash and the worst part is that you have aimed it at children You certainly have a right to your opinion, but writing a childrens book displaying such disrespect for the highest office in our country is pathetic and it tells me a lot about who you are I didn t like Obummer but I put up with him for 8 years and never disrespected the office.

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    Freedom of speech is one thing but any business supporting or making money off of this should be boycotted It is the psychotic left that is not only angry misinformed, but it is indoctrination and has to stop I will be sure to look up where this will be sold and let all the 70 million known Trump supporters know to boycott You don t have to like or vote for President Trump, but it seems the biggest thing the left does to weaken this country, is teaching children not to respect our country s leader TDS is real and should be treated, not used for sick leftist agendas

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    This is amazing and soooo spot on The mindless Trump supporters don t get that it s a parody book for adults Talk about snowflakes

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    I don t even have to write a review and it s hilarious and pretty much all true I see how all the Reps chime in in his defense trying to say that this is bitter and awful and all kinds of crap but can t see all the lies, treason, corruption and a multitude of other wrongs against my country and my fellow Americans at all Oh, this book is way worse Whatever, get over it Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom, freedom, freedom I suppose if he can commit all those atrocities then someone can publish a book about it.

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    This book is horrible and any idiot that actually tries to brainwash their own child with this garbage should be ashamed of themselves Let the children develop their own opinion They get enough brainwashing in schools from teachers And this publishing company says its respected You don t even know what the word means This is a Brit attacking OUR country Well Brit, Brexit America, you are not welcome here.

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    ZERO stars or anything else What a disgraceful attempt to brainwash children Join your socialist democrat shameless fools and burn your book on the violent crime ridden streets of Chicago, Philadelphia, Balti, Pittsburgh and everywhere else these people lurk Dems have so much to be ashamed of One example.

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    Indoctrination I wonder what the response would have been if this kind of garbage was published in say, 2008 2016 There would have been outrage along with the familiar cries of racist by the left I ve got news fir you, like it or not, President Trump is, and will continue to be, your President Trump2020

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