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Aissur! The Dark Side of the Planet summary Aissur! The Dark Side of the Planet , series Aissur! The Dark Side of the Planet , book Aissur! The Dark Side of the Planet , pdf Aissur! The Dark Side of the Planet , Aissur! The Dark Side of the Planet fc2114ebeb One Knows One Has Come To Ultimate Truth When The Pain Of What One Knows Is Painful Then The Pain One Suffered To Come To That Truth Mr Kropik, President Of Aissur, Four Terms , Taken From The President S Quote Book, Fourth Ed The Stories In This Collection The Punishment Of Lev Mitronik The Punishment Palace Is Coming To Vova S Village, And The Boy Is Excited Because This Is The First Year He Will Be Able To Attend And Witness The Rehabilitation Of Some Of Aissur S Worst Criminals Rehabilitation Has Never Been So Fun And Entertaining Nicolas Soolik S Egg Pasha Goes Over To His Aunt S Ex Lover S Dacha To See Whether He Is Depressed Or Just Looking For Attention Pasha Hopes It S The Latter Why Else Would Nicolas Have An Atomic Bomb Under His Bed The Inspector Pasha Has A New Job Inspecting The Lines In Aissur, To Ensure They Move And Form Efficiently However, Drunk On So Much Power, Can Pasha Resist The Temptation To Abuse His Position The Sudden Repulsion Degree Pasha Is Considering A Career Change In The Hopes He Can Leave Aissur, But The Price He Has To Pay Might Cost Him An Arm And Leg Literally The Civic Obligations Of A Young Man Following In The Footsteps Of His Peers Pasha Is On Vacation When He Learns That He Has Been Selected For Government Duty To Observe A Subversive Without Training, Can Pasha Perform His Duties As Expected Or Will His Espionage Activities Be Discovered An Overdose Of Righteousness A Police Officer Is Prevented From Making Any Money One Saturday Evening When The Drunken Driver He Pulls Over Wishes To Do It By The Book

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