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Time of the Celts (Dunskey Castle, #4) quotes Time of the Celts (Dunskey Castle, #4) , litcharts Time of the Celts (Dunskey Castle, #4) , symbolism Time of the Celts (Dunskey Castle, #4) , summary shmoop Time of the Celts (Dunskey Castle, #4) , Time of the Celts (Dunskey Castle, #4) 781f2a10 While On Video Chat With Kelsey, Jaelle Dons A Roman Helmet Left Among Her Ex S Things And Is Transferred To The Pictish Celt Side Of Hadrian S Wall Flat On The Ground And Tripped Over By Breth The Naked Woad Painted Warrior Is Being Chased By Romans Who Caught Him Scouting Their Fort She Earns His Trust By Grabbing An Injured Roman S Sword, Fighting Beside Breth, And Saving His Life He Takes Her To His Clan, Where She Sees Druids In Their Sacred Grove Imparting Magical Protection By Painting The Warriors Nudity With Muscle Activated Woad Pictures

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    3.5 stars.

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    EDIT I will concede that I wrote most of this before I looked up the fact that the other books are in a different series the books about the interesting people so I get that it s my bad for basically reading them out of order, this just makes this one definitely NOT a stand alone That aside, even considering the stories of the interesting people are in another series, this one still sucks It s just so short and lacking in depth If that s the intended purpose, then by all means, forget this I ve read books that were so bad they made me angry This one was just so bad it left me frustrated the same way that the show Revolution did Revolution a TV show that show a lot of potential and went downhill quickly due to really terrible and poorly thought out writing In the end a wasted premise This book had an interesting pretense but I would like to know why the hell it starts out with Jaelle and Breth who she doesn t end up with in this book who are both kind of all right but not that intriguing It casually mentions the fact that Amber and Kelsey are connected with some Druid guys who time travel because of an old debt or something And they are connected to John, who dumped Jaelle recently for some past woman I m not even sorry, I am way interested in John s story Jaelle can go live in woad mud harmony with her warrior dude Why is book one not about John discovering time travel Why is it not about Amber or Kelsey or whichever one of their SOs started time travelling the most Instead we just get them as a kind of explanation for being able to dream walk or whatever while Jaelle is in the past I could go on with how weirdly unsatisfactory this is but frankly it would have been better to end it HEA with Breth, and the next one, whichever one it is, moving on to some other mentioned character Since she apparently has to do with the story I don t know if I ll bother I probably won t I don t even hate Jaelle if a story is written really badly I come to hating the heroine and hoping that she doesn t get a HEA I don t really care what happens to her or Breth You re supposed to hate the bad Druid who turned her into the Romans which is dumb because seriously she has a bunch of foreknowledge and he s pissed because she didn t have sex with him sure, that s logical Then there s Morna who is kind of there for a day or something, she was supposed to be some kind of rival, but it was metaphorically akin to a xerox copy of a historical romance wherein the bad woman is trying to steal the hero from the heroine Instead she leaves after giving Jaelle the stink eye for a while and then battle and there s nothing of it Breth even seemed to hint that Morna was for some other guy in the clan so ok I presume there s some kind of Druid babelfish thing going on with Jaelle too, because there s almost no way you could study an ancient language and just get it so easily as well as understand the slang and dialect She understands Latin too of course she does and speaks it conversationally The verb is generally at the end of the sentence in Latin have you tried speaking in Latin I could see her being able to understand it, but the book would have been better with a realistic language barrier Even if the heroine wasn t a genius with languages I think there could be a good story where they don t speak the same languages, but this isn t that book, and I know wishing won t make it that Also eye talking is ridiculous beyond a certain point That certain point is using it than once to convey than one simple thought I almost want give this a one star because it had a really interesting pretense Ancient time travel as opposed to the 16th 19th century time travel that s common in these sorts of books and DRUIDs An interesting pretense squandered on this I wanted to like it I did think it was pretty cool Jaelle was all into history and everything, but starting with her breakup from a really really interesting character really made it feel like I was reading the third of some series that had two way interesting books Or at least, if this had been a book after at least one getting into these contemporary Druids time travelling and apparently breaking poor academics hearts in the process this whole thing with Jaelle would feel relate able The book, Jaelle, and Breth all had great potential, but the execution of the story left much to be desired This is probably the last Kindle Unlimited book I m going to read for a while A fair amount of them were good there s a series of contemporary romances I am considering getting for myself, but stuff like this that just seems poorly planned out seems to be super common on Kindle Unlimited In the end I realize I ve basically wasted a day figuring out all the little reasons this book disappointed me, yet still had the capability to be better than the Ruby Brooch The Ruby Brooch, for the uninitiated, might indeed be the worst time travel romance ever written I really really should just leave the time travel romance genre alone for a while, because it doesn t seem like I enjoy it beyond picking apart mediocre attempts at it That can t be healthy ha.

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    Cant get enough Oh wow Talk about page turning Broken hearted by a broken engagement meet weeks prior to her wedding, Jaelle buries herself in her beloved history books A continuation of the beloved time traveling series starring Tavish, Seamus and Tomas We now get to travel further back in time to see the Picts Going through her ex Johns stuff in the basement, history lover Jaelle happens upon an odd Roman helmet Luckily she s on video chat with a time traveling pal when she tries on the helmet, as she s suddenly transported back to ancient Scotland in the time of the Picts No time to catch up, she s suddenly my thrust into combat between a Picture warrior and a band of Roman soldiers Using her knowledge from the Faire and her job at the Museum of combat training, she helps the cute Picture warrior defeat the scurge Imagine being not just far from home in a strange land, but in a time not much is known of Even with a vast knowledge of history thanks to her love of the past, Jaelle herself doesn t know much Using her wits and instinct we go on this amazing trip into the past with her Discover what happens when the past, evil Druids, a cute Pict leader, jealous paramours and an evil Roman soldier all combine Who comes out ahead Will her friends from the present be able to assist Will love win out Take the ride and find out.

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    This book might be listed as book 1 of a new series but after just first 2 pages it is very obviously a part of a larger overall series You can figure out what is going on enough that you can read the book without reading all the others but I would probably enjoyed it if I would have read the others first.With that said, I was not a huge fan of this heroine She was catty and bitter towards friends who were not to blame for her situation Oh she had every right to be bitter, just not towards the people who have been her friends since childhood.The story was all right but I think I was sour towards the whole thing because of how much Jaelle annoyed me The further it went, the better the story got but still not the top of my time travel list.

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    This book is terrific but, would really be better read after the Dunskey Castle series, as it will make sense then but still a terrific read.As is normal for Jane Stain, this was a great read and I fully recommend this to all.If you are a fan of Time Travel and Ancient England Scotland, then this is your kind of book Loved it and can t wait for the next book

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    Something differentI often see and read books about the Scottish Highlanders, Druids, and occasionally maybe even one or two about Celts But this was my first reading about the Picts in something besides history books I absolutely loved it Jane is becoming one of my favorite authors to read Im on to the next I just can t get enough I took too long to read the first.

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    Jane Stain really has a way of bringing the history to life i can t wait for Just a wondering this book does have a cliff and you do have to wait for a HEA but with this author youll get one you just have to be patient i love the world Jane created A world where anything is possible especially time travel can t wait for the next story and i hope they never stop coming

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    Scotland and time travel What could be better Well, romance, and books that s what I loved Jaelle Breth s story I love the historical aspect about the Celts, Romans, and Hadrian s Wall, and the time travel twist makes the characters even interesting and dynamic I know this series is gonna be great I can t wait to see what happens in book 2.

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    A good book historically, can t wait to start the next volume to read of the story Well developed characters and documentation on the wall was great I was born in England and had visited Hadrians Wall as a child, even though it was pretty much destroyed it was very impressive Anyone who loves history will enjoy this novel immensly.

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    The summary suggested so much I had a hard time finding the flow of the book I often thought to put it down and not finish it I did finish and what a rushed ending making little sense and lots of unanswered questions

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