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    Found this virtually impossible to read Was expecting an intro course, and it sure appeared that way from a few pages, but the the book started involving complex proofs relying on prior knowledge of particular theorems So I couldn t read it Either I got the wrong book, or the book is wrongly positioned.

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A Course in Financial Calculus download A Course in Financial Calculus, read online A Course in Financial Calculus, kindle ebook A Course in Financial Calculus, A Course in Financial Calculus c657941ff616 This Text Is Designed For First Courses In Financial Calculus Aimed At Students With A Good Background In Mathematics Key Concepts Such As Martingales And Change Of Measure Are Introduced In The Discrete Time Framework, Allowing An Accessible Account Of Brownian Motion And Stochastic Calculus The Black Scholes Pricing Formula Is First Derived In The Simplest Financial Context Subsequent Chapters Are Devoted To Increasing The Financial Sophistication Of The Models And Instruments The Final Chapter Introduces Advanced Topics Including Stock Price Models With Jumps, And Stochastic Volatility A Large Number Of Exercises And Examples Illustrate How The Methods And Concepts Can Be Applied To Realistic Financial Questions