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Queen Camilla files Queen Camilla, read online Queen Camilla, free Queen Camilla, free Queen Camilla, Queen Camilla 3a8d0c8ef For The Past Thirteen Years, As England Became An Increasingly Unhappy And Fearful Place, Prince Charles Has Been Living Quietly On A Bleak Council Estate, The Flower Exclusion Zone Known Locally As The Fez , With His Wife And Love Of His Life, Camilla He Enjoys Gardening And Poultry Keeping While Camilla Spends Her Days Doing As Little As Possible, Alongside Their Fellow ASBO Subjected Neighbours But Life Is About To Change Charles Refuses To Follow His Destiny Unless His Wife Can Be Queen And Public Opinion Suggests The People Would Rather Have Jordan Than Camilla On The Throne But No Sooner Has Prince William Offered Himself As The Next Monarch, Than One Graham Cracknall Of Ruislip Emerges Claiming To Be Charles And Camilla S Secret Love Child, And Therefore The Rightful Heir To The Crown When The Battle For The Crown Begins The Dogs On The Fez Begin A Struggle Of Their Own One That Sweeps Across The Dog Population Of England As Harris, The Queen S Irascible Corgi Says, We Ve Been Domesticated For Too Long, It S Time We Showed Our Bleeding Teeth Will Sanity Prevail Over The Right Royal Cock Up That England Has Become Or Will Chaos Reign Supreme

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    God, I hated this book The things I do for Book Group Please don t bother reading it

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    Life s too short Vaguely amusing but enough is enough.

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    This is a hilarious follow up to The Queen I The Royal family have been living in the Exclusion zone on benefits for about 10 years They all seem to have settled into their new lives rather well But things might be about to change, as a new political party emerges, one that would like to reinstate the Monarchy I know Townsend is not a fan of the Royal family but I think she actually makes them all seem human, and you root for them throughout the book There are some great scenes in here And I loved that she gave all the dogs a starring role I would love to know if the Royal s ever read books like this, would love to know what they would make of them As for Queen Camilla, well.I actually really like her, and would be happy to call her my Queen

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    This is a continuation of Sue Townsend s previous book about the Royal Family, The Queen and I Now I haven t personally any knowledge of Camilla s personality since I don t live in Britain and do not continually see her on TV but since I note and admire the author s amazing grasp of the personalities of the other Royals, I trust that her depiction of Camilla is equally accurate.Britain has turned into a totalitarian 1984 like society with Jack Barker as Prime Minister Council estates have been converted into Exclusion Zones where the criminal, the antisocial, the inadequate, the feckless, the agitators, the disgraced professionals, the stupid, the drug addicted and the morbidly obese live The Royal Family, those who have not fled abroad, are living in the Flowers Exclusion Zone I don t know which category of the above stated unfortunates they fall into Prince Charles regularly wins the Best Kept Garden Award, whereas his neighbours garden is an eyesore of old mattresses and festering rubbish bags.The residents of the Exclusion Zone are required to wear an ankle tag and carry an identity card at all times Their movements are monitored by the security police on CCTV screens Difficulties occur for the Queen when she forgets to take her identity card with her, though, of course, everyone knows who she is When Camilla s tag had been fitted she had said, with her usual cheerful pragmatism I think it flatters my ankle beautifully By contrast, Princess Anne had wrestled two security police to the floor before a third officer had finally managed to attach her tag Jack Barker laughed when his government was accused of being totalitarian He wasn t a Stalin or a Mao it wasn t his fault there were no viable opposition parties.Now I haven t read 1984 recently, but the society Sue Townsend here depicts seems to be just as Orwell predicted With a mere click on a switch Inspector Lancer has access to full, detailed information about a specific citizen.For example Bronchitis every winter, otherwise healthy Menstrual cycle first week of every month, complains of severe pain History Unsettled at nursery school, constantly cries for mother, At four years vocabulary v poor, when shown a picture of a cow could not name it The book is filled with dogs and these communicate avidly with each other and their owners the author provides us with an interpretation of their various utterances Camilla to Charles Darling, do you think a dog knows it s a dog asked Camilla It depends what you mean by know , said Charles.Freddie one of Camilla s dogs snapped, Of course I know I m a bloody dog I eat from a bowl on the floor I shit in the street It looks now with the way things are going in 2017 as though Sue Townsend also had prophetic gifts Australia is now to be the first country in the world to introduce compulsory tagging of all persons so authorities will be able continually to keep checks on the activities of each individual.Jack Barker makes it illegal to have than one dog per household, so the rest must be disposed of The Royals all have several dogs so this affects them greatly And the vociferous dogs themselves also have something to say about the matter.The leader of the Conservative party Boy English, wants to restore the monarchy and thus set Queen Elizabeth back on the throne she, however, has plans to abdicate It turns out that Charles and Camilla have an illegitimate son, Graham, a rather unsympathetic person, born years ago he is now second in line to the throne.The book is impeccably well written and divinely funny We learn about all the quirks of the Royal Family the Queen is in the forefront, as in the previous book The book is exquisitely readable and I can highly recommend it.

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    This quirky, biting satire begins with the Royal Family having been exiled to council housing in what is called an Exclusion Zone a place where the slappers, the morbidly obese, the criminal and other undesirables are sent The Queen cares for her ailing husband and despairs of her dysfunctional brood The caricatures are vividly drawn here, and only Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles long suffering wife, Camilla, come off very well.I found something hilarious on almost every page Sue Townsend has a wicked wit and, though I am a recent transplant to these shores and thus have probably missed some cultural references, I was nonetheless entranced by the storyline, and the foibles Miss Townsend gave her characters Charles dithers, Camilla consoles, Anne swears a lot, Andrew s gotten chubby and chases girls with wild abandon, William is earnest and Harry s a thug Throw some unexpected characters into the mix along with some great cameos from the likes of Stephen Fry and Jeremy Paxman and you ve got a page turner Not great literature, but I couldn t care less life is too short to read books that enrich without entertaining There were some scenes that were movingly written, and one that had me crying uncontrollably that Townsend can inspire such a range of emotion is very telling and a compliment to her literary skills.Another, interesting, surprising aspect was the integral participation of the community s pet dogs, and the stunning plot twist that they pull off dumb animals, indeed I only gave the book four stars instead of five because of some rather glaring editorial errors that leapt off the page at me and took me out of the story A good proofreader editor would have solved that problem and made this a five star novel This was so funny, and I now want to find Miss Townsend s Number 10 Royal watchers, humour fans, dog lovers you name it there s something here for just about everyone, as long as they have a funny bone I did have to consult my husband on some of the references, but for the most part I got the jokes and found them to be great fun Some portions were also deeply moving I didn t think it would be a satirical novel that would give me impetus to feel a bit of sympathy for Camilla.

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    Queen Camilla is, loosely, a sequel to The Queen I I say loosely, because as a huge fan of The Queen I, this seemed to be part sequel, part rewriting, and part shadow of its former self I am a big Sue Townsend fan, and the humour and the writing was spot on as always, but the plot of Queen Camilla, and its execution, left a lot to be desired At the end I found myself wishing I d just re read The Queen I for the millionth time, instead.The royal family are still living in Hell Close, but this time around, the street is part of the Flowers Exclusion Zone, and Big Brother is in full force, spying on the residents and making their lives a misery The republican government are in danger of losing the election to their New Conservative rivals, who wish to reinstate the monarchy Neither the Queen nor Prince Charles who is interested in his chickens and his organic vegetable garden want to be monarch, but the arrival on the scene of an unexpected family member threatens to upend all these plans.The book also features a plethora of talking dogs, who communicate with each other, unbeknownst to their owners I actually didn t mind this device, although it was reasonably odd What did bug me was the characterisation In The Queen I the characters were rather nuanced, whereas here they relied on caricature and broad sweeps of the brush Numerous characters were downright unlikeable.As a fan of the first book, the little inconsistencies between the two were annoying supporting characters changed first names, or which house they lived in, for example Not a whole lot seemed to happen, in the end, and although Townsend s writing remained enjoyable, the book itself just fell short.Overall rating 5.5 10Originally reviewed here

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    Sue Townsend likes to think the unthinkable and then turn it into black comedy or farce Of course Queen Camilla is hopelessly dated now yet it still packs quite a punch From the literary and reluctant law enforcer Dwight persuading the girl of his dreams to read 1984 by visiting her to check her ankle tag even as they are living in a strangely distorted version of a totalitarian state. An England that is still full of eccentric and outspoken characters but that has somehow slipped into a dystopian cul de sac to the obsessive would be heir to the throne Graham Cracknell who after imposing himself for four days on his unsuspecting parents Charles and Camilla proceeds to alienate the affections of almost everyone in his new found family despite their determination to welcome him into the fold..the story is hilarious and full of bathos by turns There are moments too when I just wanted to weep especially as I read about the appalling state of care in the old people s home where Prince Philip resides Such passages are all too close to the reality for too many people Townsend challenges us to keep asking what kind of society do we want While Townsend s Royal family are caricatures perhaps inspired by Spitting Image yet they are sympathetically and skilfully drawn In the wake of the Diamond Jubilee, William and Kate s wedding and the birth of Prince George it would be easy to consign Queen Camilla to the back of the bookcase as a curiosity but the wider questions the story posits remain And it s still very funny..My personal favourite moment is Charles turning to sweet talk his chickens and discovering one of them has picked up one of Camilla s discarded fags, absolute comic genius moment.

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    A big fan of the Adrian Mole books which I read as a teenager, I was bitterly disappointed with Queen Camilla, a follow up to the 1992 The Queen And I.Not into talking dogs or indeed the kicking of them across decking , jokes I use the term loosely about the obese, the unemployed Not clued up on British celebrities such as Stephen Fry or Jeremy Paxman, the current political situation, the in jokes surrounding the Royal family Then you probably aren t going to enjoy this novel Set on the Flowers Exclusion Zone FEZ , a sink hole estate, an open prison in all but name, in which the residents are electronically tagged, their every move recorded, this could have been a humorous social commentary something the author is renowned for and yet for me the witticisms were nothing but cheap stereotypical jibes aimed at a society loathed by certain tabloid newspapers.Loosely plotted and reading like a over long comedy skit than a novel, I m afraid Queen Camilla failed to raise so much as a smile but then humour is very much subjective.Copyright Tracy Terry Pen and Paper.

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    Could this be an alternative reality for the royal family The Queen and her family are now living on a rough council estate which is segregated from normal society The Queen enjoys her retirement, Charles settles in the garden, Camilla smokes too much, William sulks at losing his chance to be King and Harry is turning into a hooligan with a chav girlfriend The party in power choose a new war against dog owners to force them to keep only one so the royal dogs start a revolution to save themselves Add to this Charles and Camilla meeting their secret love child from Hell and chaos reigns The love child bit was so funny he is the most repulsive, obnoxious human being in the world and his new family despise him The conversations with the dogs are brilliant as they make snide comments about their owners while trying to stage a revolution An entertaining read.Book Rating 2.5 5

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