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    Note, April 16, 2016 I ve just edited this review to correct a factual error which I discovered had crept in due to my relative unfamiliarity with the series.I saw and liked the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which inspired the TV series of the same name and while I was never a hardcore fan of the series I don t watch enough TV to be a hardcore fan of anything , when it was syndicated in this area several years ago I used to watch scattered episodes whenever I could, and mostly liked what I saw So when I had a chance to pick up this spin off collection of short stories at a yard sale some years ago, I did Finding myself between novels recently, I picked it up as a fill in read, frankly not expecting a lot from it The quality of the stories was a pleasant surprise though in the four and 1 2 star range but I rounded up.My theory of the life cycle of TV programs, based on several examples, runs like this show starts with a good premise and good execution and gets loyal fans a few seasons in usually , the producers decide to forestall possible fan boredom by introducing increasingly far out over arching plot arcs that take the series away from its original basic concept as fan loyalty slips because they re no longer getting what originally attracted them , the producers apply and of the supposed corrective course and finally the series expires From what I could see, this happened with Buffy Fortunately for my reading enjoyment, these stories are set in the summer between the show s first and second seasons, picking up immediately after the finale which I actually never saw of Season 1, in which Buffy defeated and destroyed the Master Vampire, Johann Heinrich Nest but not before being herself clinically dead for a couple of minutes after he tried to drown her The five authors of the six stories Cameron Dokey contributed two are all series fans and all professional writers of genre, YA and spin off fiction Paul Ruditis, at the time, had the least writing experience, though his first novel was awaiting publication They were aware of each others work, and the stories fit into a framework, but are also basically self contained.The tone and content of the stories reflects that of the early series episodes, as I remember them, and the characters incarnate their TV counterparts very faithfully Two stories follow Buffy, spending the summer with her dad in L.A her parents are divorcing the other four follow Buffy s Watcher, Rupert Giles, his romantic interest Jenny Calendar, Angel, Willow and Xander as they hold the fort in Sunnydale Like the series, some of these stories have certain internal credibility problems a 16 year old Slayer mixing secret vampire fighting with high school is probably not a situation a real Watcher s Council fighting real vampires, if they existed, would accept Sunnydale has inconsistent characteristics of both a small town and a large metropolis, which sit uneasily with each other and don t make for the greatest verisimilitude and there are aspects of the plotting, especially in the last two stories, that don t stand examination very well But the stories all feature supernatural challenges and jeopardies with meaningful consequences, affecting characters that you care about and who have to reach inside themselves for the courage and strength to overcome in the situations their interpersonal dynamics are affecting and the evocative prose in some stories, notably Michelle West s Dust, can have unexpected emotional depth The book also offers at least one jaw dropping surprise, and some moments of real tension as well as a leaven of humor in places Dust is probably my favorite of the stories even though the dynamics of exactly how the underlying supernatural situation works are never really explained beyond its effectiveness as supernatural fiction, it gives a poignant look at the pains a culture of divorce can inflict on today s families A close second is No Place Like with its masterful use of actual Mexican folklore surrounding the Day of the Dead Nancy Holder s Absalom Rising evokes the darkest feeling of supernatural menace of any of the stories.In terms of texture explaining the web of relationships, describing the settings, and delineating the characters the writers here largely presuppose that the readers have watched Season 1 of the series and are fans they clearly assume the familiarity this group would already have However, those who just enjoy good supernatural short fiction, without really being familiar with the series, could still enjoy the collection on those terms But a knowledge of the series enhances the read It can also impart a bittersweet quality in places, knowing what became of certain characters and relationships For me as a librarian, I d have to say that seeing Giles front and center for a change in several stories was satisfying it s nice to see the inherently heroic qualities of librarians save the day

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    Two of these were terrible, two were ok, and the first one was good.Oh wait there were six.Three of these were terrible Anyway, the title of this says Volume 1 but they never made a Volume 2 so I guess that s all you need to know.

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    Review to come.

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    A lot of the hate this book is receiving seem to come from a desire of expectations and the product of reality No, this isn t an anthology of 6 fun short stories following a different character on the cover Instead, this is like 6 bonus episodes taking place between the first 2 seasons of the show.Unfortunately, the execution could be a lot better.The first story by Michelle West is absolutely brilliant and should be the prime example of how Buffy should work in prose On point dialogue, meaningful visual metaphors, and intertwining real life themes of growing up in this case, the aftermath of a parents divorce It s a shame this author didn t write a full Buffy novel, but I will definitely be checking out some of her original works.The second story by Nancy Holder, an acclaimed Buffy author but, seemingly, only when she pens with Christopher Golden , is easily the most forgettable story here The idea is interesting the disposing of the Master s bones from the season 1 finale , it solidifies the villain arc for this collection, but prose is rather bland Whereas Michelle West effectively utilizes metaphors, Nancy Holder does not.The third and fourth stories by Cameron Dokey have serious pacing issues When each story runs for roughly 42 pages, waiting until the 20th page for the plot to finally be introduced is a drag Though Dokey pushes the characters outside of the norm we see with the show s budget, it s all flat and meaningless for said characters This is also where the collection loses focus on the arc that West and Holder built.The fifth story by Yvonne Navarro would essentially be when the arc would pick back up and give the collection meaning Instead, it focuses on a comedic story that also waits until halfway to get the plot moving Easily the most pointless story here if having an arc was a focus.The sixth and final story by Paul Ruditis reads like a good Buffy episode Guessing from structure and attention to detail, it seems Ruditis has experience with writing mystery novels or shows It s a strong and solid story, but has nothing to do with the arc and doesn t quite fit as an ending to a collection of the editor s fault than Ruditis I m definitely interested in seeing work from him too.For those of you wondering, the first and fourth stories are Buffy centric and the rest follow Giles and Jenny with special guest appearances from Angel, Willow, and Xander R.I.P Cordelia fans Even principal Snyder makes an appearance here The first and last stories are definitely worth reading, but, overall, this collection is just okay.

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    DNF at around 75%This is a collection of short stories with chapters alternating between Buffy s POV and the POV of Giles Jenny Angel Willow and or Xander It is set straight after season 1 ends so where Buffy dies at the hands of the master and the book touches on her dealing with her short death while on holiday in LA with her Dad and the rest of the gang dealing with the shapeshifters and ghouls wrecking havoc in her absence back in Sunnydale I have tried desperately to get into these books as I adore the series and I thought these would be a nice way to reminiscence Maybe it was because this book read in part like really bad fan fic no Whedon magic here or whether it was because it was a collection of 6 different short stories so no real time to go into character storyline development or maybe it was because there were several different authors involved and some of the writing I liked the Giles Jenny one , but some of the other writing was to me pretty poor boring with the characters barely resembling their online persona All I know is I got to about 75% and thought I can not read another page of this as I have too many other books that I want to read For some one who is OCD about finishing every book she startsthat is saying a lot..

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    This is an entertaining collection of short stories that, as the title suggests, was supposed to show us what the Buffy Scooby Gang did during the Summer after the Master was eliminated There are six stories,and as the cover shows six characters, I assumed that each person would get one story.Not so In fact Cordelia gets nothing After Buffy goes to LA to stay with her Dad, a couple of the stories tied together, and than that stopped I think that this collection could have been handled in a better manner My two favorites involved Giles and Jenny, and were on the humorous side All in all, the stories were enjoyable, but the authors should have been better directed in the purpose of the total collection This explains why no editor is credited.

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    fail on all fronts.

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    This is a short story collection about the summer in between seasons 1 and 2 of Buffy During this summer according to the book Buffy went to Los Angeles with her dad for a few months while Angel, Jenny, Giles, Xander and Willow are left behind to keep Sunnydale safe The book benefits from having the framing device and all the stories take place in chronological order, although compared to the Tales of the Slayer short story collections, this book lacks a real stand out great story Here s what I thought of the individual stories Dust by Michelle West A story about Buffy spending the summer in LA with her dad and the aftermath of her own death and battle with the master Buffy also has visions of death for whomever she touches Not much holds up here continuity wise with the series relationship with dad, Master s resurrection, Joyce s future death and all the dream sequences sapped any urgency or threat of danger 2 out of 5.Absalom Rising by Nancy Holder Angel, Giles, Willow, Xander and Jenny Calendar try to figure out what to do with the Master s bones while the anointed one and new vampire Absalom try to recover them The bones story line ended up being resolved better in the show, and this installment at worst contradicts and at best doesn t really add anything to what s canon 3.5 5Looks Can Kill by Cameron Dokey Giles, Angel and Ms Calendar team up to thwart a shapeshifter This felt like a nice season one bad guy of the week episode 4 out of 5No Place Like By Cameron Dokey Buffy helps a fortune teller reunite with her dead daughter while setting a spirit to rest Definitely not as good as the ghost episode of Buffy and felt rushed in the final confrontation 3 out of 5Uncle Dead and the Fourth of July by Yvonne Navarro Giles, Jenny and Angel must deal with an army of zombies resurrected during a 4th of July parade With one episode of Buffy devoted to Zombies, plus another whole novelization this felt very unnecessary 2 out of 5The Show Must Go On by Paul Ruditis Xander and Willow are working on a traveling theater production when a series of theatrical themed murders occur Coincidence I think not Still this was the most fun entry in the book as the backstage murdering requires last minute improvisations by the stage crew 4.5 5

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    How I survived My Summer Vacation by Nancy Holder takes the reader into depth of every hard core Buffy Fan This story was based off of the imagination of this amazing author on what happens between season 1 and 2 of the hit TV series Buffy Summers is taking a break from all of the walking demons and vamps for a while to enjoy some sunny days with her father in LA But duty always calls for the scooby gang After the recent death of The Master , his followers and the anointed one have to figure out how to revive him with his bones The team must get to the bones first and bury it in sacred ground that burn the touch of a Vampire The vampire Angel is also trying to figure out if he should join the scoobies and decipher his feelings for the Slayer This story was immensely amazing and soothes any fans curiosity I wish however, that we got to see into Willow s perspective on the battle for bones and how it is dealing with spending summer without her best friend I think I enjoyed the part where Angel and Giles have an argument on whereabouts with Willow explaining both of their wrongness I suggest this to any Buffy Fan who wants to know about the fandom.

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How I Survived My Summer Vacation download How I Survived My Summer Vacation, read online How I Survived My Summer Vacation, kindle ebook How I Survived My Summer Vacation, How I Survived My Summer Vacation 338de757dfcf A Collection Of Short Stories Set During The Summer After Sopho Year At Sunnydale HighWhen Sopho Year Ended With Buffy S Defeat Just Barely Of The Master, She Headed Off To Spend The Summer With Her Father In LA The Theme Was RR, Parties, And An Occasional Shopping Spree But Things That Go Bump In The Night Don T Take Vacation So Buffy S Trying Desperately To Keep A Lid On Things In LA And To Keep Her Secret Identity From Her FatherMeanwhile, Back In Sunnydale, Trouble Keeps Popping Up In The Darnedest Places Giles Wants Willow And Xander To Have A Normal Summer, So He And Jenny Calendar, Whose Budding Romance Is Progressing To Full Bloom, Attempt To Stave Off The Forces Of Darkness Sans Slayer And Slayerettes And Angel, Grappling With Buffy S Brush With Death, Must Decide Does He Want To Be A Permanent Member Of The Scooby Gang Concerts Picnics The Resurrection Of An Ancient Monster Or Two Just Your Typical Fun In The Sun