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The Unraveling Man (Joe Brandt Thrillers Book 2) summary The Unraveling Man (Joe Brandt Thrillers Book 2) , series The Unraveling Man (Joe Brandt Thrillers Book 2) , book The Unraveling Man (Joe Brandt Thrillers Book 2) , pdf The Unraveling Man (Joe Brandt Thrillers Book 2) , The Unraveling Man (Joe Brandt Thrillers Book 2) af84418151 WHEN YOU DISTRUST THE WORLD, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS IS AN ASSAULT A Man Who Mistrusts Everything And Everyone In The World, Cory Trammell Has Chosen To Live Off The Grid With His Small Family He Spends His Every Waking Hour Looking Over His Shoulder In Fear His Past And The Government Will Find Him So He Is Never Than A Day Away From Uprooting His Family And Fleeing To Safer Grounds However, When Provoked Enough, He Will Fight Back With Utter Brutality Society Insists On Saving His Son S Life When Cory S Boy Is Seriously Injured Complete Strangers Whisk The Kid Away To Have Emergency Surgery And Cory S Worst Nightmare Starts To Come True He Believes The Government Has Come For Him, It Has Finally Penetrated His Anonymity, Kidnapped His Son And Is Now Stealing His Freedom He Starts To Spiral Out Of Control As He Fights To Find The Boy He Believes Is Held Captive Inside A System He Both Hates And Fears Joe Brandt Prosecutes For The Government As An Assistant District Attorney Who Relentlessly Focuses On Society S Most Vulnerable Particularly Children And Those Who Endanger Them His Investigation Into The Strange Abandonment Of This Boy, And His Efforts To Find The Parents Who Deserted Him, Puts Him On Cory S Trail Right When The Angry Man S Battle Becomes An Increasingly Frantic And Explosive Battle Against Society And The Rule Of Law Career Criminals Are Cory S Only Friends, Two Dangerous Men Who Date Back To His Days In Juvenile Detention From Which They Escaped Together After Juvie, Cory Successfully Disappeared Off The Radar While His Buddies Became Industrious Criminals Who Support His Rampant Paranoia They Agree With His Conviction The Government Has Singled Him Out For Persecution And Their Misguided Help And Outright Subterfuge Escalates Into The Use Of Guns And Savage Violence There Is No End In Sight As Cory Goes To War With All Forms Of Government Could This Be Leading Toward Terrorism Becomes The Driving Question Of Joe S Investigation Into Cory S Ever Escalating String Of Crimes The Police And FBI Assist In Tracking The Felonies That Grow From Assault To Arson To Murder, With To Come Cornered By Their Pursuit, Cory Turns The Tables, Turning His Lethal Rage On Joe And His Partner, Psychologist Kat Nolan Which Will Lead To Two World Views Driving Toward Catastrophe The Latest In The Joe Brandt Legal Thriller Series, The Unraveling Man, Is A Taut And Fast Paced Suspense And Action Drama With Memorable Characters, Strong Conflicts And Genuine Psychological Resonance What Readers Have Said About The First Joe Brandt Thriller, Recollections Of Murder, Which Has % Star Ratings Very Good Read Awesome Book Really Enjoyed Reading It It Held My Interest All The Way Loved The Ending And I M Hoping For In The Near Future Great Book This Is The Best Book I Have Read In Quite A Long Time I Will Be Checking To See If He Has Written Others Loved This Novel Smart Intelligent, Crafty, Convoluted, Exciting And Credible Great Read This Is A Not The Run Of The Mill Mystery No Boilerplate Plot With Cutout Characters Bigger Than Life Characters With A Intriguing Plot Will Entertain You Great Story Well Written

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