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A Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson files A Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson, read online A Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson, free A Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson, free A Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson, A Labor of Love: The Nineteen Forty-Six European Mission of Ezra Taft Benson 7d171dc8e In DecemberElder Ezra Taft Benson Of The Council Of The Twelve Was Called As President Of The European Mission, And The Following Month He Left For Europe In The Normal Course Of Things, That Assignment Would Not Have Been Viewed As Particularly Noteworthy But Conditions In Europe InWere Anything But Normal, And What Became Known As His Emergency Mission There Would Go Down In Church Annals As One Of The Most Distinctive, Demanding, Unusual Missions In This Dispensation President Benson Had Been Uniquely Prepared For This Mission He Brought To The Assignment Years Of Experience In Washington, D C Where He Had Worked At The Highest Levels Of Government He Had Excellent Organizational Skills And Stamina Exceeding That Of Many Men, Was A Prodigious Worker, And Possessed Deep Faith In The Overriding Power Of The Lord Jesus Christ President Benson Went To Europe, Leaving His Family Behind And For Eleven Months While, Under The Lord S Direction, He Performed Miracles In Behalf Of Saints An Ocean Away, Sister Benson Did The Same In Salt Lake City As She Kept Their Family Of Six Children On An Even Keel And Mustered The Energy And Time To Give Her Husband As Much Support As She Could From A Distance Though Separated By Many Miles, Their Relationship Sustained Each Other The Bensons Letters To And From Each Other And Their Journal Entries, As Well As Other Official Accounts Of That Period, Tell The Story Of That Adventurous But Trying Year They Also Reveal The Depth Of Their Convictions To The Lord As Well As Their Devotion To Each Other In Microcosm, They Represent The Essence Of Ezra Taft And Flora Benson A Labor Of Love TheEuropean Mission Of Ezra Taft Benson Is A Story About Love The Love Of A Husband And Wife For The Lord And For Each Other, The Love Of The Saints For Their Brothers And Sisters An Ocean Away, The Love Of The Brethren For One Of Their Colleagues Away On A Demanding Assignment, And The Love Of The Lord For His People

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    I got this book a long time ago and I didn t read it because it looked boring I was about to donate it to the thrift store when I figured I should give it a chance first I am glad I did Elder Benson was called to go to Europe after WWII to look after the spiritual and physical needs of the European Church members, to reorganize the missions in Europe, and to prepare for full time missionaries to return to Europe It was a monumental task This book provides a first person account of Elder Benson s 11 month mission It is mostly his journal entries, with sections from Sister Benson s journal and their correspondence with each other I was astonished at the hardships that the Europeans were suffering still a year after the war ended People were still starving and dying of exposure because of lack of basic shelter and clothing Transportation and communication were a disaster But this book records the miracles that happened, both through the Lord opening doors and because members of the Church had already filled storehouses of food and clothing to send It is an important episode in Church history, and it is delightful to read about it in the Bensons own words Another selling point for the book is that it includes Sister Benson s perspective She was left with 4 kids still at home and had to deal with one getting seriously ill and then with her own health problems It is important to be able to see how much of a burden she bore by sacrificing her husband s presence to bless others across the world This book makes me grateful for the Bensons, the sacrifice of ordinary Church members, and the blessings of peace and prosperity, not to mention the Gospel of Jesus Christ The book concludes with a beautiful talk that Elder Benson gave in April 1947 general conference about his mission If a whole book is too long for you, read that.

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    Entries from Ezra Benson s journal during his ten months in 1946 meeting with the members of the church in war torn Europe Such an eye opening read to realize what horrific conditions so many Europeans lived under following the war In addition to meeting with the members and reorganizing their missions, Elder Benson was responsible for the distribution of tons of food and clothing the church was sending to Europe Very similar to the rescue of the Willie and Martin handcart companies as people in Europe were homeless and dying of starvation The USA government and European governments were in disbelief that the LDS church back in the USA had so many life saving goods all ready to be shipped to their members in Europe One of the reasons Elder Benson was chosen among the Twelve to spend almost a year in such a disrupted and difficult place was that he was younger than most of the other apostles and had the health to endure the rigors such a mission would require He left behind him a devoted wife and six children Portions of their letters back and forth during this time are included and are tender and sweet to read.

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    This reading was my farewell to arms, for this school year Made up entirely of diary entries, letters and mission reports My eyes were open to the destitution of the saints in Europe the greater success in missionary work during the war and the love ETBenson and his wife had for each other I liked it.

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    Fabulous book of the mission after WWII where Elder Ezra Taft Benson Bro Babel went in and met the needs there I remembered this book today, and want to find a copy for my kids to readand probably me again too

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    I thought this book was amazing, being able to see the hand of the Lord had with the people of Europe after WWII.I think of this book often and love to reread it every few years to keep myself in check.

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    This book described all kinds of awesome miracles that led to missionary work moving forward in Europe after World War II I liked that it included perspectives from Pres Benson and from his wife back home who he left for a year.

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    This book is so interesting, a first hand look at post wwII Europe I loved it though it was hard for me to get through, it s written as excerpts from letters so the flow is thrown off a lot I m glad I read it though.

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    Inspirational at points, really boring at points Overall, not the best book I have read by an Apostle, but I enjoyed it well enough.

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    Interesting, but not quite as captivating as I had hoped it would be.

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    Great Book

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