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    WowThis book was certainly food for thought As a believer that we should remain in the EU I fear that at some point this book will become reality because of the decisions made by leavers and our useless government The book was well written and I really enjoyed it I really liked how it ended

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    This book was written before the current chaos with the UK conservative government s attempt to get a Brexit deal Written with a slightly tongue in cheek perspective on what the potential downside risks of Brexit might be it now seems all too close to the truth If anything it might be understating the risks While Brexiteers continue to stick to their guns, this story tells how a young Scottish boy with autism might just have the approach needed to survive the calamities that may unfold on March 29, 2019 The Nostradamus like accuracy of the Brexit issues is uncanny and just a little scary but the resilience and character of the good folks in British society is also well portrayed.

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    The Boy Who Survived Brexit is such a pure and sweet story.Jason is an autistic boy living with his mother and older brother in Scotland To occupy his thoughts and worries about the upcoming Brexit, his mother introduced him to disaster prepping For a long while, Jason has been encouraging his family and others in their community to prepare for Brexit and what may or may not happen.On the evening of March 29, 2019, all cell phones and other media shut off Communication has been cut and no access in or out of Scotland is possible, people are starting to get in a panic But Jason and his family are prepared They have stocked enough dry food for themselves and their neighbor Mr Campbell.This little book is about the importance of family, community, and working together to survive As food stores lessen, Jason s family reaches out to their community People donate food for a soup everyday This allows at least one meal for the community Homeschool areas pop up, as well as community libraries Nothing is powerful for people helping people.And the preparedness of the community belongs to Jason Thanks to Jason, people were able to stock up on food, clothing, and survival gear to share with others during this time of need.The Boy Who Survived Brexit receives 4 stars.The day Jason was worried about is actually here It came quickly Now we wait and see what happens I received this book under a contract for review All opinions stated above are my own, honest opinions.

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    Great bit of historyI was not familiar with Brexit and this book sent me researching Loved hearing how communities came together It s scary how quickly things can turn sour when our normal line of supply is cut off.

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The Boy Who Survived Brexit download The Boy Who Survived Brexit , read online The Boy Who Survived Brexit , kindle ebook The Boy Who Survived Brexit , The Boy Who Survived Brexit 4ac9c8e1884c Single Mum Ginny Smith Has Been Trying For Months To Distract Her Year Old Son, Jason From His Brexit Obsession Even Though She Imposes Tight Parental Controls On Their Internet, He Still Has The Ability To Source Out Conspiracy Theories Jason Is Borderline Autistic With Mild Anxiety Disorder He S Convinced That Everything Will Turn Bad After Brexit And Has Been Relentlessly Telling Friends And Neighbours To Be Prepared Fortunately, The People In Their Scottish Village Have Known Jason His Whole Life And Are Tolerant Of His Persistent Warnings About BrexitThe Day After Brexit Starts Like Any Other Day, And Ginny Breathes A Sigh Of Relief As She Goes In To Work But By The End Of The Weekend, It S Obvious Things Have Gone Terribly Wrong With All Communications Shut Down, A Silent Government, Food Shortages, And No Policing In Rural Areas, Things Get Worse And Worse Choices Are Made That End Lives People Show Their True Colours, And Ginny Finds Out Just How Many People Were, In Fact, Listening To Jason All AlongThis Novel Takes A Fictional Look What Could Take Place In The UK After A No Deal Brexit It Shows The Best And Worst Of People Who Are Faced With A Crisis That Changes An Entire Country