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Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1 chapter 1 Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1, meaning Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1, genre Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1, book cover Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1, flies Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1, Daredevil By Frank Miller & Klaus Janson, Vol. 1 388cd5d5d1d57 A Classic Marvel Hero Defined By One Of Comics Greatest Visionaries A Marvel Comics Mainstay Since , Daredevil Got A New Lease On Life In A Landmark Run By Writer Penciler Frank Miller And Inker Penciler Klaus Janson, Whose Daring Reinvention Of The Character Quickly Made Miller One Of The Biggest And Most Influential Stars In The Comic Book Industry Miller Put His Own Stamp On Established Cast Members Such As Reporter Ben Urich, Femme Fatale Black Widow, Mad Assassin Bullseye, The Saw Fisted Gladiator, And Monstrous Crime Boss Kingpin Miller Also Introduced Daredevil S Mysterious Mentor Stick, Deadly Ninja Foes The Hand, And Matt S Long Lost Love Elektra, A Beautiful Assassin Who Would Become One Of Marvel S Most Memorable Characters Mixing Traditional Super Heroics With Mysterious Martial Artistry, Doomed Romance, And Dark Personal Drama, Miller S Character Defining DD Run Is Collected Across Three Titanic Trade Paperbacks Collecting Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider Man, And Daredevil And

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    Daredevil by Frank Miller Klaus Janson volume 1 contains Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider Man 27 28, and Daredevil 158 161 and 163 172.For a lot of his life before this volume, Daredevil was strictly a b lister, a poor man s Spider Man In this volume, even before Frank Miller takes the writing reins as well as the art, begins the shift toward something .Quite a bit of what would later wind up on the Netflix show is introduced or refined here Ben Urich deduces Daredevil s identity Bullseye firmly establishes himself as Daredevil s arch nemesis Elektra is introduced And probably the most impactful, the Kingpin and Daredevil lock horns for the first time People forget that The Kingpin was a Spider Man villain for a decade before he entered Daredevil s life.The Spider Man tales are Frank Miller s first experience with Daredevil, helping a blind Spider Man take on the Masked Marauder They aren t really linked to the rest of the tales other than featuring Daredevil The Daredevil issues feature Black Widow, Daredevil s current girlfriend Heather Glenn, Bullseye, The Gladiator, the Mauler, Doctor Octopus, Bullseye, Elektra, and the Kingpin That glosses over a lot of stuff, like Daredevil trying to stop a rampaging Hulk and winding up in the hospital.With Roger MacKenzie at the helm, Daredevil was battling street level villains Once Frank Miller takes the reins, the crime element increases exponentially and Daredevil gets caught in the Kingpin s orbit Frank Miller s art is still in its embryonic phase, not yet where he would end up on Dark Knight Returns a few years later, but still a couple notches above a lot of the artists of the time period Daredevil by Frank Miller Klaus Janson volume 1 is the beginning of Daredevil s metamorphosis from second rate poor man s Spider man to what he would later become in Miller s hands Four out of five stars.

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    Frank Miller s Daredevil is one of the main contributing factors to the creation of the Dark Age of Comics which, hyperbole aside, was an attempt to bottle the lightning created by Miller and Alan Moore across multiple series Frank Miller, however, took a character who was always just shy of a second rate Spiderman and turned him into a character who has had a movie as well as television series with multiple spin offs As a comic book historian as well, it also generated a much successful franchise by imitation with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being originally designed as a homage with the weirdness turned way up.Unfortunately, the first volume of this collection is a complete and utter disaster This isn t because of Frank Miller but because of the fact, clearly, someone thought they should try and get three volumes out of Frank Miller s Daredevil when there really were only two volumes of the series possible In order to pad the length of the volume, they ve included many issues where Frank Miller is the ARTIST rather than writer No shade thrown on Marv Wolfman, Bill Mantlo, or Roger McKenzie but that s not what people came here to read It s misleading at best and false advertising at worse.In fact, only roughly four issues at the end of the volume are actually Frank Miller s Daredevil and you can tell they re the product of an entirely different sort of mind than the other authors Marv Wolfman may be one of my favorite authors for his Teen Titans work but his Daredevil reads like Nightwing and I can t really tell who was written like who given the dates Frank Miller s Daredevil is a darker and edgier interpretation of the character from the get go and all the better for it.Really, the first two thirds of the book work as a kind of interesting before and after The first comic in the volume is a team up with a blinded Spiderman against the Maggia where a genetic costumed evil doer is planning to take over New York City unless the duo manage to defeat him There s also a fight against a mentally ill man called the Gladiator and some surprisingly decent Bullseye stories This is, notably, the time period where Matt Murdock is dating the Black Widow and there s a somewhat mystifying decision where Daredevil dumps her for an uninteresting socialite named Heather Then again, it would be decades before people finally gave Natasha Romanova the respect she deserved Nowadays, it just looks like Matt really is blind, deaf, and dumb for ending that relationship Still, the worst issues are at the start of the book and feel like Spiderman comics with none of the Parker angst to get you through the punching garishly dressed villains Matt doesn t have Peter s humor either.As mentioned, the last quarter of the comic is where Frank Miller s Daredevil begins and has some classic issues of the kind we actually want to see These include the introduction of Elektra Natchios, which still holds up today, and the return of the Kingpin after his retirement in the pages of Spiderman Matt is shown as a flawed hero in these volumes as he s too free with his powers in public as a legal student plus prioritizes getting the Kingpin s files over saving his wife Matt is unsympathetic and an absolute moralist, which makes him a character who can screw up royally.All in all, I don t feel like I can recommend this volume for these four issues despite the fact they re really good and important to the understanding of Daredevil The other issues, particularly the Bullseye ones, aren t bad, though Actually, a couple of them are but that s because it s clear they didn t have any idea where they were going with Matt Hopefully, the real Frank Miller s Daredevil will be on display in volume 2.5 10

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    I think that Daredevil is the first impaired superhero There were other characters who had vision problems but they were restored in one way or another Daredevil is the first superhero that while blind continues to be active, able and effective He rises above his imperilment and learns to live with it and compensate Actually, not just compensate but turn it into an advantage.With the exception of Batman, Daredevil is one of the loneliest superheroes It isn t just that he hides his identity from all his friends It s his nature He is quiet and distant, borderline antisocial he feels comfortable observing rather than participating He is also very collected and the least humorous superhero The least talkative too Whenever he engages in battle he is always calm, focused, ruthless, imaginative, clever, and almost never engages into pointless bragging.He is also one of the darkest , grimmest superheroes, sometimes he looks positively tortured Sometimes he sets off in a self destructive path He is so single minded in his pursue and so proud that he will not retreat not even when that would be the logical choice, not even when he risks losing far important thing in life He has a harsh nature and ends up pushing everyone away, even though he hates his loneliness Daredevil is street smart, he is comfortable in shady places and he uses the appropriate language Yet, at the same time he is educated, accomplished and respected as a lawyer He is one of the most well dressed, poised end eloquent superheroes Sometimes he comes across a bit snobbish and sometimes he is just charming.I really enjoyed the parts where we got to see a bit that Daredevil kicking villains ass I enjoyed his comradery with spider man and Expos was my favorite story What really bothered me was the lack of decent female characters Whenever a female entered the scene she was either a vapid, flimsy socialite or an extremely sensuous figure whose only purpose was to please the hero or follow him around I was annoyed Also if women have to walk around in those gigantic breast, why aren t their male counterparts equally unrealistically portrait

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    If you know anything about Daredevil, you know that he really came into his own as a character when Frank Miller took over writing the series.I ve read every issue of Daredevil leading up to this volume, and everything that makes him work as a character was already in place before Miller started penciling the series There were good issues and bad issues before Miller got involved, but the formula was getting stale Basically, there would always be a soap opera subplot going on with blind lawyer Matt Murdock Daredevil s alter ego , or with one of his romantic partners, or with his best friend and law partner Franklin Foggy Nelson This subplot would string along for several issues, but each individual issue would be dominated by a colorful super villain Daredevil would do battle with this villain and crack wise like Spider Man That was about it.The first half of this volume only showcases Miller s work as an artist Roger McKenzie was still writing the series Miller s first issue as both artist and writer is 168, and with that issue he ret conned Elektra the deadly Greek female assassin who is out to avenge her father s death into Matt Murdock s life Over the course of the next several issues, Miller created a dense criminal underworld with the Kingpin at its head and the vicious, psychopathic Bullseye as his most dangerous lieutenant These issues are a joy to read Plots and subplots are woven together seamlessly, and they have a great sense of griminess and nastiness, which suits the early 1980s NYC setting perfectly.

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    It s pretty well documented that Frank Miller serves as just the artist for a good chunk of this volume I was shocked at just HOW much of it it takes a long time to get to the good stuff Some of the writing in the first 3 4 of the volume was so painful it made me wish I was blind, too, just so I wouldn t be able to continue But alas, once you power through, Frank takes over in style and with authority He creates Elektra in his very first issue for crying out loud and it keeps getting better from there Frank s 1 4 of this book is five star quality But holy smokes the first 3 4 is mostly brutal.

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    Well this was a disappointment I paid money to read frank millers daredevil but frank only writes the last four issues or so Sure he does the art for all of it but he is known for his writing I had to force myself to read this, I kept telling myself it ll be ok I m sure frank takes over soon.he didn t For 3 4 of the book a guy called roger Mckenzie does the writing and what he writes isn t awful, just really boring.Even though frank only writes a few issues in this book those few issues are brilliant and I believe in those issues elektra is introduced for the first time So if you really like daredevil or frank Miller get this but be prepared for Roger Mckenzie

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    DNF ing about 2 3rds of the way in I love the Daredevil television show on Netflix, so I wanted to read the must read, essential Daredevil comics by Frank Miller I just don t think this has aged well There s a lack of depth to the stories, the characters feel cliched, and I m just not interested in continuing on with this book, and I definitely don t want to read the other two volumes of this.

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    1st half is rough, as miller was not at the helm for the writing After he took overbrilliant and dark.

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    The majority of this volume is scripted by Roger Mckenzie, David Michelinie, and Bill Mantlo, with pencils by Miller and inks mostly by Janson These issues are solid but unspectacular Bronze Age superhero comics with stock plots wherein super powered villains give silly speeches and kidnap Daredevil s girlfriend The primary appeal is seeing the evolution of Miller s art Here, he s heavily indebted to Will Eisner and Steve Ditko, but rapidly developing his own style Once Miller takes over the writing in the final 5 of 16 issues , he immediately transforms the book, introducing Elektra, making Bullseye into a lethal threat, and crafting a compelling multi part story around Kingpin s return to NYC Obviously, Miller s grim and gritty approach inspired a lot of terrible imitators, but in these pages it makes for pretty damn good comics, with clever plotting and layouts Daredevil isn t quite as glowering or guilt ridden as he d soon be, and Miller takes obvious joy in layering in winking references to his influences Eisner and Dashiell Hammett being the two big ones The elephant in the room when talking about Miller is the man s disgusting right wing politics There are traces of that on display here the section where he rails against fancy defense attorneys and short prison sentences, the overall NYC is a rotten hellhole that must be cleaned up vibe , but it s a far cry from what you see in his later work I m interested to keep reading these volumes and seeing Miller s evolution, for better or worse.

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    It s my first time to finish a Marvel volume Found this copy from the library and unfortunately the only Daredevil one I ll probably buy the next when I get a decent job or something.Daredevil is a masterpiece The villains are awesome The backstories are my favorite parts than the fighting sequences which were cool too I have so many things I want to learn about these comic books One of the things I learned is that several people can revive an old character and run it This Daredevil by Frank Miller is uber cool.Also, Daredevil season 2 is coming out on Friday And the other tab in my internet browser is an episode of Daredevil on Netflix because I am catching up Why didn t I get into comic books sooner Oh, because Philippine libraries don t have one and they re hella expensive.Still deciding if I get into Captain America or that gay superhero

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