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Pop Star Jihadi quotes Pop Star Jihadi , litcharts Pop Star Jihadi , symbolism Pop Star Jihadi , summary shmoop Pop Star Jihadi , Pop Star Jihadi 309ca385 Summer,Noah Hastings, The Most Famous Pop Star On The Planet, Takes To The Stage To Perform A Concert After Singing His Latest Hit, Noah Detonates A Bomb Strapped To His Chest, Killing Himself And Ninety One Of His Fans Speculation About The Pop Star S Motivation For The Crime Runs Riot Until The Authorities Pin The Blame On Fundamentalist Islam But What Happens When Noah S Inspiration Turns Out To Be Another Ideology Entirely Nina Hargreaves, An Investigative Journalist, Travels Around America Searching For The Real Story She Gets Close To The Truth But Risks Losing Everything She Has In The Process

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    I received a copy of this book from Midas Public Relations in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own.When I was first approached about reviewing Pop Star Jihadi, I thought the title sounded a little glib But the blurb was convincing and I went on to accept the review copy After finishing the book, I have to say, it is completely serious and goes against the first impression the title and cover may give.Pop Star Jihadi is about a pop singer, Noah Hastings, who goes onstage for his concert at Madison Square Garden with a bomb strapped to his chest This singer turned suicide bomber detonates the bomb, killing himself along with 91 other fans Several are injured And the nation is left shaken to its very core, wondering what led to this.This book is written entirely in the form of newspaper articles, blog posts, and editorials We get to hear both Noah s side of the story and how it s interpreted by the world at large The news articles are by a spectrum of people from liberals to alt right writers.There are two main issues the novel talks about one is about religious fundamentalists and the other is about how dysfunctional families can have an impact on children The latter is understated than the former, though.Pop Star Jihadi holds a mirror up to American society as it is now It shows how quick we are to vilify a religion that s not our own It s a realistic portrayal of how a few bad seeds in a religion can make a majority of people want to throw out the entire barrel.The book also touches on the long lasting mental effects of dysfunctional families and broken homes, but fundamentalism remains the focal point throughout I get that it s the important aspect, but I would have loved to read about Noah s own childhood situation too It would have added colour to a reader s understanding of why he did what he did.

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    To quote the book s cover, IN A WORLD OF FAKE NEWS WHO CAN YOU TRUST Noah Hastings is a global pop star His music doesn t appeal, but his stage presence does, and all his concerts around the world are sold out well in advance.In summer of 2018, He straps a bomb on to himself and after singing the last song of the evening, presses the detonator, killing himself and ninety one young fans As a Quran is found along with a copy of Mein Kampf, and some other religious publications The FBI immediately assume that Noah was a member of a Jihadi group of terrorists, overlooking all other possibilities Nick Tyrone has, in my opinion, come up with one of the most unique ideas while telling this story We hear Noah Hastings life story in small chunks in between the articles that are published after this senseless act, across a range of media outlets Some liberal, some alt right and some who thrive on conspiracy theories The FBI doesn t come out of this book smelling of roses Their initial theory leads them to arrest a mild, well educated and devout Imam It s only thanks to some brilliant journalism that the truth is finally uncovered, but at a considerable price to Muslims.I would LOVE to introduce this book to a book club or group as a MUST READ Don t be put off by either the cover or the title They flippant and don t portray the seriousness of the subject I think it took me a few hours to read I wasn t going to let a night s sleep interrupt the flow Political news, stories of this magnitude and the reason why the perpetrator carried out the attack are totally up my street, and Nick Tyrone writes the news articles in different voices something I found very clever The publishers, Radix is a think tank for the radical centre of contemporary politics, so hopefully, novels like this will be published.This book is going to make the reader examine their own beliefs, particularly those concerning suicide bombers I spent hours after finishing the book analysing my own thought processes Are we by nature born suspicious of religions that are not our own Are we by nature racist Read the book and then ask the questions about yourselves.ImbaliBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review.

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    Just finished reading this and it s the best book I ve read this year Very contemporary, told mostly via articles from different journalists Shows how people will try and shift anything to suit their ideology.

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