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The Dolphin People pdf The Dolphin People, ebook The Dolphin People, epub The Dolphin People, doc The Dolphin People, e-pub The Dolphin People, The Dolphin People a2af81e9f0f Shortly After The End Of WWII, Sixteen Year Old Erich Linden And His Family Have Fled Germany And Joined Erich S Uncle, Klaus, In Venezuela, Where They Will Begin A New Life But, En Route To Klaus S Outpost Further Inland, They Encounter A Storm And Their Plane Crashes In The Middle Of The Jungle Stranded Deep Within Ia With No Hope Of Rescue, They Are Discovered By The Yayomi, A Violent And Superstitious Stone Age Tribe The Yayomi Believe The Strange Looking Foreigners Are Freshwater Dolphins In Human Form And The Lindens Believe That As Long As They Can Keep Up The Bizarre Ruse They Ll Be Safe But The Jungle Is A Dark, Mysterious Place, And No Place For A Family Of Sham Dolphin People Who Are Ultimately Left With Only Two Choices To Escape Or To Die Trying

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    Erich, they differ from us only in the limitations imposed upon them by stone, as opposed to iron and steel Torsten Krol, The Dolphin PeopleFans of William Golding s Lord of the Flies will love this book.It s also almost Kipling esque Rudyard, not the cake maker, you twit , taking us back to a time where far flung destinations couldn t be reached by all and sundry on a jumbo jet.A post WWII crash landing into the ian jungle forces Erich, an unworldly teenager, to become an uninvited neighbour of the Yayomi people.This wonderful story tackles racism on several fronts and exposes the depths that modern man might sink to when the axioms of civilization no longer apply.Leaden with heavy metaphors and social dilemmas, but also rich with imagery, this is a worthwhile and thought provoking read.

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    If I did one thing in all my life, assuming I lived, I would tell anyone who asked, and plenty who didn t, that Jews are no separate and different from other people than a blue parrot is to a green one A parrot is a parrot, and calling a parrot a bat is the sign of a fool Now I was no longer a fool, and never would be again. This one grew on me quickly While initially I was put off by what seemed to me elements of shock value thrown in to hook the reader, Krol s frictionless prose and compelling characters detained me right up until the end Bringing together a German family with Nazi sympathies and an entrenchedly superstitious uncontacted people in the might seem an odd mix, but in fact there was a minor diaspora of Nazi war criminals to South America after the war drew to a close This is fiction, but not inconceivable fiction In an interview about the book, the pseudonymous Krol remarks that the Holocaust was the blackest page in human history, the absolute nadir of human baseness It isn t something to be compartmentalized away as ancient history, and this saga of human tragedy is something that receives long thematic play as the cast s true convictions leak out onto the pages.The book has been compared to Robinson Crusoe, only much darker And that s true It ll have you biting your nails and cringing in disgust while locked in a trance The Dolphin People is breezy, frequently disarming, and is sure to stick with you long after it s through.

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    I wish this book were a guy so I could marry it and have a million babies with it Read The Dolphin People if you like rollicking adventure stories told in crystal clear, diamond sharp prose if you enjoy gasping in terror every 20 pages or so if you have the stomach for death by piranha and mutilation if you re interested in tall, handsome, purely evil Nazis or if you like complicated philosophical ideas explicated so beautifully and simply that they go down as easily as a gin and tonic after a day at the beach.

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    Just spent several enjoyable hours finishing off the final 150 pages Really difficult to put down As easy to read as watching a film ie, perfectly smooth sailing prose Seemed a bit too young adultishy at first for me, narrated by a 17 year old boy, but the tone a little like Phillip Pullman matures along with the narrator Reminded me of reading all day in bed when I was a kid, transported, fully engaged, startled, laughing, pleasurably cringing at certain scenes I won t discuss the content since to say anything would give too much away Let s just say it s constantly surprising and horrific and wonderfully engineered and executed A sure fire cure for cabin fever this winter.

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    I m honestly of two opinions on this book On the one hand, it s a very harsh read that I can see upsetting some readers with the scenes it depicts and the characters involved On the other hand, it s all done so well that it s hard to knock it because the content is so graphic at times The story is told with wonderful prose and builds in such a way that, bizarre and gross as it can be sometimes, I never once wanted to put the book down, and in fact wanted to rush headlong through it I think that says a lot for a book that grows from a sort of adventure story that might almost work as a young adult novel into a fever dream of life s cruel realities taking place in the remote jungle dwelling of a stone age tribe It s a great book, and one I m very glad I took the time to read Would I read it again I m not sure I feel like it s a book that would be hard to read again knowing certain details and how it ends now Like, maybe a read once a decade or type of thing I would say check it out though It s definitely an experience and not one you would normally get Just be prepared because it has those moments that honestly turned even my stomach a bit.

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    Thorsten Krol s incredible talent to show creative writing at it s best is executed in his latest novel The Dolphin People This novel is so unique, peculiar, odd to say the least, yet thought provoking, horrifying, shocking and yet at times humorous as well The book is a fantastic literary achievement with much panache and style not seen in others too often I ll definitely put it on my doozy list, for this tale is a whopper Putting it down for a second is not going to happen, I promise you Shortly after the end of WWII, Erich Linden, a 16 year old German boy is enroute to Venezuela with his mother, brother and new stepfather After his father died in the war, his uncle Klaus offered to marry his mother and move the family to his home in Venezuela where he owned a successful business While traveling, their airplane crashes into the ocean and all miraculously swim to safety Finding themselves alone in the jungle, with no food, water or supplies, the situation becomes critical until they are found by the Yayomi tribe Taken to the tribal village, they find another German there, an anthropologist that has been living with the tribe for 11 years working on a book chronicling their culture They are told that rescue is slim, and getting out of the jungle alive due to weather, violent natives and no boat to take them away, was impossible Their only choice was to begin living with the Yayomi until circumstances changed The Yayomi don t know what to make of these white people that emerged from the river, and call them the Dolphin People From their historical legend it is said that there were dolphins that transformed themselves into people and were to be revered as gods Playing along with this charade seemed logical as to not anger them and cause a dangerous life threatening situation Erich and his family assimilate into the village until secrets, betrayals, jealous feuds, murders and mischief being to cause the unraveling of this unusual freakish family slowly going mad Each member of this family has skeletons in their closets and inner demons waiting to burst free, and here in their jungle prison, all hell breaks loose Frightening, horrible events breathe evil into Krol s writing, allowing the reader to perch on the edge of their seats as scenario s of love, hate, racial injustice and gender issues bring thought provoking passages for the reader to ponder on There are tender moments between two brothers struggling to adjust in a world foreign, insanity for a mother who can t cope, bitter rivalry between two men of science and intellect, and an introduction to the world of the jungle, all wrapped up in tense and emotional scenes that keep those pages flying Intense, this is a very very intense book One minute heartwarming and touching as two races from two countries entwine, the next minute you will find yourself cringing in horror as you struggle to breathe and attempt to turn the next page in fear Standing ovation for this unusual novel I loved it

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    So I needed something to hold me over until Mockingjay was released, and this is what I picked up on a whim at the bookstore This gem s author uses a pen name, and rightfully so I would probably keep my identity secret if I wrote a book whose characters sympathize with Nazis, are child hermaphrodites, and have nightmarish accounts involving piranhas and candiru seriously, check them out I picked this one up while I was on a survival of the fittest kick It starts out simple enough a family is on their way to Venezuela, and their plane crashes in a river tributary in the middle of the Then an indigenous tribe finds them, mistakes them for dolphins who have taken the form of people, and take the family of dolphins back to live as guests in the tribe s village it s actually just a giant house made of dirt with hammocks A series of disturbing events follow the family drinks a dead person s remains to prove a point, they snort tree bark that makes them see dead Jewish children among other things , and one performs surgery with no help from anesthesia due to a prior morphine addiction Now, I m not going to lie to you and say that this one isn t a page turner I finished it in two days I m also not going to be the creep who recommends it to you and takes responsibility for the way you can never look at someone peeing into a river the same again not that you ever looked before I m just trying to make a point here If you do decide to pick it up, at least you ll know one person who won t judge you.

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