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Something About Hensley's quotes Something About Hensley's, litcharts Something About Hensley's, symbolism Something About Hensley's, summary shmoop Something About Hensley's, Something About Hensley's ccbe8e7d There S Something About Hensley S No Matter What You Need, That General Store Is Sure To Have It It S Almost Magical The Way The Manager, Old John, Seems To Know What The Townsfolk Need Before They Do But Then A New Family Moves To Town The Youngest Child, Molly, Has Asthma But Her Mother Doesn T Have Money To Treat Her, Or For Anything Else But Leave It To Old John To Find A Way To Use Hensley S To Give The Family Exactly What It Needs, Even If It Can T Be Boxed Or Bagged A True And Truly Moving Story About An Unforgettable General Store And About The Extraordinary Power One Person S Acts Of Kindness Can Have On Another About The Author Patricia Polacco Lives In Union City, Michigan

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    Whether it s possible that John Soncrant, who owns and operates Hensley s, could somehow know just what his patrons need is debatable But anyone who s patronized a general store like his the kind that used to be found in many rural outposts as well as in urban neighborhoods but seem to be fast disappearing has probably come to find that those general stores had just about everything In her usual inimitable style, this gifted storyteller provides several examples of Old John s ability to read his customers and figure out what they need In particular she focuses on three new residents who have recently moved to the area and are experiencing financial challenges Not only does Old John provide complimentary bags of candy, but he also trades fishing equipment for the older girl s medical care, helps their mother find a way to bring in extra income, and brings something in need of love into their lives By the time the story concluded, I was ready to believe that Old John could do anything and I wanted to visit his store Based on the actual store and storekeeper, this story just might make readers believe in a little magic as well as restoring their faith in humanity As usual, the artist uses pencils and markers to create her amazing illustrations that are filled with emotion and wonder as well as age spots and wrinkles Readers will want to check out the endpapers too since they feature Polacco herself interacting with Old John while walking her dogs.

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    I m a city person, but this is one of the few times I was drawn to a small community I did love the old general stores from some of the places I spent my childhood, although none was as magical as the Hensley s described in this book John Soncrant runs Hensley s and this book is rightly dedicated to him.I love how I can now always recognize this author s appearances in her illustrations, from all periods of her life It s fun to pick her out from amongst all the other people in the pictures Yes, I did cry, again If I was an actress and needed to cry for a scene, I d simply pull out one of Polacco s books and read a couple of pages.Old John is the heart of that store and he has a big heart Polacco recounts the story of how he goes way out of his way to help one girl who has asthma, her sister, and her mother, and even a cat I love the illustrations there were quite a few pages I viewed several times She really captures the goodness of this man And oh, did it ever make me want some penny candy Yes, this is an idealized version of this community, store, and man, I am sure, but it s inspiring and heartwarming if even a portion of it is the truth, and I believe that s the case.Old John, Hensley s, and most of the people characters in this book deserve a full five stars

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    This is a sweet story about a store that has anything and everything that the people in Union City need and a nice old man who finds a way to make things better for the folks who live there The story is magical and we really enjoyed it and the illustrations are very typical for Patricia Polacco s books But I have to admit that the entire time I read this story, I couldn t help but think of Needful Things by Stephen King shudder I won t say that the memory of that book ruined this story for me, but it certainly made me think of the tale in a different light Of course, I didn t share that with our girls In any case, we have really enjoyed reading Patricia Polacco s books and will look for that we haven t yet read at our local library.

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    While this was a nice story about the wonders to be found in a good old fashioned variety store, I just couldn t believe that he would have EVERYTHING that, by coincidence, everyone needed It reminded me, however, of Vidler s in East Aurora, NY, a store I love to browse in because you never know what you re going to find I can see how one might get the feeling that the store has everything in a place like that Anyway, I liked how he helped Mary and her daughters I sometimes wish that store owners would barter rather than take money When I got to the endpapers in the back, I knew Polacco had to have been writing from real life, and, sure enough, the dust jacket confirmed my suspicion Maybe a variety store in a small town could have everything

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    At Hensley s Store, everyone finds everything they need, even if they don t know that they need it When single mom, Mrs McCafferty and her two daughters, Kate and Molly move into town, it is evident they don t have a lot of money and are struggling But, at Hensley s they find that sometimes you don t need money to get what you re looking for Something About Hensley s brings us back down memory lane when neighbors really looked out for one another and lending a helping hand when one needed it most is worth everything.

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    I could certainly relate to this book quite a bit While not quite at the level of Hensley s, down the street from my mother s house is a small thrift store I sometimes walk in with something in mind, but other times no clue at all I never leave empty handed though I have found things for new sewing projects, like the perfect colored zipper, or beautiful fabric piece that matches my concept I have found sets to old things, like a power cord for an old radio Other times its nice to just walk in and have a chat with the store s owner and family Its a special thing to have and I m glad there s a book that shows that.

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    Patricia Polacco has a magic story telling gift Every my toughest students who don t seem to enjoy story time get drawn into her stories My students even gasped as the two girls were walking down the street and came across a kitten while having just what they needed to catch the kitten.I started off telling my class how my husband s family lives in a very small town and everyone loves to go to The Merc You find all sorts of cool things at The Merc.just like at Hensley s This is a historical fiction book The author says she is still loyal to Hensley s because of her great experiences there.

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    I have never read a Patricia Polacco book that I have not liked Something About Hensley s is a great story for both children and adults Not only is it a great book, but the illustrations are colorful and make the story come to life This is definitely a feel good kind of story that everyone should read.

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    Patricia Polacco not only illustrates all her books, but writes the stories from her own life s experiences This is a darling story about a general store owner, Mr Hensley, and the magic he brings into the lives of the people in his small town Mr Hensley indeed is a friend of Polacco s and owns a quaint general store near her home LOVE her books

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    This book would be a great read aloud for Elementary students Patricia Polacco s illustrations, as always, are a great addition to her stories Through the plot Patricia Polacco allows readers to see the power of kindness and positivity through all of life s hard times I really enjoyed this book and think readers of all ages could enjoy and appreciate it.

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