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A Rogue’s Proposal quotes A Rogue’s Proposal, litcharts A Rogue’s Proposal, symbolism A Rogue’s Proposal, summary shmoop A Rogue’s Proposal, A Rogue’s Proposal 2cb907b4 Demon Cynster Has Seen Love Bring His Brethren To Their Knees, And He S Vowed That He Will Not Share Their Fate Until He Spies Felicity Parteger Sneaking About His Racing Stable Demon Remembers Felicity As A Mere Chit Of A Girl, But Now She Stands Before Him, All Lush Curves And Sparkling EyesFelicity Knows Demon Was One Of The Town S Most Eligible Bachelors And A Rogue Of The Worst Sort, But He Was The Only One Capable Of Getting Her Friend Out Of Trouble She Knows Demon Will Never Yield Her The Love She Desperately Seeks, But Could A Marriage Of Passion Alone Be Enough

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    Ya dicen que por la boca muere el pez, y a m este libro me ha dejado boqueando como un pez fuera del agua jajaja Es el segundo libro que leo de esta autora, y por m s que el primero se me hizo insoportablemente pesado y aburrido, ste me ha conquistado No puedo decir que la historia sea original, ni que la protagonista se comporte como lo har a una dama de su poca, ltimamente las hero nas rom nticas de la hist rica parecen haber contra do alg n tipo de fiebre que les hace olvidar la poca en la que viven , pero a pesar de todo, la historia me ha gustado mucho sobre todo el protagonista masculino Demonio el nico que s cumple con las estrictas normas sociales de la regencia.

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    Demon Cynster never wanted to marry Just because I m not forever by your side doesn t mean that s not precisely where I want to be Demon Cynster I can t remember inviting you in or ever opening the gates I just turned around one day and you were there A part of me Oh Demonyou were my least favorite of the Cynsters that isuntil you finally explained what you felt for Felicity Your speech to her melted my heart and won me over I want to build a life with you, to have a home with you, to have children with you Felicity I gave you my innocence It was a gift One you accepted I loved Felicity She was smart, independent, and resilient Stephanie Laurens heroines have been all I can ask for in a historical romance except for Patience These two have been added to my favorite couples They were a perfect fit and this was a very enjoyable read I look forward to of the Cynster males and can t wait to start the next installment.

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    I was rather reluctant to start this one, I wouldn t say I was the biggest fan of Stephanie s previous novels I do love the series theme as we go through each of the Bar Cynster and I appreciate the idea of the family tree at the beginning of the book making it clear where you are in the family Labelled on the family tree are each of the books helping you remember the previous characters and how they relate to the current main character Flick our heroine of the story is remarkable I cherish the fact that she is not a poncy damsel in distress but actually has some character to her This is a strong female character that in no way needs rescuing Her innocence throughout is endearing, her passion and desire for Demon is to be admired making this a very welcome read Flick is what I want all females in romances to be.I can t not write a review on this book without mentioning the steamy bits in this book Phewee, this one is very steamy, it definitely made me blush a few times Stephanie does seem to step it up in this one, you can literally feel the tension and the passion The desire and lust is palpable throughout, engaging you and drawing you into the romance It was actually enthralling I really surprised myself and now cannot wait for the next one in the series Next up Gabriel.

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    Dear God, this drags on interminably and was almost a chore to get through Could have been 200 pages shorter, easy It was about 600 on my iPad, not sure about physical, print edition Gah.

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    I think I just dont enjoy this author s writing The basis of a good story line is there but the whole series is just chuck a buck with cliches and this idea of an all alpha male clan of powerful muscular tall tanned yeah in sunny England rich aristocrats is just too much I think I its the writing that gets to me because there are too many words just seeming to go on and on and on about feelings when one sentence had already expressed the intention I found myself skipping pages just because I wanted to get to the end already WIthout the mystery investigation which seems to be a running theme in all the books of the series there wouldn t have been a story line not that anything is actually happening anyway.Rakish feelings Rakish movements Rakish thoughts Okay we get it, Harry s a rake And am I the only one that finds the names so ridiculous Lucifer Demon and Scandal Come on Really I m sorry I didn t like the book A lot of readers seem to think S.Laurens is the best author ever Not my cup of tea.

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    Oh gosh This was absolutely the best I don t know if it was just the mood I was in or if it was the magic I could feel between Demon and Flick or what, but I loved this one In fact, i think it s the best in the series at least so far Demon has usurped Devil as my favorite Cynster man Want to know how He said the words What words, you ask These I love you none of the other Cynster men have said them Sure, they all felt it, but they never said it Demon did He was scared to admit it, but he said it And His declaration was one of the best I ve ever read Felicity, or Flick, was strong and smart and a little wild But she was so vulnerable when it came to Demon She s been my favorite heroine in this series I can t wait to read the next one

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    Creo que de toda la saga es el que m s me ha gustado despu s del primero.Me gusta mucha Flick, su car cter, su forma de luchar y pelear por lo que quiere y su forma de expresar lo que siente sin ning n miedo.Tengo que decir que durante 100 p ginas m s o menos me ha aburrido bastante, e incluso me plante abandonarlo, pero ahora que lo he terminado estoy contenta de haber llegado al final porque no es como los dem s de esta saga No es una mujer rechazando a un hombre todo el rato hasta que le demuestre algo en realidad si que es as al principio, pero luego cambia y mejora bastante , es una mujer que sabe lo que quiere y no se va a conformar con menos, que va a luchar con u as y dientes hasta casarse con el hombre que ama.Adem s, da gusto leer a una pareja con complicidad, que comparten una afici n como los caballistas, que se entienden y se respetan.Me he llevado muy buena impresi n con este libro y, aunque tambi n acumulo varios disgustos con esta saga, seguir ley ndola porque me entretiene y de vez en cuando me gusta un buen libro de poca.

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    3,5 en realidad

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    3.5 stars The Bar Cynster, they are rouges, rakes of the first order But, when they fall, the fall hard.

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    I m a bit sad to say that I m out here on lonely island with this one, it just wasn t for me I ll admit that the whole attracted to her innocence trope is not one I particularly like It always reads as a bit skeevy to me But I ve let that go when I like the hero heroine pairing and still enjoyed the book I couldn t get there with this one When Demon Flick weren t annoying me, they were boring me to tears There may been a good 300 page romance in here, unfortunately the book is well over 400 pages long.Pages and pages of Demon lusting after his innocent angel For all the talk about his demons and rakishness, I never saw any actual evidence of it It seemed to me that he had a mistress, that was about it I m no expert but wouldn t that just be expected for a 30 something man about town I was expecting at least some naughty proclivities or something but no, he just liked sex Even back then, I m pretty sure that as a man that would have just been considered normal By contrast Flick is presented as some sort of super virgin It s like she never had a sexual thought in her head until she met Demon I realize that young ladies of the time were sheltered but it seems that she had a pretty lax upbringing and hung out at the stables a lot I guess there never a well formed stable boy or anything while she was growing up to pique her curiosity Of course, I guess no stable boy could compare to the manliness of Demon He s so manly he knows she s a female disguised as a boy with one glimpse at her bottom He s so manly he can t be near her once they get to London because everyone will know they ve had sex because she can t hide her sensual glow when she looks at him I actually thought it might pick up when they get to London and the rest of the family is around but that only lasted for a chapter or so Then we get pages of internal monologues that could have been cleared up with one conversation.There s a mystery too but I couldn t bring myself to care about that either On the plus side, unlike many a romance pairing, I can see Demon Flick happily together forever They share the love of horses and the country And I guess that s also part of my problem with the book Outside of the sex, they seem very compatible despite their age difference So 400 pages of keeping them apart seemed contrived rather than entertaining I loved Honoria and Devil s story but it s all gone a bit downhill from there for me I didn t love the last Laurens book I read either I m thinking that she may just not be for me.

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