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    This is a biography of Howard Thurman and his quest for an education Thurman grew up to become a preacher and spiritual leader who wrote many books and advocated for nonviolence and equality He advised many leaders of the civil rights movement, including Dr Martin Luther King Jr This book focuses on his life as a young man and his quest for an education Much like Booker T Washington, Thurman had to rely on hard work, persistence, and luck to realize his dream.Howard Thurman is not one of the well known names from the civil rights movement His inclusion in black history studies is important to show children a complete view of America.

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    Stephanie Rice READ 6252 Informational Picture BooksBook Title Howard Thurman s Great HopeAuthor Kai Jackson IssaShort Description of the Book Howard Thurman s Great Hope is a biography about the development and accomplishments of Reverend Howard Thurman, one of America s greatest preachers and spiritual leaders The story begins when Howard Thurman is a young boy living in segregated Daytona, Florida Thurman is a very dedicated and diligent student who continually strives to go to college and become an educated man like his father always told him he would be Howard was heavily impacted by Principal R H., who challenged Howard to push himself farther and to try and become a well rounded individual After graduating first in his class from high school Howard went on to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia The story ends with Howard successfully achieving his goal of graduating from college Historical Focus The book is a biography about the struggles and accomplishments of Howard Thurman Howard Thurman was an accomplished religious and spiritual leader as well as a notable writer and religious preacher In 1936 Thurman traveled in India and became the first African American man to meet with Mahatma Gandhi the reverend s meeting with Gandhi inspired him to spread the message of nonviolence, equality for all people and universal love Focus 1 Narrative Structure Howard Thurman s Great Hope is an inspirational tale that follows a narrative structure based on stories and quotes taken from the life of Howard Thurman The story starts in segregated Florida and as a result Howard Thurman had to overcome a large number of financial, social and political hurdles in order to go to graduate from high school and go to college Each page tells an actual tale about an event or person who had an impact on Howard Thurman s educational and spiritual journey For example, through the use of quotes and short anecdotes the audience learns that Howard Thurman was very influences by the words of his father as well as by his high school principal Mr R.H 2 Historical Significance Howard Thurman was born in 1899 when the United States was immensely dependent on segregation laws throughout the southern portion of the country Teachers and literary specialists could use the story about Howard Thurman s life when creating a lesson on the impact of segregation and the biases that existed against African Americans Howard Thurman s story can also be used to teach the immense impact of Gandhi and his nonviolence principles Howard Thurman s Great Hope can be used as a source of information for teacher students about how ideas and values of nonviolence and hope can be easily transplanted from one country to another TEACH CCSS Connection ELA Literacy RH.9 10.2 Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source.

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    Howard Thurman s Great Hope.5 points This biography is about Howard Thurman and how he wanted to go to school and get a good education He was an African American in 1914, and being an African American at that time was difficult because there was a lot of racism and education It was really hard to get into good schools because the people who were in charge of the schools wouldn t let black people in He works hard and gets straight A s so that he can get a scholarship to Florida Baptist Academy High School and he graduated first in his class Then he went to Morehouse College, a college that only took mostly white people He graduated first in his class He became a reverend and helped people learn to work together to achieve great things Through a formal analysis lens, the author is trying to get the point across that if you work hard, you will get somewhere in life It was like everyone else had a head start and he didn t because he was African American and so people didn t really think he could do it and a lot of people didn t give him any chance But he worked even harder than other people had to so he could overcome those barriers If I look through a transaction lens, I have a lot privileges than he did or that most African Americans had at that time I need to sort of take advantage of those privileges and work as hard as I can at everything I can.

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    This book is a marvelous tale of Howard Thurman s triumph in a segregated America Howard s high hopes and his family s continued encouragement to succeed and support in his endeavors teaches readers how it is possible to achieve greatness and overcome tragedy, difficulty, and unfavorable odds in the process Howard s own determination, enthusiasm, and hunger for knowledge help to foster those qualities in readers and help point out that, no matter the odds or the unlikelihood of something, it can still be possible.

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    I like the narrative presentation of this biography of Howard Thurman There is an appropriate amount of information for primary grade students This book is very uplifting for the time period A good pair with Alec s Primer by

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    Great book that shows racism in the South.

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Howard Thurman's Great Hope download Howard Thurman's Great Hope, read online Howard Thurman's Great Hope, kindle ebook Howard Thurman's Great Hope, Howard Thurman's Great Hope 97a351f02413 Born In Segregated Daytona, Florida, In , Howard Thurman Grew Up Dreaming Of A Better Life A Life Where His Mother And Grandmother Would Not Have To Cook And Clean For Other People A Life Where He Could Become A College Man, Honoring His Late Father S Wishes And His Own DreamsThrough Hard Work, Perseverance, And The Support Of Friends And Family, Young Howard Transcended The Limits On Negro Education In Daytona And Earned A Scholarship To An Out Of Town High School His Dream Did Not Come Easily And Was Nearly Lost, Until A Kind Act By A Stranger At A Railroad Station Aided Howard In A Time Of NeedA Moving Testament To The Bonds Of Community And The Power Of Faith, Howard Thurman S Great Hope Illuminates The Early Life Of The Man Who Became A Seminal Civil Rights Leader And An Inspiration To The Nat