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Murder in the Holy City chapter 1 Murder in the Holy City, meaning Murder in the Holy City, genre Murder in the Holy City, book cover Murder in the Holy City, flies Murder in the Holy City, Murder in the Holy City 5460e5a886bd7 Sir Geoffrey De Mappestone, A Brave Knight Of The Crusades, Returns From A Desert Patrol And Finds A Fellow Soldier Murdered In A Baker S Bedchamber But This Is Not The First Suspicious Death In The City Other Knights, And Even Monks Have Been Killed, And Sir Geoffrey Is Certain That The Murders Are All Connected It Is Not Long Before He Finds Himself Drawn Into A Sinister And Complex Plot To Seize Power In The Holy City And Learns That His Closest Friends Could Also Be His Closest Enemies

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    Geoffrey Mappestone, an English knight and crusader, is tired of fighting, intrigue, heat, and the desert and longs to leave the Holy Land and pursue his interest in medicine, science, and other scholarly subjects but when a series of murders occur in Jerusalem he is tasked with solving the mystery His friends Hugh and Roger join him in the investigation as he seeks to unravel the puzzle as a important question, whom should he trust, looms large.This is the first in a series featuring a reluctant crusader and his lazy and often faithless dog.No sexNo violence

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    This is an excellent mystery, set in Jerusalem during the Crusades It paints a good picture of life for the crusaders the whoring and drinking, the dirt and dust, as well as the politics and intrigue of the time The murders are well handled and the tension is kept as we try to guess the culprit s The hero, Geoffrey Mappestone, comes over as a very human and compassionate man, ahead of his time, literate and knowledgable.I look forward to reading others in the series.

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    I enjoy these Sir Geoffrey stories This is the second one I have read and I will read .

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    3.75 stars

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    3 1 2.slow start.

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    MURDER IN THE HOLY CITY Hist Mys Sir Geoffrey Mappestone Jerusalem 1100 GoodBeaufort, Simon aka Susanna Gregory 1st in seriesSt Martin s Press, 1998, US Hardcover ISBN 0312195664First Sentence Sir Guibert of Apulia s head snapped up from the ground, and he was alert instantly as he heard the city outside his tent.Sir Geoffrey Mappstone has come to the Holy City pas part of the Crusades Before the army even reached the Holy Land, it became less about a noble Christian undertaking, than fighting, and amassing wealth and power Geoffrey, in the employ of the Tancred, who is allied to the Patriarch the head of the Latin Church in the Holy Land, speaks several languages and is interested in learning than fighting One of Geoffrey s fellow knights is murdered with a curved dagger Other, seemingly unrelated victims follow, the common element being the dagger As Geoffrey investigates, his suspicion falls upon a friend.No matter the name under which she writes, Beaufort knows how to tell a good story and teach me a bit of history She describes the complicated politics of the time and the different groups all trying to find their place in this conflicted land Geoffrey is an appealing character He is realistically written being both intelligent and a solid soldier I did enjoy the bathhouse scene and his comment about it being four years between baths In fact, what marks Beaufort is the quality of the writing, the depiction of life during the time, clear depth of research and the simple fact that it is a great story I am delighted that this is only the first of the series as it means I ve a number of wonderful books awaiting me.

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    Set in Jerusalem in 1100 Crusaders find that there is a great deal of infighting Geoffrey Mappestone is called on to discover who is murdering knights within the city He spends a lot of time running around the city, murders happen, he suspects one of the men who has been helping him, goes through lots of gyrations in his thinking to come to his conclusions As always, there s a surprise as to who the actual murderer is and also to all the various connections of supposedly unrelated people.

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    An interesting mystery set in Jerusalem after it was captured by the crusaders A raft of murders takes place that seem to have no connections Knight Sir Geoffrey Mappestone is assigned to find the murder and the reasons behind the deaths The political situation and the list of who is in charge of what is confusing, perhaps it was equally confusing to the people of Jerusalem at the time.

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    A series I will gently pursue when in the library, but will not buy Pleasant as pleasant as a murder mystery set in Crusader controlled Jerusaleum with double digit murders and several sword fights can be and easy to read Good as the leaven between heavier books or for mental bonbon time.

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    It took me a little while to get into the book but then the pace picked up with incidents and all sorts of confusing information That got me really interested and I liked learning what it was like living in that time and place.

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