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Scandal's Bride pdf Scandal's Bride, ebook Scandal's Bride, epub Scandal's Bride, doc Scandal's Bride, e-pub Scandal's Bride, Scandal's Bride a2bf0e266f3 He Will Father Your Children When Catriona Hennessy, Honorable Scottish Lady Of The Vale, Received This Prediction, She Was Exceedingly Aghast How Could She Unite With A Rake Like Richard Cynster A Masterful Man With A Scandalous Reputation More Shocking Still Was Her Guardian S Will That Decreed She And Richard Be Wed Within A Week Though Charmed By His Commanding Presence, And Wooed By His Heated Kisses, She Would Not Could Not Give Up Her IndependenceSo She Formed A Plan To Get The Heir She Needed Without Taking Wedding VowsRichard Was Just As Stunned By The Will S Command Marriage Had Not Previously Been On His Agenda, But Lately He D Been Feeling Ratherrestless Perhaps Taming The Lady Was Just The Challenge He Needed But Can He Have The Rights Of The Marriage Bed Without Making Any Revealing Promises Of Love

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    SPOILER ALERT DNF d at 28% I simply cannot finish this one After reading the first two books in this series, you would think my patience would have been sufficiently stretched to accommodate Laurens distinctively bitchy, grating heroines It s true, I was expecting a heroine who was equal parts stupid, judgmental, arrogant, and bitchy What I was not expecting, however, was for said irritating heroine to also be a fucking rapist She roofies the hero and has sex with him because she s convinced he s just supposed to father her child and nothing .I m not making this up From the beginning of the book, Catriona has been visited by visions she knows are being sent by her own personal savior, also known as The Lady Apparently, The Lady wants Catriona to marry Richard Cynster Catriona, for some strange reason, refuses to even entertain this notion She keeps insisting that she s reading the signs wrong, misinterpreting the messages she s being sent But each time she tries for a clearer answer, the answer comes back clearer He will father your children But Catriona, wise, all knowing 22 year old pain in the ass, knows about what s going on than her paranormal watchdog, so she s just sittin , biding her time until she can think of some way to get out of the situation When her companion eavesdrops on a conversation between Richard and another man, she jumps to conclusions, tells Catriona what Richard said even though he didn t really say much at all , and then Catriona also jumps to conclusions, is convinced Richard is about to leave even though The Lady has said he ll father Catriona s children sooooooooooo..the only answer is rape It s bad enough she treats Richard like a child from the moment they meet, constantly attempting to use her mindquad abilities to manipulate him, but then she goes and drugs him and has sex with him and is cool with it And in case you re wondering why she didn t just seduce him without the drugging part, here s the greatest part Richard is a bastard He s been lucky as far as bastards go since his father s wife accepted him as one of her own, but he s still sensitive about his bastardy Catriona, knowing this, seeks to have a child by him, out of wedlock, without him ever knowing She doesn t seem to feel even the slightest twinge of guilt about any of it Even after the deed is done Her only concern is that Richard wasn t quite as out of sorts as she would have liked Because, you know, the sex ain t good unless your partner resembles a corpse So she just plans to drug him a little next time Oh, I didn t mention Yeah, she s planning to do it again That was where I quit I ve better things to do with my time than read about some trumped up, arrogant sexual predator with a god complex getting her happily ever after.

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    That s ridiculous You can t simply declare we ll wed I have to agree And I won t If I decide to have you he kept his words deliberate, pausing to let the qualification sink in I ll have to change your mind Another great installment from the Bar Cynster series The storyRichard Cynster comes to Scotland summond by a lawyer, he s to be present at the reading of the last will and testament of his biological mother s husband Yes I know, quite complex, but that is why his nickname is Scandal His real mother was from the Lowlands, and married His father Sebastian Cynster had an affair with her and thus came Richard, a bastard son sent to the Cynsters and raised by Helena, the Duchess of St Ives.Moving on Catriona, The lady of the Vale , had a vision of the man who will father her childern, sent to her by The Lady herself, and that man turns out to be Richard Knowing that as the lady of the Vale, she can t have someone as strong of character as a husband, because of her obligations and powers, she must be the one in charge, so she sets on completing the Lady s desires, without having to marry Richard What does she think of Why, it s totally obvious Drug the man and have sex with him without him knowing it, get pregnant and never see him again Quite simple, really BUT, she somehow got her potions in a wrong mix, because the sleeping potion and the afrodisiac worked a bit too well, a rake in normal terms, Richard became quite enthusiastic might I just say, very very hot scene , and in the morning he thought it was all a dream, but still remembered some parts vividly The next night he didn t drink the potion, and was surprised by Catriona coming in his room That of course didn t stop him from doing the deed again The third night Ah the third night was a real pantie changer He planned to sex her up so much that she d admit why she was coming to him And boy, that was a page burner RichardHe is entranced by Catriona from the first moment he set eyes on her, and doesn t really understand why she s so against him and the prospect of being his wife He, of course, does everything he can to convince her to change her mind , and after the whole sleeping afrodisiac debacle, there s really no other way out than for them to marry He made a vow not to mess with her Lady of the vale business, and leave everything in her hands But after some time it becomes difficult He wants to help, have a purpose in life, but being sworn not to meddle, he can t offer help until she asks it of him I really liked him, but sometimes was just frustrated with the whole I won t talk to you and tell you what s on my mind until you talk to me and tell me what s on YOUR mind Actually, they were BOTH this way CatrionaI liked that she was a bit different from the normal type of heroines, she s actually the dominant one, because of her calling, and the fact that the Vale is hers to manage Kinda got on my nerves with the things I mentioned about Richard, not enough communication between them, she kept thinking he d want to go back to London and leave her, that he isn t interested in her and their possible life in the Vale And the drugging, hmmm even though it was HOT, I still don t approve I didn t like that part much on the first read, now I still don t If it was a man who did that to a woman, drugged her with sleeping pills and afrodiciacs, oh there d be lots of talk about that Still, loved the fact that she s a witch , or some kind of druid lady or like it XD It was all mystic and I loved that part Especially knowing she ll appear in the later novels and her crystals are going to have a role in them The bad guyThis was done pretty well, it was obvious to me, but then, it was obvious to the H h, and I m glad they figured out who it was right from the moment it happened BUT Don t like the way it ended with the bad guy Don t like it AT ALL.So, my Bar Cynster re reads continue, now to my next and favorite book, about Demon

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    This used to be one of my favorite books But, rereading itCatriona drugs Richard, sneaks into his room and has sex with him.This is called rape It s completely inappropriate and immoral Why was I so ok with that when I was younger Does Stephanie Lauren s not believe men can be raped If Richard drugged her and then slept with the world would be in uproar and call him a rapist Just disturbing.

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    Scandal Cynster has avoided marriage and matchmaking women Thoroughly enjoyed this installment of the Cynster series I didn t expect to love his character so much What a pleasant surprise that Scandal turned out to be my kind of man He s strong, intelligent and protective Best of all, he s a slow patient lover that likes to go all night I want you in the worst possible way In every way known to man I want to see you flower for me Spread your legs for me and hold out your arms for me I want to be inside you than I want to breath I want to feel you rising beneath me as I ride you And I want to wake and find you beside me I want to hold you forever He pressed a kiss to her lips I want to care for you forever I want to be your lover in all ways In every sense of the word and the deed Hot Damn Scandal I need a cold shower after that speech His love interest turns out to be a sexy witch with potions and healing capabilities She is skeptical of marrying a dominant man and fears he will interfere with her witchy ways She only entertains Scandal because her goddess tells her that he will father her children.Full of angst, sex, love and attempted murder, this one kept me up at night I look forward to of this series

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    I added this book to my All Things Summer Challenge because it s been sitting on my tbr pile for a long time The few books I ve read in the Cynster series were pretty good, but it s not one of my favorite historical series Scandal s Bride turned out to be a nice surprise I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into enjoying this book I get really bored with Lord Rake who finds himself reluctantly drawn into marriage type storylines, and the Cynster series is ripe with those And, Catriona wouldn t be my ideal choice of a heroine But, I was pleasantly surprised.I ended up liking Richard, aka Scandal , quite a bit I vaguely remember liking him in the other Cynster books, but that was years ago His past rakish deeds aren t really rubbed in my face, so that helps I like that he wasn t extremely averse to marrying Catriona, if that got her in his arms He s actually a pretty nice guy, smart, and kind He was willing to play second fiddle as the consort to Catriona, who is the official lady of her lands He was open minded about Catriona s religion, which involves worship of The Lady I really respected him for being a strong, dominant man who was able to take on that kind of role, and do it with grace, because that was what being with the woman he loved entailed.At times, Catriona was a bit too arrogant for my tastes I do realize that it was a necessity to be so, with all the responsibilities she held She started growing on me pretty fast By the end of the book, I liked her quite a bit.The whole aspect of neither wanting to reveal the strength of their feelings for each other really got to me I could feel the pain on both sides Catriona didn t want to hold Richard hostage in her valley, if he wanted to go to London with his family Richard felt like he didn t matter and wasn t important to Catriona All he needed was for her to say so I thought my heart would break when he got ready to leave Fortunately, he comes to his senses.This book has a lot of steamy scenes which seems to be Ms Laurens writing style Overall, I liked them I didn t really need that many, but no biggie I could feel the connection between Richard and Catriona, so it wasn t just unnecessary sex filler to me Thus, they didn t get into the way of the storyline they fit this novel.I think this book was a trifle too long I started thinking, Is this book going to be over yet A significant portion was spent on seeing the Cynster family interacting when they come to visit, and a lot of Cynster males do this, and Cynster females do that It was almost a little bit much Not quite though I think I have to be in the mood for this sort of book, and it went down easy, since it made the time pass in an enjoyable fashion.In short, this was a good read I think it s a weak four due to the somewhat excessive length, and the whole eye rolling aspects of the Cynsters do this and the Cynsters do that The suspense plot wasn t that compelling, but I don t really read historical romance for mystery suspense In fact, it can be somewhat disruptive What helped this book was the fact that Richard was a very appealing hero He s a man that is able to compromise without feeling like that makes him less of a man I really liked that about him I liked seeing the family interactions of Catriona s people Inside, there is a farmer rancher live off the land girl in me, so I like reading those kinds of settings in books This was a book I enjoyed even than I expected For that reason, I d recommend it to a reader in the mood for this sort of thing.Content warning Catriona drugs Richard so she can have sex with him to conceive a child Some readers might see that as a form of rape.

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    DNF 27% No rating as I did not finish this story Look, I went in knowing that there was going to be a contentious issue so I shouldn t be surprised that I didn t like it I decided to take a risk and not judge by other peoples opinions Honestly, the issue wasn t even the reason I stopped By the time I got there, I was done and it had just given me a good enough reason to say enough is enough I ABSOLUTELY HATED THE HEROINE Such a self absorbed, arrogant and manipulative character did not deserve to find happiness or contentment The whole I m a witch, I will turn you into a toad if you annoy me was really cringe worthy and unbelievable Then, I hated that she was purposely looking for a weak man to dominate because she couldn t have a man tell her what to do Of course, the hero is too strong and virile, so she decides to use and abuse himliterally Not at all the kind of heroine I m looking for in my historical romance reads Sure, I like my heroines to have a backbone but this was something else entirely.Anyways, Scandal s Bride didn t work for me Don t judge by my review alone, you may find that my issues are not your issues If you re looking for spoilers, you won t have to try too hard, there are plenty to be found.

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    I liked it But again as usual, my luck wasn t in my favour Some crap happened and I lost my interest completely If I ignore that particular incident, this book was totally fantastic Scottish vales and a beautiful, characteristically strong willed Cynster series heroine who looks much like Disney s Scottish heroine Merida But incidents like those are hard to ignore view spoiler The heroine drugs the hero so that she can sleep with him and get impregnated hide spoiler

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    Scandal s Bride3.5 StarsRichard Scandal Cynster is summoned to the home of his mother s husband for the reading of his will Not expecting much of a bequest, Richard is shocked at the deceased s demand that he marry Miss Catriona Hennessy or the family will forfeit their inheritance While marriage is not off the cards for Catriona, she always expected to wed a meek and biddable man who would allow her, her freedom Unfortunately, Richard is anything but subservient Can these two fiercely independent and strong willed people make a go of it Richard has played a minor role in the series up until know, but this is his moment to shine and he certainly does so Not only is he a caring, considerate and honorable man who places family above all else much like all the Cynster men , he is also sexy and insatiable a killer combination.Catriona is a likable heroine right up until the moment that she view spoiler drugs and virtually rapes Richard and plans on keeping the resulting pregnancy a secret from him hide spoiler

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    Another great installment from the Bar Cynster series Scandal s Bride is the third book in Stephanie Laurens Cynster Series.The way the marriage comes about between Scandal and Catriona means that they are thrown together and have to make it work they don t have the chance before the marriage to get to know each other and fall in love The Cynster men have a lot in common They are all fairly dictatorial, insanely possessive, have a tendency to resist fate yet give in so very easily.I love Scandal s story, finding it interesting, as he ends up married to a raven witch Catrina due to the conditions of a will when he visits his mother s house This one is the third in the series and it features Richard Cynster All of the boys have nicknames, Richard s is the Scandal that Never Was There are times when you can t explain why you like a book You just do I just liked Scandal s Bride, especially after feeling lukewarm once I was done reading A Rake s Vow, which was good, but missing an element that was found in the third installment The story of this book really caught my attention I liked how there was a sort of mythical influence to their encounter That s ridiculous You can t simply declare we ll wed I have to agree And I won t If I decide to have you he kept his words deliberate, pausing to let the qualification sink in I ll have to change your mind Recommendations

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    Spoiler review but you need to know this I can put up with a lot in romance Authors can make me believe so many things, put up with situations I wouldn t in real life, and enjoy stories that I find unbelievable and ridiculous But I can t and won t tolerate rape in any form in any book I read that is supposed to be a romance I would give this negative stars if I could The heroine drugs the hero for the purpose of having sex with him without his knowledge so she can get pregnant and he never has to know about the baby She does this not once but 3 times She is successful the first time, having sex with him that he thinks is a dream doesn t really remember This is RAPE in any time period and for any reason I only have one thing to say to this book No For those wondering, I did finish it I wanted to see how the author redeemed the heroine She doesn t If you see this one, run the other way.

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