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Aissur Attacks! chapter 1 Aissur Attacks! , meaning Aissur Attacks! , genre Aissur Attacks! , book cover Aissur Attacks! , flies Aissur Attacks! , Aissur Attacks! b901cdf0f09db Aissur Is The Country Everyone Loves To Ignore Now, In An Attempt To Develop Tourism And For The First Time, The President Of Aissur Has Released Some Fables That Had Until Now Only Been Lived By The Enduring Peoples Of This Quiet Quintessential Country Rife With PoliticsThe Seven Stories In This Collection Are As Follows Party Of Aissur, Len Gregorik Owns Land That Borders With Russia His Evil Twin Owns The Land In Russia Next To His When The Evil Twin Dies Doing An Evil Deed, His Five Acres Of Rocky Wooded Land Is Willed To Gregorik The Russians Claim That This Is A Blatant Attempt At Land Grabbing By Aissur And That They Are Under Attack Endings Are Lonely Affairs Aissur President Nanovik Is Arrested In Public While At The Grand Opening Of A New Subway Station, So A New Election Is Held And Nanovik S Son Wins As Voters Sympathize With A Son In Pain Nanovik Jr Passes A Law That If The President Of Aissur Is To Be Arrested, It Must Be Behind Closed Doors Without Any Cameras But Will This Be Enough To Prevent The Next Assassination The Andropov Permission Slip Aissur, There Is A New Document Circulating That Offers Aissurians A Stress Free Life Free From Bureaucracy The Problem Is You Kind Of Need It To Get It Vote For Me I Consume The Products You Consume Aissur, Politicians Can Sell Anything Where Does Tomorrow Come From Aissur, A Teacher, Writer, Scholar, And Overall Smart Man Is Visited By Aissurian Spies Working For The ACIO To Conduct An Investigation As To Whether This Smart Man Is Too Smart For Aissurian Society If So, There Is A Price To Pay The Day Everything Was Worth Nothing The Soviet Paradise Has Arrived At Last Everything Is Free There Is No Need For Money, Comrades Just Walk Into Any Shop And Take What You Need Welcome To A Workers Paradise Foo Foo The First Of Aissur Aissur, Queen Glena Gegik Dies Without An Heir And Various Factions Vie For Power In A Country Plagued By Incompetence And Stupidity Three Days Later The Queen S Will Is Read Making Her Dog Whimsy King Of The Land And Whimsy S Keeper His Chief Advisor But How Will Aissurians Feel About Having A Dog King And Will Free Dog Food Be Enough To Avoid Another Revolution In Aissur Or Will It Turn Out All Right Like It Did In Sweden That Time

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