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Le Menagier de Paris files Le Menagier de Paris, read online Le Menagier de Paris, free Le Menagier de Paris, free Le Menagier de Paris, Le Menagier de Paris 40a37ad6c In The Closing Years Of The Fourteenth Century, An Anonymous French Writer Compiled A Book Addressed To A Fifteen Year Old Bride, Narrated In The Voice Of Her Husband, A Wealthy, Aging Parisian The Book Was Designed To Teach This Young Wife The Moral Attributes, Duties, And Conduct Befitting A Woman Of Her Station In Society, In The Almost Certain Event Of Her Widowhood And Subsequent Remarriage The Work Also Provides A Rich Assembly Of Practical Materials For The Wife S Use And For Her Household, Including Treatises On Gardening And Shopping, Tips On Choosing Servants, Directions On The Medical Care Of Horses And The Training Of Hawks, Plus Menus For Elaborate Feasts, And ThanRecipesThe Good Wife S Guide Is The First Complete Modern English Translation Of This Important Medieval Text Also Known As Le M Nagier De Paris The Parisian Household Book , A Work Long Recognized For Its Unique Insights Into The Domestic Life Of The Bourgeoisie During The Later Middle Ages The Good Wife S Guide, Expertly Rendered Into Modern English By Gina L Greco And Christine M Rose, Is Accompanied By An Informative Critical Introduction Setting The Work In Its Proper Medieval Context As A Conduct Manual This Edition Presents The Book In Its Entirety, As It Must Have Existed For Its Earliest ReadersThe Guide Is Now A Treasure For The Classroom, Appealing To Anyone Studying Medieval Literature Or History Or Considering The Complex Lives Of Medieval Women It Illuminates The Milieu And Composition Process Of Medieval Authors And Will In Turn Fascinate Cooking Or Horticulture Enthusiasts The Work Illustrates How A Perhaps Fictional Parisian Householder Of The Late Fourteenth Century Might Well Have Trained His Wife So That Her Behavior Could Reflect Honorably On Him And Enhance His Reputation

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    Interesting 14th century household book written by an old man age unknown for his teenage bride He knows a lot about gardening, cookery and the price of everything.Don t think I d make a good medieval wife I am disobedient, have hair like a lion yes , I walk in a mannish fashion i.e with my eyes facing forward, not down , I m prone to ribald talk and drunken behaviour, and I often eat before terce.

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    This is one English translation of Le m nagier de Paris, a household manual supposedly written in the fourteenth century by an aging knight for his fifteen year old wife It includes numerous recipes but also all manner of advice and insight into the life especially in Paris of the time Some readers may just want to read through the menus provided for different meals, or the instructions for organizing two weddings Overall, for anyone with an interest in medieval Paris, there are endless riches here.

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    The vagaries of history are often quite interesting That it has given us two home economics books separated by over two thousand years is even delightful Hesiod s Works and Days of the 700s BCE is quite simply one of the first complete and personal works of Western civilization While The Goodman of Paris from 1393 is of unknown authorship, it is even beautifully personal Both books are guides to the proper maintenance of the homestead Hesiod s writes from the perspective of the landed peasant emerging from the Grecian Dark Ages and aims directly to the heart of the struggle for survival in a changing world The object of his pontification is his never do well brother who has managed to mismanage his land inheritance from his father s estate Hesiod s home is also his agricultural estate and his only domestic means of survival He is a frugal, gods fearing, and pragmatic farmer with little regard or need for the sins of the city But Hesiod is not a naive bumpkin in times of need his has left his small village for the greater world in search of monies through the toil at oars of commerce and warfare The Goodman of Paris on the other hand is a man of substance, an haute bourgeoisie in the capital of Medieval France balanced between High Gothic and the Black Death and social instability His focus is directing his new and young wife in how to manage her domestic duties efficiently and effectively Unlike Hesiod, his approach is not confrontational but loving There is an overlying tenderness that is refreshing in our era of nuclear exploding families and much wisdom to be considered for our own domestic tranquility.For anyone who wants to enter the world of the past both these works are as close as one can get You will be enveloped in the thoughts and feelings of the men of these eras and discover how little in some ways the nature of man has changed despite the technologies surrounding us.

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    I had thought this book would be something else I was expecting of a lighthearted explanation to a new bride of the middle ages Instead it was a in depth and serious detailed account of how the bride should act, with many bible stories as illustrations of the behavior Not really for me, really for a person studying this time period or maybe women s roles throughout the ages something like that.

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    This book has 2 authors the listing only mentions one Christine M Rose is co author Fascinating glimpse into 14th century rules for female behavior and male dominance , whether this is history or fiction.

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    French Domestroy with receipes.

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