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A Secret Love txt A Secret Love , text ebook A Secret Love , adobe reader A Secret Love , chapter 2 A Secret Love , A Secret Love 76904d All Of Regency London Knows That No Cynster Male Would Ever Walk Away From A Lady In Distressbut Their Protection Can Come At A Tantalizingly High Price And Now, Stephanie Laurens Has Created Her Boldest Cynster Yet Gabriel A Man Who Has Known The Pleasure Of Many Women, But Who Has Given His Heart To No OneShe Was Desperate For His HelpWhen A Mysterious Lady, Her Face Hidden By A Black Veil, Begs Gabriel Cynster For His Help, He Cannot Refuse Her Plea For Despite Her Disguise, Gabriel Finds The Woman Alluring And He Is Powerless To Deny Her But He Exacts Payment As Only A Cynster Would Demand With Each Piece Of Information He Uncovers, She Must Pay Him In The Form Of A KissHe Was Powerless To ResistLady Alathea Morwellan Knows Gabriel Is Intrigued, But Despite The Sparks That Fly Between Them, They Have Never Passed A Civil Moment Together Yet As The Stakes Get Higher, So Does Gabriel S Desire For Payment And With Each Overpowering Kiss, Each Passionate Embrace, Alathea Knows That She Will Not Be Able To Resist His Ultimate Seductionbut What Will Happen When She Reveals The Truth

About the Author: Stephanie Laurens

Stephanie Laurens was born in Sri Lanka, which was at the time the British colony of Ceylon When she was 5, her family moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she was raised After continuing through school and earning a Ph.D in Biochemistry in Australia, Stephanie and her husband moved to Great Britain, taking one of the last true overland journeys from Katmandu to London.Once in Londo

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    Book 5 in the Cynster series focuses on Alathea and Gabriel Cynster I gave this a 2 star rating which may be a harsh rating but I was so disappointed with this book I m disappointed with myself for being disappointed I just didn t connect with the story at all Which is such a shame as I really enjoyed book 4 and was looking forward to the rest of the series, I thought finally I am looking forward to what comes next and then I read this I think the whole reason I didn t connect with this story is that I found it so ridiculous Alathea is a lovely character, she had so much potential but as the story went on I just thought how silly she was Gabriel was no better, he is supposed to be this alpha male protector and described as a knight , seems to me to be a bit dense How can you not realise who you are kissing, let alone being intimate with and not know it is your childhood friend Urgh also, only in a romance novel would someone have sex and not know there identity, anyone could be under there Here is another question, why do all the men in this series have a problem admitting they love the girl After asking them to marry and give themselves to the man would it be too much to ask just for them to say from the off they love her I was so put off by the first half of this book the ending could not even revive the story Now the ending was good, some I did not expect, but by that point the damage was done One thing I could not comprehend was why it took Chillingworth so long to step in I won t say much as I do not want to spoil it but those that have read it will know what I mean I do feel bad giving this 2 stars but come on, can we have a romance story that isn t so fancy pancy and so predictable Stephanie writes a good sex scene I will give her that, she encapsulates the passion so well, but the fluffyness around it needs to step up to match the raunchy bits Maybe Lucifer will be bring to the plate, I shall keep you posted.

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    Gabriel s sexy widow has him all hot and bothered Lady AlatheaThis book had great promise and the first 50% was wonderful as Lady Alathea disguised as a widower seeks the help of Gabriel Gabriel was immediately intrigued and determined to seduce the sexy widow.The story loses steam and passion once Gabriel discovers the identity of the widow Gabriel turned out to be one of my least favorite Cynsters He admits to himself that he is a coward for demanding that Alathea tell him she loves him, yet he s afraid to confess his feelings for her He cops out by writing her a note Gabriel doesn t match up to the other Cynsteys that have stolen my heart with heartfelt declarations of love He goes on to tell his heroine that he may never say the words, but that he will feel them forever WTH I Just Can t Not very mature This one gets 3.0 Grow the F ck up stars

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    LORD I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Alathea, the ideal daughter, has given up her dreams and become a spinster to help her family When she finds them in financial ruin, she decides to pretend to be a widow countess and take help from her childhood friend turned nemesis, Gabriel under a disguise, and what follows is a beautiful love story.I loved the chemistry, the deception, the strength of the characters, and ofcourse their very hot lovemaking scenes I especially enjoyed once Gabriel realizes his feelings for her le sigh I was trying to find the spark I had felt in Honoria and Devil s book and I FINALLY did Safe read.5 5

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    A three star rating for a book I didn t finish Really Well, the thing is that this book was pretty darn good for the first 3 4 or so Then it was done, but the author didn t seem aware of the fact I tried to stay with her throughout all the tedious questing for the three magic words, but there were only so many times and so many ways the heroine could say or think , He s honorable, passionate, sexy, a great friend, and I love him but he hasn t said he loved me so I can t marry him before I decided it was best to stop reading before my fond memories of the first part of the book were overrun with the obnoxiousness of the final chapters I figure at some point the bad guy will threaten her, Gabriel will rescue her, the fact that he almost lost her will show him as nothing else apparently could that she really is the love of his life, and they ll live HEA At least, that s how Laurens s books usually end In the meantime, I recommend the first 3 4 of this book to romance readers, especially Stephanie Laurens fans.

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    Oh My Books I believe this is my first book from Stephanie Laurens, pero now I know why she s one of the favorite historical romance writers.Alathea Morwellan has a huge problem Her family s fortune is on danger She s the only one who can save her family, like always, but she knows she need help from her friend, Gabriel Cynster.Gabriel Cynster is, like every Cynster, looking for adventure When a sexy woman asks for his help, he s is glad to help receiving kisses for payment He doesn t know who she is, doesn t even think she s the same boring Alathea, but between kisses and an special perfume, he s going to get the surprise of his life.I liked Alathea and Gabriel together They were a hot couple, although I wanted them to realize they were made for each other sooner I liked Gabriel s protectiveness and Alathea s character, but I got tired of the business they were trying to discover together to maintain Alathea s fortune They concentrated to much on it and I wanted acting between them, but in the end I liked how their relationship developed.Although I felt it was a little bit longer than necessary, I enjoyed A Secret Love and Stephanie Laurens is on my good list of historical romance authors I m new to the Cynster series, but I d like to read all the books What do you think Have you read the Cynster series

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    Loved it Definitely 5 stars Devil may be my favorite Cynster, but so far this is my favorite story I ve always liked childhood friends turning to sweethearts because in those old relationships, new things could be discovered I don t mean offense to the author but this heroine has the most beautiful name, and I loved her character too Gabriel, in terms of nicknames, has the most angelic one as it does not concern anything evil unlike the other Bar Cynsters Devil, Scandal, Demon, Lucifer , Vane is just neutral sounding I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series and delight on how one by one they fall in love and get married, especially those who tried to run away from it but ended up facing it The side story in here gets suspenseful in the end I liked how Gabriel and Alathea s relationship blossomed not just because of a certain circumstance both are headstrong and they re only a year apart in age and that gives them the understanding of each one s thoughts Both of them have fears on commitment but how Gabriel risked being vulnerable was really touching Cynsters really show their love, rather than say it and I find that endearing Their relationship really took time, nothing was rushed and the way their feelings were described was heartfelt and vivid No need to mention that Stephanie Laurens is one of my favorite authors in this genre.

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    3.5 stars

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    Once again continuing on with the Cynster family with some friends in Romance Lovers for the Challenge Impaired We re talking about it over here I was again hoping to be impressed, but Gabriel was really just another Cynster like the others before him Same type Sure, I imagined him as all sexy and stuff, but as far as his high handedness and controlling ways, yep, he s a Cynster Not necessarily a bad thing, the whole family has these similar traits, but Gabriel wasn t my favorite Alathea wasn t a favorite either I think Flick still holds that place right now in this series But Alathea was a good person, and she was nice I didn t not like her She was just a little vanilla The love scenes in this one too were kinda vanilla, not as exciting as in 4 to me Maybe that s because the book I read right before this one was on the erotic side I can t say for sure But it just wasn t as exciting I did really like the mystery bit, trying to figure out what the truth was behind this bogus investing in fake gold mines in Africa, and get the proof to bring them down before they could ruin Alathea s family That was nice, learning a little of the explorers and stuff back then But only a very, very little, like when Alathea was speaking to Captain Struthers and researching in the library Really, I could ve went for info there But there was some of stuff that was unbelievable too, like the fact that Alathea s father would just hand over the family s financial reins to his 18 year old daughter, and that she d run the books ever after that, and that the other men, the steward solicitor agent type people that she had to deal with in that course would just all be ok with it too But I could set that aside Another thing that bugged me and this is probably just something that maybe missed the editor s attention or something but all throughout the book, Alathea s siblings are referred to as her step siblings, even though in than one place in the book, the children are described as having inherited looks and personality traits of both Alathea s father, and her step mother So wouldn t that make them her half siblings That bugged me The fact that Alathea was older was all right though, it was nice that she didn t have to be kept all watched over like a young miss, she had a little freedom And the way she cared for her family was nice In that way, she was a perfect mate for a Cynster, what with their focus on family and everything But the whole disguise of being the countess I dunno It was interesting, but I had a hard time believing he wouldn t recognize her sooner I mean, a veil isn t totally obscuring, at least not that type of veil but they did meet usually in the dark, so I guess that was acceptable I was a little shocked when they made love the first time without him knowing or finding out who she was When he did find out it was her, he was mad, but not really as mad as I thought he d be Then he all demands she marry him, and when she pushes for a declaration of love, he says, We ve wasted enough time Jerk Then after that they find themselves in bed, after she s agreed to marry him and he demands that she tell him that she loves him He makes her say it I was about to climb in there and smack him in the mouth But then he said it to her, at long last, and it wasn t super romantic, but it was kinda cute, and I liked it But I liked his notes First, with her flowers, when he simply said You have my heart, don t break it And then the note he sent her on the day of her wedding that simply said I love you After the time he said it in bed lol But it was sweet Like it was tough for him to say it, but he did, for her And that was great Of course everything turned out for the Alathea s family in the end despite Alathea losing her brains for a moment there and going off alone with some sailors to the docks to go into the hold of a ship geez, just when I was thinking she was the smart one , they saved the fortune, her two sisters got married to two nice guys who were best friends, and other people who would ve been hurt by the villains were saved too All in a day s work huh I was sad that poor Captain Struthers didn t make it, he was interesting in the wee little bit I got to see him, only to be killed off so soon But ah, Chillingworth Chillingworth He played a bit in this book, and it was excellent, especially towards the end I so freakin totally cannot wait until we get to his book It d better be good Lucifer s up next He thinks he s gonna escape his destiny to be the next wedded Cynster, but he s foolish, he should know running away isn t going to save him It didn t save Vane or Demon, it ain t gonna save him I m not sure what to think of Lucifer yet I m hoping he ll be fascinating, but I just don t know yet We ll see next month

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    REREAD May 2019Just as fabulous as the first time Swoony friends to lovers with mystery and intrigue All the stars.

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    Nice story, liking it Recommendations D

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