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Thank You for Smoking pdf Thank You for Smoking, ebook Thank You for Smoking, epub Thank You for Smoking, doc Thank You for Smoking, e-pub Thank You for Smoking, Thank You for Smoking 762019cccf2 Nick Naylor Likes His Job In The Neo Puritanical Nineties, It S A Challenge To Defend The Rights Of Smokers And A Privilege To Promote Their Liberty Sure, It Hurts A Little When You Re Compared To Nazi War Criminals, But Nick Says He S Just Doing What It Takes To Pay The Mortgage And Put His Son Through Washington S Elite Private School St Euthanasius He Can Handle The Pressure From The Antismoking Zealots, But He Is Less Certain About His New Boss, BR, Who Questions Whether Nick Is Worth , A Year To Fight A Losing War Under Pressure To Produce Results, Nick Goes On A PR Offensive But His Heightened Notoriety Makes Him A Target For Someone Who Wants To Prove Just How Hazardous Smoking Can Be If Nick Isn T Careful, He S Going To Be Stubbed Out

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    Christopher Buckley, you witty guy, you don t miss a trick For starters, the name of your main character, Nick Naylor, tobacco advocate that s Nick as in nicotine and Naylor as in coffin nails, an apt and colorful term for cigarettes back in the heyday of smoking and lung cancer Thank You For Smoking is scathing social and political satire Thank You For Smoking is belly laugh funny Thank You For Smoking published in 1994, right around the time medical evidence demonstrated flight attendants working for the airlines were dropping like flies after breathing in all that second hand smoke on airplanes Today smokers in the US are relegated to designated smoking areas so they no longer jeopardize the health of non smokers But there were those many years when tobacco and smokers and smoking ruled the workplace and everywhere else in this county And if someone dared claim cigarettes cause cancer, that person was labeled an anti American crank and destroyer of freedom The time frame of the novel is perfect Right at the crossroads of the tobacco industry smoking lobby having their way and all the legal restrictions enacted, things like no cigarette advertising on TV and radio, warning labels and designated smoking areas in restaurants and other public spaces But, in the spirit of asserting personal freedom, the rights of individuals and the American way of life as outlined by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, Nick and his bunch are fighting to turn back the tide More than the string of events composing the story, the real humor comes through in Christopher Buckley s timing and language However, I ll resist the temptation to simply lift quotes from the book you will have to read for yourself Rather, here are a number of snapshots featuring our super sharp Nick dealing with all he has to deal with in his capacity as chief spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies in Washington, D.C THE MOD SQUADNick has lunch once a week with Polly and Bobby Jay, his counterparts, respectively, for liquor and guns They call themselves the Mod Squad after the 60s TV show, however, for them, MOD stands for Merchants of Death All three take great pride in the challenges presented by their jobs Sure, cigarettes and liquor and guns kill many thousands of people every day in the United States, but, hey, we re living in the capitalist home of the free where the God given right to make a profit must be protected, even honored, no matter how high the death toll Christopher Buckley s sharp, satirical needle digs deep here, recognizing the tragic consequences of the collective stance of these three young professionals To add an extra helping of sizzle, Polly is a blonde bombshell for booze and Bobby Jay was inspired to join the National Guard after the Kent State shootings so he could shoot some college students for himself, but, alas, the army took him off to shoot some Vietnamese instead, but there was a problem they shoot back THE BOSSNick s boss is a guy going by the initials BR, as man as ruthless, callous, hard nosed and sadistic as humanly possible Through the magic of Christopher Buckley s storytelling, with the inclusion of BR, we can completely empathize with Nick, even, in many respects, take his side Some may say that BR is a mere caricature, but such critics are entirely mistaken BR is a completely developed character down to his thick skinned toes Anybody who has spent years working in the American business world knows from first hand experience many, many bosses are cookie cutter replicas of BR And BR s redeeming personality traits are er, ah nonexistent THE TV TALK SHOWS Nick does his slick, smooth talking in debates with the opposition on Oprah and Larry King Listening to Nick making his points by way of logical fallacies topping the list are Ad Hominem, Non Testable Hypothesis, Begging the Question, Straw Man is something to behold Meanwhile, since the anti smoking people on the air with Nick are unacquainted with logic, they are reduced to flying into fits of rage One of the hilarious parts of the story THE BABESHeather the lovely journalist and Jeannette the luscious, success driven femme fatale within the Academy of Tobacco Studies try to get their way with Nick And their chief weapon Of course sex and sex Lucky guy But wait, is he falling into a deadly trap THE KIDNAPPING AND ITS AFTERMATHWhat really infuses serious drama into Christopher Buckley s tale is Nick being kidnapped and tortured dozens of nicotine patches slapped on his body all at once The way Nick and the Mod Squad ultimately swing into action to deal with this terrible injustice is a stroke of genius I urge you to read all about it This is my first Christopher Buckley novel and it will not be my last I was initially attracted to Mr Buckley s writing through his insightful, humorous book reviews As something of a bonus, here are a number of quotes from two of my all time favorite Christopher Buckley book reviews From his review of The End of the Age, a novel written by Pat Robertson, champion of conservative Christian ideology It s hard to define The End of the Age exactly It s sort of a cross between Seven Days in May and The Omen, as written by someone with the prose style of a Hallmark Cards copywriter The bad guys tend to sound like the villains in a Charlie Chan movie In fact, they sound as if they were being simultaneously translated from some sinister Indo Iranian tongue The End of the Age is to Dante what Sterno is to The Inferno When you have a hard time keeping a straight face while reading a novel about the death of a billion human beings, something is probably amiss From his review of Tom Clancy s novel, Debt of Honor This book is as subtle as a World War II anti Japanese poster showing a mustachioed Tojo bayoneting Caucasian babies His Japanese aren t one dimensional, they re half dimensional They spend most of their time grunting in bathhouses And there is this hilarious description of Ryan s saintly wife saving someone s sight with laser surgery She lined up the crosshairs as carefully as a man taking down a Rocky Mountain sheep from half a mile, and thumbed the control You ve got to admire a man who can find the sheep hunting metaphor in retinal surgery Tom Clancy is the James Feni Cooper of his day, which is to say, the most successful bad writer of his generation This is no mean feat, for there are many, many rich bad writers today than there were in Cooper s time American author Christopher Buckley, born 1952 Fiction, for me, is sort of a protracted way of saying all the things I wished I said the night before Christopher Buckley

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    WARNING SOME PEOPLE WILL SAY ANYTHING TO SELL CIGARETTES.And one of those people is Nick Naylor, chief smokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies Though in dark moments he might refer to himself as a washed out, forty year old snake oil vendor who on the Karma food chain is somewhere between a sea slug and eel shit, ole Nick enjoys his job lying for a living, and making sure the public keeps on smoking He s good at it And it may just cost him his life.Though this was not Buckley s first book I m pretty sure it s the one that got him on the map and out from under his famous father s shadow I can t really say how it compared with the 2005 film as I only saw it once I remember only the pretty Aaron Eckhart and the annoying Katie Holmes You won t catch me jumping up and down on a couch over her There are already hundreds of reviews of this book, so if you re looking for an in depth analysis of the plot, read one of them My pal Joe has an excellent one here I do want to tell you about one of my favorite parts before I shut up for today.During one of his many television appearances, Nick mentions that his agency has pledged a cool five million to convincing teens NOT to smoke He hires an ad agency to create a NOT TOO CONVINCING campaign Here, he speaks with the creative director What we did was to take the Some People Want You to Smoke We Don t concept, which avoided the whole health issue, and instead tapped into the adolescent s innate fear of being manipulated by adults You didn t like it Right Because it was effective It s gone So now we re going to be blunt, we want to speak to them with the voice of despised authority, nag them, tell them to go to their rooms, turn them completely off, I like it already, Nick said Okay Sven said Here we go He pulled the board into video camera range All it had on it was type It said, Everything Your Parents Told You About Smoking Is Right Hmmm, Nick said You know what I love about it Sven said Its dullness It is dull, Nick admitted It s deadly Kids are going to look at this and go, Puuke. And yet, Sven said, its brilliance, if I may say so, is in its deconstructability How s that Say the last three words out loud Smoking Is Right I think, Nick said, that I can sell that to my people Oooo Subliminal Subversive Sinister I love it As my dad always said, That s how they get ya.

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    Looking for a light read between my 2,400 page journey through post apocalyptic America in Stephen King s The Stand and Robert McCammon s Swan Song, I picked up Christopher Buckley s 1994 political satire Thank You For Smoking, a title that appears on King s Reading List For Writers The novel deals with the shameless exploits of a lobbyist for the tobacco industry, whose product was killing between 435,000 and 475,000 Americans per year depending on whose expert was testifying , but the book is written tongue in cheek and is as close to a beach read as I m going to get.Nick Naylor is chief spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies, a Washington think tank committed to promoting cigarettes In America, these are the days of sadness for tobacco The White House is calling for a four dollar per pack excise tax on cigarettes The Surgeon General wants to ban tobacco advertising altogether The industry is being hit with thousands of liability lawsuits But Nick Naylor is a bullshit artist of the highest magnitude and in a call to a reporter at USA Today, starts throwing shade at the opposition Where are the data What do you mean, where are the data It s The New England Journal of Medicine It s all data, for Chrissake This was a double blind study Sure Fatal hesitation Attack And how big was the control group Come on, Nick Was this a prospective study You want to be in the story, or not Of course You want me to go with Where s the data Where are the data Please I don t mind you making me out to be a soulless, corporate lickspittle, but at least don t make me sound like an ignorant, soulless corporate lickspittle Nick s unpleasant boss Budd Rohrabacher BR is not thrilled by the work Nick is doing, citing the defeatist attitude of a memo in which Nick proposed the Academy admit what everyone already knows, that there s a serious health problem with their product Nick senses that what BR really wants is to replace him with BR s prot g , a Yuppie dominatrix named Jeanette Nick is given until Monday to find a strategy that will turn the public relations tide, marching orders from the Academy s chairman, tobacco titan Doak Boykin, The Captain.For help, Nick huddles with his friends Polly Bailey is spokesperson for the National Association of Alcoholic Beverages, representing the beer, wine and distilled spirits industry, while Bobby Jay Bliss is spokesman for SAFETY, the Society for the Advancement of Firearms and Effective Training of Youth, representing the gun industry Nick, Polly and Bobby Jay refer to themselves privately as The MOD Squad Merchants Of Death The Mod Squad has at times welcomed representatives from the veal industry, tuna industry and radioactive waste industry to exchange strategies, but Nick, Polly and Bobby Jay are the permanent members.Nick s brainstorm comes down to getting cigarettes back in the movies and in a positive light BR is not impressed and informs Nick it s time to rethink his job Already booked to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Nick travels to Chicago Ambushed on national TV both by Oprah and a stage of neo Puritan tobacco crusaders, Nick realizes he has nothing left to lose, and goes on the offensive, shutting down his opponents His publicity gets the attention of The Captain, who summons Nick to Winston Salem to put him in charge of the Hollywood project, which Nick s boss tried to take credit for.Nick s celebrity draws attention A reporter for the conservative leaning Washington Moon named Heather Holloway asks Nick to dinner A Catholic with apparently weak knees for evil, she goes home with her subject and writes a mostly flattering story about him But when Nick appears on Larry King Live, a caller less than amused by the spokesman threatens to kill him The headline in the Washington Sun reads, CALLER TO KING SHOW THREATENS TO STUB OUT TOBACCO SMOKESMAN At the time, Nick feels the threat to him has been blown out of proportion But strange things are afoot at the Academy For Tobacco Studies Thank You For Smoking is highly entertaining Buckley, an editor for Forbes Magazine and son of William F Buckley, would seem well positioned for observing how D.C lobbyists use words as weapons, but as a storyteller, is also able to make each character sound unique Buckley demonstrates a great ear for dialogue After a while, we can tell which character is talking purely by the style of their speech This reminded me of El Leonard and like Leonard, Buckley s novel is a fast, funny and entertaining read Satire is one of those words everyone seems to have their own definition of The best satires, for me, are believable until the storyteller takes one step away from reality and into the absurd, which with the way the world is going, might not be so absurd in a year Nick Naylor s antics made me question whether a spokesman so blatantly misleading, so anti reality could hold onto his job and in 1994, Naylor might ve seemed silly Two years later, Fox News aired its first broadcast In retrospect, Buckley s book seems damn near prophetic Today, Naylor would have no problem getting booked on Hannity ColmesThe novel has a weird thing going on where Buckley mixes real celebrities with fake ones Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Ted Koppel all share scenes with Naylor, while the politicians including presidents are fictitious, as are all the newspapers Buckley also fabricates movie stars, who Nick discusses on his trip to Hollywood I m not sure what the legal reasons were for this Buckley hardly slanders any celebrities or dishes dirt I didn t understand why Oprah could be a character, but Bruce Willis or Julia Roberts couldn t even be mentioned It took me out of the story.I recommend Thank You For Smoking for anyone who d like a lightning quick read with laughs and nutritional content than a Happy Meal A film version released in 2005 starred Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor It was adapted for screen and directed by Jason Reitman in his feature film debut and deviated from the source material by exploring Nick s relationship with his son, who in the movie, joins his father on his West Coast trip for what Nick hopes will be bonding time but instead, gives him an opportunity to demonstrate the art of the sale to his boy Reitman went on to adapt the Walter Kim novel Up In the Air with stellar results and the Joyce Maynard novel Labor Day with disastrous results.

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    Brilliant satire of the Tobacco industry Nick Naylor comes off as an actual person throughout Well written, incredible characters and funny as hell Recommended to all who like a little bite to their humor.

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    1.99 on US May 23, 2016

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    4.5 This is political satire at its best This book reminded me so much of George Carlin Bill Hicks Following is a profane thingy I wrote Read at your own risk Judge me all you want I m gross wicked, so that s how it comes out A ciggies rant I envy that fucking Cuban Cigar He s grubby, stout, unattractive, but that fucker gets to last He gets circumcised before he s even lit into this world, before an affluent ruffian of a human takes the first drag Ha, his life ain t perfect, but at least he still gets to last I ve a life span of 3 7 minutes, and that too luckily, if I am not incessantly dragged by a moron human, while he gets to last until eternity Fuck life, its unfairty, its brevity The one shot I have, to get out of this ephemeral imbroglio, is to get into one of those movies, I know that s only for the good looking ciggs but at least, the burnt me can feature in one of those ashtrays In the last few micro seconds of my existence, I shall become immortal I am still thankful thoughto our old bearded deep voiced cigg god, to not have come across the wicked gassed people Wicked is a euphemism here, they are the devils of our own pseudo Ciggy Iggy pop hell Thinking bout them, fear gushes through my slender refined stick ye figure, these neo butt chug erring bohemians, cig world Nazis, who prefer asshole cancer over the lung one, make me tobacco boiling sick I believe in unprejudiced living too, but also importantly unfilthy living And there had been a time in my life, when I was obdurate, when I was devoted, to the cause of getting my fellow cigarettes out of their bigotry I thought humor was the key, not discourses alterations When cigarettes laugh, that s when their guards are down, inhibitions priggishness forgotten, a new idea implanted in their minds, as they laughed on themselves I ve turned cynic now, I ve not the time to make substantial changes to the way cigarettes think It was vanity that had prompted me to get other ciggs to change as it suited me I ve realized my mistake, I should just have a good time, in these few minutes I get to exist Get my butt kissed by a voluptuous crimson lipped beauty, her slight warm tongue would touch my filter tip, soothe me, making all my suffering worthwhile As for humans I may seem pernicious to some, ostentatious to others But I have no stakes in your games humans, I just don t give a fuck No thank you, for smoking me.

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    When it comes to naming our best contemporary satirists, the default response usually and accurately settles on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert The Onion, too, and certainly anything Armando Iannucci The Thick of It In the Loop Veep creates But I never hear Christopher Buckley s name mentioned, which is a shame He s made a career out of skewering various American power structures the stock market, the justice system, the State Department, etc and I m glad that I finally got around to reading Thank You for Smoking,, which has to be his best work to date.Here, Buckley sets himself the herculean task of turning Nick Naylor, the tobacco industry s chief spokesman, into a sympathetic character No easy feat when Naylor regularly appears on Oprah and Larry King Live to tout the health benefits of smoking and then follows it up by meeting his counterparts in the alcohol and firearms lobbies for dinner an unofficial social club which they ve named The Mod Squad short for Merchants of Death.But somehow Buckley manages to make Naylor a character worth rooting for He accomplishes part of this by making Naylor smart and funny and sort of aw, shucks about his own duplicity a genial fellow who can t help but make up statistics about how nicotine slows the onset of Parkinson s But the bigger part is that he makes Naylor a victim first of his boss who s an even bigger asshole than Nick , then of a kidnapper, then of the FBI who suspect Nick in his own abduction Because Nick seems like such a decent guy, who can t help but feel sorry for all the stuff he s going through, even while he s paying off a celebrity lung cancer victim to stop speaking out against the tobacco industry a thinly veiled Marlboro Man, who actually did die of lung cancer in 1992.The whole thing is pitch black and very, very funny Take this advice, which Nick gives his 12 year old son The important thing isis to feel tired at the end of the day Aristotle might not have constructed an entire philosophy on it, but it would do True, Hitler and Stalin had probably felt tired at the end of their days But theirs would not have been a good tired If acidic commentary is your thing and you don t know Buckley s work, start here and don t look back.

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    A political satire skewering the tobacco, alcohol and gun lobbyists, the media, and the politicians who all have a role in public policy regarding these legal vices Nick Naylor is the chief spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies, an organization funded entirely by the big tobacco producers As such, he is frequently vilified, and the target of threats His boss, BR, and his chief rival at the Academy, Jeanette who happens to be the boss s main squeeze seem to be trying to angle him out of his job But when he goes on Oprah, he becomes a hero to The Captain, and the golden boy of the Academy Next he s on Larry King Live where he is, once again, subject to irate callers, including one very specific threat on his life He shrugs this off, but he does commiserate with his friends Bobby Jay spokesperson for the gun lobby and Polly spin control for alcohol industry collectively calling themselves the Mod Squad for Merchants of Death He also begins a relationship with sympathetic reporter Heather Holloway Still the industry wants to ensure their golden boy is safe, so the Captain assigns him heavy duty security When Nick ditches them, he finds himself kidnapped in the lobby of his own office building, tied and blindfolded, taken to a remote location, and covered in nicotine patches before being unceremoniously dumped on the National Mall and left for dead Then the fun REALLY begins.The story is somewhat dated today, but as political satires go it s fast paced and quite funny in places.

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    Smokin One of the funniest books I ve read in a long time.I saw this on a library shelf and remembered how much I d enjoyed the film a few years ago The book is definitely worth reading too.Very dark humour, it s the sort of funny that might make you spit out your tea Who would have thought that lung cancer, gun death and fetal alcohol syndrome could be so hilariousNick Naylor is Big Tobacco s spokesman the man whose job it is to make them look good, to suck up criticism and spin it into a positive He s very good at his job After work, he relaxes with his two associates spokespersons for the Alcohol industries and Gun Lobbies respectively Called the Mod Squad Merchants of Death , they support each other as much as comparing the number of deaths their employers are responsible for on an annual basis.If you are easily offended, this may not be for you This is completely crazy we are rooting for a man trying to get teenagers to start smoking The whole book manages to mock a whole host of industries and employers One of my favourite moments involved the answerphone message of the Washington Post If you feel you have been inaccurately quoted, press oneIf you are a confidential White House source and are calling to alert your reporter that the President is furious over leaks and has ordered a review of all outgoing callspress five Watching Nick at work, on TV and in the media is at once outrageous and brilliant His verbal dexterity is admirable, even if few people reading this will agree with his arguments The story takes a few twists and turns, involving an unidentified person gunning for Nick, a threat on his life, some suspicious FBI agents and an attempt to get cigarette smoking into a major Hollywood film If you enjoy slightly tasteless but incredibly witty reads involving morally suspect men look no further Just brilliant.

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    Buckley has a very dry sense of humor A good example is the name of the main character, Nick Naylor, a lobbyist for the tabacco industry Nick for nicotine and Naylor for coffin nails a euphemism for cigarettes The other lobbyists featured in the book are for alcohol and guns firearms The three main lobbyists in the book are anti ATF.To me, Nick is a modern day Scrooge Not many people remember that at the end of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge is said to keep Christmas better than anyone By the end of the book, he has an Epiphany and completely changes his life Reading Nick s response to all the anti tobacco claims was entertaining because someone would make an unrefutable claim and Nick would have a response for it Having grown up in a family of chain smokers, I am not as bothered by smoking as some people seem to be I ve always thought that was an attention getter I smoked briefly in college, but quit because I thought it was not healthy My parents weren t so tuned in and died from smoking related illness However, they were adults, smoking is a legal addiction, and it was their choice I get tired of people who try to tell everyone else how they should live.This book is not laugh outloud funny as the cover claims, but it was an interesting read Buckley was trying to make a point without preaching If you like dry humor, read Boomsday by this author I thought it was much funnier Buckley is the Jonathan Swift of our day Remember A Modest Proposal

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