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MIA Rescue download MIA Rescue , read online MIA Rescue , kindle ebook MIA Rescue , MIA Rescue 2a0f384df61f This Is An Inspiring Story Of Courage And Sacrifice One Hell Of An Exciting True War Story Kenn Miller Author Of Tiger The Lurp DogOnJune , In Mondol Kiri Province, Cambodia, The Five Men Of Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol LRRP Team Were About To Halt For The Day Night Was Coming, The Skies Were Dark, And So Were The Men S Thoughts They D Just Found Freshly Dug NVA Bunkers Inside A Scrub Brush Tree Line And Their Position Was Not Secure As They Carefully Searched For Better Night Lager, They Learned The Hard Way That They Had Walked Into An Ambush Kill Zone NVA Fire Quickly Downed Two Men And Wounded Two Others In Minutes, Team Had Been Transformed From The Hunters To The Hunted They Had No Radio Comms With Their Headquarters And Had Just Two Rifles And Fifteen Magazines Of AmmunitionTwo Men Were Down, But The Team Was Not Out MIA RESCUE Is The Story Of Team And The Heroic And Ultimately Successful Attempts To Rescue Them Despite Extraordinarily Bad Weather And An Angry And Aware Enemy Seldom Can An Author Stimulate Emotions, From The Taste Of Fear To Sweaty Palms To The Feeling Of Relief When The Mission Is Over, But Jorgenson Does And Much If The Reader Was Never In Combat, He Will Feel Like A Nam Vet When He Finishes This Book Jerry Boyle Author Of Apache Sunrise