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Journeys in English explained Journeys in English, review Journeys in English, trailer Journeys in English, box office Journeys in English, analysis Journeys in English, Journeys in English acdf This Highly Entertaining BBC RadioSeries Is Written And Presented By Bill Bryson And Based On His Bestselling Book, Mother Tongue In It He Romps Through The History Of Britain To Reveal How English Became Such An Infuriatingly Complex But Ultimately World Beating Language But Why English Why Don T We Speak Gallic, Or Any Other Of The European Languages According To Bryson, It S Down To The Remarkable Ability For The English Language To Assimilate Other Vocabularies, To Adapt And Above All To Survive From The Old English Words That Are Still In Everyday Use, Such As Eat , Drink , Man And Wife , To The Current Hybrid Language Of The St Century With Its Many Diverse Dialects, Bryson, In His Unique And Ever Affable Style, Guides Us Through The Development Of English Into A Rich And Expressive Language Bryson Explains How English Has Been Shaped Through Invasion And Conquest, As Well As The Rules That Brought Order To A Disorderly Language, The Million And One Ways To Have Fun With The English Language, And The Struggle With Phrasal Verbs Including The Way Things Often Get Lost In The Translation And Finally, He Contemplates The Future Of English Does Estuary English Really Rule OK Worth A Listen For Anyone Who Is Interested In How We Came To Have Such A Rich Language Sunday Times

  • Audio CD
  • 3 pages
  • Journeys in English
  • Bill Bryson
  • English
  • 09 October 2019
  • 9780563496267

About the Author: Bill Bryson

William McGuire Bill Bryson, OBE, FRS was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1951 He settled in England in 1977, and worked in journalism until he became a full time writer He lived for many years with his English wife and four children in North Yorkshire He and his family then moved to New Hampshire in America for a few years, but they have now returned to live in the UK.In The Lost Continent, Bil

10 thoughts on “Journeys in English

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    Loved it fun, upbeat and thoroughly enjoyable.Audiobook CommentsRead by Bill Bryson don t you love it when the author reads his own audiobook

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    Really interesting but so dated that it s difficult to read now All the historical stuff is fine, since time travel has not yet altered the way in which English came about, but the modern stuff is just hopelessly dated, especially given the massive shift in language that is occurring now due to the internet and texting, unfortunately.It also has issues when discussing other languages I love English too And I think it is TEH BESTEST But why are we counting ballet and mesa and schadenfreude as English words in the overall wordcount and then saying that when other languages borrow computer and hotel that those are still OUR words and don t add to THEIR wordcount Well of COURSE we have about a billion words than anyone else, if that s the case We do have a lot words, of course, but counting in this fashion really makes the differences much dramatic and is unfair ALSO he makes statements about other languages which are either misinformed or just plain wrong Swedish does have swearwords The Japanese word for foreigner is gaijin and literally means outside person I have no idea who told him that it means smelling of foreign hair Japanese people, especially when this book was written, can as a group be quite racist and the word gaijin often carries negative connotations, but it doesn t literally MEAN anything bad Also, okay, it doesn t have a future tense, but neither does English In the sentence I will read the book, how did you change read to be different from present tense OH WE DIDN T, WE DON T DO THAT, WE TACK ON ANOTHER WORD Japanese does the same thing This is not a difference It s actually what I consider to be a strange similarity PHe SHOULD have mentioned Japanese s lovely acceptance of implied things which can be headsmackingly confusing to English speakers You can have an entire conversation made of nothing but conjugated verbs as long as both people know the subject and object, they never ever have to be mentioned and it s grammatically correct XD They also have the most staggering collection of awesome onomatopoeia In English we have crash and boom but in Japanese they have not just tons of sound words, but words indicating the metaphorical sound you make when you re mad iraira , for something spinning guruguru , something that looks soft fuwafuwa and so on These are marvelous and occasionally hilarious and I have an entire dictionary full of them English needs to steal these immediately as they are just plain awesome I wish Mr Bryson had done a bit admiring of the strengths of other languages English is really fantastic, but come on.

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    3.5 starsA nice encapsulation of Bill Bryson s Mother Tongue and listening to this so soon after finished the book solidified a few things in my head that might have otherwise just wisped right out And yes, I just made up the word wisped my contribution to the evolution of the language.A slightly wordier version

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    This was an interesting audio cd I wish I had known about this radio program when I was reading his book Mother Tongue I think it would have been a great compliment to it Bill Bryson speaks with multiple people who study the variations in the English language and it expands on what he wrote about in Mother Tongue.

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    I had high hopes for this short audio book, mainly because it is narrated by the great Bill Bryson, but I came away mildly disapointed Journeys in English consists of a series of BBC radio programmes where Bill Bryson discusses the English language.It starts off quite strong, begining with an excellent summary of the the development of English as as language, tracing the various invasions and so forth.But about mid way Bryson loses steam and the programme become somewhat slow and repeatative The constant praise for the English language and its great vocabulary ability to adapt capacity for word play wears thin quite quickly Also many of the sound bites are replayed far too many times, although I supose if you listened to one episode a week as intended perhaps the repitition wouldn t be so noticable.However Bryson is always pleasant to listen to and you re bound to learn something new about the English language in journeys in English.

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    I took a History of the English Language course in college, but this book was so much better Bill Bryson knows just how to deepen my appreciation for anything he talks about, and, though I may be biased, I adored this homage to the world s most renown and influential, but also most storied and playful language.

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    An entertaining radio broadcast about the English language, Bill Bryson is as mostly always entertaining.The content seems well researched and are especially interesting for us for whom English is our second language.

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    A fascinating tour of the English language, with information about etymology, dialects, and the uniqueness of this language A perfect mix of being informative but also entertaining.There s interesting facts about what distinguishes English from other languages around the world its amalgamation of other languages, the variety of words in our vocabulary, and its playfulness Word play in English is as old as English itself I also feel like I learned so many new things about the English language, and language in general The historical stories were most captivating At Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire, during the Second World War, the very skills and lateral mental processes that made the English so adept at crosswords were put to use to break the famous German Enigma code The success of the Bletchley park codebreakers is thought to have shortened the war by at least two years Audiobook notes This audiobook is actually a BBC radio production, based upon his book Mother Tongue, and it is a mix of Bill Bryson s narrative and his interviews with linguists, etc around the British Isles.

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    I think most people who try to speak English correctly know that the language has evolved over time and is quite different from that which was spoken long ago This audiobook covers the evolution of English as a language and is fascinating Words we commonly use in everyday communication came from many sources It s not a long book, but contains some great observations on the language And, it you are of a certain age and know the difference between to, too, and two as well as there, their, and they re, you will probably identify with those in the past who thought that English is going to the dogs Worth listening to not too or two

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    This was a fun, short listen about the English language It s basically like listening to a podcast series from before podcasts were really a thing Journeys in English definitely gives the listener a sense of the development of English over time and how that added to the breadth of the language The book is very heavy on the British side, which should come as no surprise, as it was produced by BBC Radio More could have been done on the development of English in other parts of the world.

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