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The Pelican Fables pdf The Pelican Fables, ebook The Pelican Fables, epub The Pelican Fables, doc The Pelican Fables, e-pub The Pelican Fables, The Pelican Fables ec1044208d7 The Provocative Novel The Pelican Fables Is A Coming Of Age Story About A Young Man Who Learns To Confront His Sexuality In A Conservative All Boys Prep School Carter Moran Is A Handsome New Faculty Member At Melbourne Prep, The Melbourne Preparatory School For Boys After Obtaining His Master S Degree, Carter Has Accepted A One Year Teaching Position At Melbourne Before He Is To Begin A Fellowship At Harvard University But Amidst The Conservatively Charged Atmosphere Of The Melbourne School, Carter Begins To Come To Terms With His Sexual Identity An Awakening Made Difficult By The Close Relationship That Develops Between Carter And Adam Proffit, One Of The School S Most Promising Students Whom Carter Suspects May Be Secretly Attracted To Him While Carter Tries In Earnest To Keep His Relationship With Adam At Arm S Length, This Is Complicated By Adam S Increasingly Bold Advances Carter Is Torn Between Coming To Terms With Himself, Maintaining The Integrity Of The Teacher Student Relationship, And Fearing That He Will Either Lead Adam On Or Break His Heart In The Process After The Friendship That Develops Between Carter And Adam Crosses The Line, The Futures For Which They Have Worked So Hard Hang In The Balance As Their Fates Are Decided By A Less Than Understanding School Administration At A School That Prides Itself On Forging Great Leaders From The Young Men Who Go There, Carter And Adam Are Forced To Decide Who They Want To Become A Decision That Will Change Their Lives Forever

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    Yipes I read this book before anyone had reviewed it, and so went into it with only my love of boarding school stories I don t know why I like boarding school stuff so much, I certainly didn t attend one Didn t even live in the residences at university But still, it s one of my favourite settings so I bought this book as soon as I knew it existed The story is simple enough a confused prep school student develops an infatuation with his young, hot teacher Nothing much happens, though It s all very vanilla If I were unkind, I d say kind of boring Maybe that has something to do with the writing it s probably one of the most literally descriptive books I ve ever read But, like, not in a good way Every single detail and emotion and perception is painstakingly described in minute detail I m always a little offended by this because I feel like the author doesn t trust us to come to certain conclusions by ourselves In a word, it s artless Ultimately, the message about self acceptance and combating bigotry is important and can t be overstated But this book fell a little flat for me.

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    A nice story that fulfils so many gay men s fantasies of an all male prep school.

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