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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review I once read somewhere about the different type of writing styles I have learned that each author has their own way of writing the story out From what I read, this book is based on character development then it is on the plot The reason I say that is because in the beginning we are faced with Eira is on her death bed, where she meets Raikidan Someone who has promised her to help get revenge on those who have done her wrong which is the way I see it.As the story moves on Eira and Raikidan form a bond, one that I believe is not something Eira is used to Through my eyes I see that Eira is very distant with people, except for the ones she cares about But whether she knows it or not she has some of the feeling that she is not supposed to have In this story we get to learn and about Eira, about her past, even about the things that haunt her.Towards the end it doesn t seem that she get the revenge that she sets out for Instead we get the see the character grow as a person In no way do I believe that this takes out the quality of this story, In fact I loved the story It was refreshing to read the about the characters growing closer together.Now we do get some action in this book, and the flow in the fight scenes are great Details are fantastic as well, you really get a good picture of what is happening in your mind I think that Shannon had a good balance when it came to that.The only reason she did not get five stars from me on this, was for the fact I got a little confused Though the we have one main pov, then we get to one part and it switches to another one I understand the reason for it and what it did for the story, I just don t see why it only happened once.In fact I find it very odd when we see authors do this, I think that if you are going to move through than one pov, don t do it just once in the book Maybe try out the one chapter with a different pov But don t go crazy and do to many.All in all I thought this was a great book, and the ending had me very curious about what is going to happen in the next book I mean serious CLIFFHANGER, BEWARE You hate to love it, that is something that leaves you craving .I think this is definitely a book I would like to keep in my personal paperback library Just going to start making a list of the book I want to buy and keep in my house.

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    4,5 starsI wonder1 Why didn t I discover this book sooner 2 Why isn t it a best seller yet I am absolutely IN LOVE I ve never seen fantasy, paranormal and sci fi blending so perfectly before I had understood this would be an amazing book since the first pages full of mistery and surprise And the most surprising thing is if I assumed right that all this book is just a sort of anticipation of the real story, which will be told in the sequel.All characters are particular and original I ve met for the first time the Nu Human, experiments created by combining different kinds of DNA in order to realize soldiers with inhanced skilled Eira, the heroine, is one of them, but at the same time she s not Her personality is obscure and tormented She can t feel the emotions as everybody else does.On the other hand there s my new crush Raikidan He s a Black Red dragon with the skill of shapeshifter, and he s soooo adorable Sometimes I wondered if the main character was him or Eira, because during all the story he s always present and learning new things about the human world He s so cute when he asks embarassing things to Eira But at the same time he s strong, clever and mysterious.What I found so good, aside of the style, is that there are both action and reflection, past and present, sad moments and funny ones The past of the characters isn t completely revealed, but this helps to make the story even captivating.Should we talk about the ending Totally unexpected I MUST read the sequel, or I ll get mad xDI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    this book was everything i wanted to read and action, suspence, romance, comedy truly a great find it may be a lot of pages, but if you get into it, the book is finished before you know it I give this book 5 stars for creativity and down right amazing detail and hooks it kept me reading, and I m a picky reader.

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    I m going to try really hard to stay objective about this review I liked PIECES of this book, but my overwhelming confusion, frustration andwell gawking I did while reading made it so hard to continue.What I liked Rai is generally likeable Passive, but likeable His curiosity and almost unconscious protectiveness of Eira kept him very being unmemorable Many of the side characters were nice diversions in the plot as well I liked Ryoko and Valene a lot.But if swear on my books I wanted to stab Eira from page one It has been a truly long time since I read such a MC with an inferiority complex Such a WEIRDLY SPECIFIC one no less Need to kill a guy She got you.Break into a well fortified city Breezy.Fight some goons She s on it.Anything else from her eating habits to her shoes, she s not worth the time it took me to remember how to spell time.She spent a lot of time telling Rai that she was defective af , broken af and emotionless af That genuine sounding laughter She s just a great actress Happiness is an emotion she understands the properties of but doesn t feel probably Friends involve trust which involves caring and guys, she doesn t know to do that.At all Ever Stop don t point out how she cares what happens to them who try to help her Or her genuine grief over a couple deaths Or how she feels about Ryder Putting her aside can we talk about the large dropping of world information We re talking big, clunky drops of info like Eira was a NPC in a RPG talking to the player character because he made the mistake of not skipping through the tutorial background of the game.Large swaths of info is given out at Rai s smallest question Nominally because somehow he s lived such a loner dragon existence in the last 200ish years he has no idea Which barely tracks timeline wise but that s a minor nitpick There was no feel of organic progression to these moments, they ground all plot to a halt.Meanwhile the information relayed is half baked and doesn t mesh with actual descriptions well I still have NO IDEA how somehow nu humans are both in control of humanity but largely used by other races for superpowerd but disposable cannon fodder Even if I could get past all that, I just could not stand Eira I did not care about her quest of revenge I spent half this book convinced at some point we d find out that Eira is actually stuck in a malfunctioning game world, Rai knows her in RL but can t correct her fake backstory without potentially dangerous feedback and the endgame is killing Zarda to free her hidden memories and bring her back to reality.THAT should tell you what I think of Eira In conclusion this wasn t meant for me It s perfectly suitable if you want a quick cup to go, but beware of weird shit that makes no sense af means as fuck NPC means non player character largely a char programmed by the game creators to give you mini quests, cague cryptic helpful advice for how to defeat the bad guy RPG means role playing game.

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    Note I got this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review Get ready to sit and read this book for a while it is quite long and that might put off some readers, thankfully I converted it into an audio book which made the whole process quicker However, this book has a interesting mix of genres I was a bit torn between some of these crossovers going into this book but ultimately it works out quite well The two characters are fun together as they kind of have a love hate relationship at first the dragon being my favorite character It is interesting that he seemly has the ability to transform back and forth between beast and human, which kind of reminded me of a recent episode of Face Off very cool The cover is stunning I must add as it has a beautiful graphic novel style in fact this whole book feels like it could be an amazing graphic novel I would also mention there is an enormous about of dialogue, which the author should be commended for.There are a few issues, mostly with grammar and the overuse of swearing As for the grammar it isn t a killer for this book but the author does tend to overuse the same words during a few paragraphs, for example I grunted as I twirled up my hair and clipped in the hairclip underneath it, letting the top portion of my hair to flow over the hairclip Nevertheless, Experimental Heart is a interesting beginning to a larger story that is worth reading if you stick with it.

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    I found this book on and thought I gave it a try since it was free and sounded interesting.This book did not disappoint It was full of actions, fast paced, full of interesting characters, and lots of magic Laz Eira is such a badass character and also a good leader I am still waiting for her to realize that she is in love with Raikidan Raikidan, the beautiful black dragon he is odd, curious, adorable, and protective I can t wait to read about him in the next book I also can t wait to meet the evil tyrant, Zarda.I didn t know this book has 700 plus pages but I finished it in one day I highly recommend for anyone who loves magic, fantasy, kickass heroine, dragons, etc

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    This is the first book in the Experimental Heart series The main character, Eira, has been engineered to be a killer, designed to kill without feelings, in a war of someone else s making She was a commander in the Dalatrend army, but was a failure at everything she did Her creator deemed her imperfect, for showing emotion and tried to destroy her Her only chance was to run and try to be free.Only problem with that was that now instead of being a killer, she was now the hunted Hunters were set after her, beings specially created to hunt and track people, when she took the chance to run She has been on the run for years When she gets caught up with and is near death, she sees a dragon She isn t sure if it is real as they are not common nowadays and she has never seen one before His name is Raikidan and he offers to help her go back and get revenge against Zarda, her creator and the one who wanted rid of his failure The only problem is that Eira is used to being a solitary person and wasn t made to have emotions or even feel anything She has no idea if she can trust the dragon and why he would want to help her She meets up with some of her old colleagues and joins the rebels fight against Zarda Zarda however has been busy doing experimentation and creating advanced Brutes and other fighters.It s an interesting book, with some unlikely mixings of characters Those nu humans, created to kill and feel nothing, but some like Eira are faulty in this requirement and deemed failures to be destroyed The relationship between her, her old friends and Rai is complex and I like how the dragon differences and the nu human non emotive states are brought to play, making the interaction of the characters interesting.I received an ARC copy of this book from Hidden Gems and I have freely given my own opinion of the book above.

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    Shannon Pemrick is a new author for me, but based on her Destiny Experimental Heart Book 1 , I m promising myself that we will become well acquainted I love the concept of this book, with its lead Eira seeking to escape from a her life as a designed emotionless tool of war I love how she is drawn to Raikidan and the whole way that a dragon is brought into the tale I love the plot and writing, and supporting cast Generally I pretty much live this novel But for the fact that I m literally dictating this review to my husband from my hospital bed I could go on and on with praises the book definitely deserves it Since I can t do that I will simply note that the book is most definitely one to read, it is easy to highly recommended and I m definitely looking forward to book 2.

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    This book was amazing It has a little bit of everything If you enjoy fantasy, paranormal, science fiction, humor, adventure, and I could go on and on The characters and the story are very detailed This is a great long story and I had a hard time putting it down I kept thinking, I ll put it down at the next chapter, and then I just had to go on I can not wait to read the next in the series Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cover Fantastic I was gifted an ARC in return of an honest review.

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    What a book Destiny is the first in this series, and I am definitely going to be checking out the rest The author has created a rich world and filled it with likeable three dimensional characters Each have their quirks some you will lovesome you won t There s plenty of action in the storyline, though I think the plot was a little lacking i feel this book is being used to set the world and characters up for the following books, so I am super interested to see what happens next.

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Destiny (Experimental Heart #1) summary pdf Destiny (Experimental Heart #1) , summary chapter 2 Destiny (Experimental Heart #1) , sparknotes Destiny (Experimental Heart #1) , Destiny (Experimental Heart #1) 7d80b54 Do You Know What It S Like To Kill Without Regret Designed To Be An Emotionless Tool Of War, Eira Only Knows One Thing In Life Death Desiring , She S Labeled A Failure, Forcing Her To RunDo You Know What It S Like To Kill Without Being Able To Feel Although Destiny Has Other Plans A Fateful Mistake Throws Her In The Path Of A Mysterious Dragon, Who Makes An Offer That S Difficult To Refuse Accept His Help To Gain Her Desired Freedom Or Keep Running With An Eye Over Her ShoulderDo You Know What It S Like To Live In Hell Eira Knows Better Than To Trust Anyone, But Could He Be An ExceptionDidn T Think So Book In The Experimental Heart Series Books Are Meant To Be Read In OrderRevised In And Re Released

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