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Kent State: What Happened and Why chapter 1 Kent State: What Happened and Why, meaning Kent State: What Happened and Why, genre Kent State: What Happened and Why, book cover Kent State: What Happened and Why, flies Kent State: What Happened and Why, Kent State: What Happened and Why 04fe1d2ae37ff All Of James A Michener S Storytelling And Reportorial Skills Are Brought To The Fore In This Stunning And Heartbreaking Examination Of The Events That Led To The Shootings At Kent State, Which Shook The Country To The Roots And Had A Profound Impact On The Anti War Movement

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    Mother had me read the beginning of Michener s Hawaii when I was a kid, but I never finished the thing, just appreciated the set up and later saw the movie version So far as I can recall, that s all the Michener I d ever read until I came upon this book about the National Guard murders of students at Kent State University on 5 4 70 This, and the similar murders of students at Jackson State on 5 14, constituted part of the outcome of national protests against the United States of America s illegal invasion of Cambodia the month previous My own school, Grinnell College, went on strike along with hundreds of others that spring.Michener was no radical It is a sign of the times that such a prominent figure should, within a year of the event, conduct a serious investigation of the killings, particularly seeing that they were popularly supported according to opinion polls at the time His conclusions, detailed in this virtually day by day, minute by minute account, basically supported the views of critics of the Ohio Guard while not, of course, endorsing the activities of some of the hot headed teens and near teens who were demonstrating.

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    I read this book at least 40 years ago As a teenager in the sixties I was shaped by events of the world This book helped me to understand there is always to a story I loved it.

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    A detailed compilation of interviews and pictures, storytelling and analysis of the massacre at Kent State University in 1970 I ve grateful that novelist James Michener devoted the time and energy to writing this book of history, within a year of the actual event I read a hardback copy from the public library So, I m also grateful that author Michener limited his subject matter to just the long weekend He left the legal wrangling and political intrigue of the aftermath for younger historians in later years It was a wise choice 550 pages was enough.

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    May 4, June 4, Spot the DifferenceWhenever you are reminded of the Tiananmen Square Massacre on June 4, please take a moment to remember the Kent State Shootings on May 4, 1970 Drumm Sculpture Kent State University Kent, OHIf You Stand Behind a Horse, Don t Be Surprised If It Kicks YouAll States, when threatened, behave like a horse Thanks to Our Friends at Hey LiberalsHey liberals, this is America China Russia the State , don t fuck with it.https www.facebook.com pages Hey liAn Extract from Lesley Wischmann s Review of Thirteen Seconds Confrontation at Kent State on One warning people interested in Kent State too often rely upon one of the few seemingly comprehensive books on the subject that is still available James Michener s Kent State What Happened and Why But before relying on that book as definitive, you should be aware that, immediately after the killings, on the night of May 4 or 5, 1970, President Richard Nixon called his good friend, Hobart Lewis, editor of Reader s Digest Within a few days, Lewis had enlisted Michener to write the definitive history of those events, Nixon, whose role in possibly instigating the shootings remains unknown, must have been pleased when he saw how Lewis carried out the directive Within a few years, this fictionalized account by Michener, as published by Reader s Digest s publisher, gained credibility and the country began to accept Michener s proffered thesis that Kent State was all a sad confluence of events A tragedy with blame to be shared by all But those of us who have really investigated Kent State know that this is simply not true Everyone was not equally responsible for the tragic outcome of May 4, 1970 http www..au Thirteen Sec

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    I haven t read the other major works on this topic the early accounts by Joe Eszterhas and Peter Davies, and William Gordon s recent study for comparison, but this is one heck of a gripping story A true page turner , in fact Michener downplays the immediate cause of the demonstrations at Kent State the invasion of Cambodia and explores the deeper social and cultural factors that led to the May 4 shootings The eyewitness testimonies that appear in the text are sometimes contradictory but provide a fascinating window on the values and conflicts of the 1969 1970 time period.Absolutely recommended for just about anyone who really digs serious works of nonfiction.

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    The afternoon of May 4,1970 I sat in Dr Rice s history class at the Mansfield branch of Ohio State He came into class and announced four students had been killed at Kent State A fellow student, Micheal Goldstien stood up and said, Who thought the revolution would start at Kent State Kent State was only seventy miles from Mansfield That weekend I traveled with four other students to Washington to protest the killing and Nixon s invasion of Cambodia The reaction to the invasion started protests at Kent State a few days before the killings.I knew of Michener s book when it first came out in the early 70 s, but knowing Michener, I figured it would be a conservative white wash of the event Instead, reading it all these years later, I found it balanced In fact, I think Michener went to great lengths to be fair He starts with the Kent State student s reaction to Nixon s announcement to invade Cambodia on Thursday night, and follows the events over the weekend into Monday He also traces the movements that weekend of Jeff Miller, Allison Krause, Bill Schroeder and Sandy Scheuer, the four students who were killed, and as well as Doug Wrent, who was wounded but survived He condemns both the actions of the students and the decisions of Ohio S governor James Rhodes.Michener s depiction of the counter culture back then is sometimes quaint and misinformed, but sympathetic For me, it brought back many feelings of anger and frustration What surprised me, that I had forgotten, the public reaction to the event Many people thought all the students should have been shot One mother whose daughter participated in the demonstrations, told her daughter, she should have been shot too.It also interesting to read Michener s predictions of what the future of the nation and higher education Almost none of it came to pass.

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    Since this book first came out, it has informed my understanding of what happened in the days leading up to that beautiful spring day on that normally quiet college campus, soon to become my own campus Yeah, I knew people who were there My first college roommate My boyfriend s roommate My cousin Nothing any of them told me about those days contradicted Michener s book in any major way It was heartbreaking then, and it s heartbreaking now, and the immediacy of Michener s book captures that in spades My cousin remembers seeing the author sitting in local bars that summer and fall interviewing student eyewitnesses.

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    While perusing the list of books James Michener has written in search of a good book to read, I saw that he had written this book in the immediate aftermath of the Kent State tragedy back in 1970 I was a freshman at FSU when Kent State happened, and I was still figuring out who I was as much as what I thought about world events Although I vividly remember the shockwaves from Kent State, I realized that I don t know much about the details, so here was my chance.First off, those people back in 1970 sure talked funny Michener and his team of researchers talked to a lot of students and professors, and they frequently quote the vernacular of those days But it is somewhat amusing to read Michener s 1950 s style physical descriptions of coeds as very attractive, often as if that is the most important character trait to verifying the authenticity of their contributions It is also striking how big a deal he makes out of the female students yelling obscenities at the national guard, as if before this time, cussing was a privilege only given to males But once you get passed such amusements, this is a very important story about a time in our nation s history when many reacted to the shootings with the sentiment I wish they had killed of the students In that generation of change, students were often misunderstood by their parents Michener documents how the students were characterized as long haired, dirty, and barefoot, and they should be shot for not conforming to society.I remember going home after my freshman year, and realizing that when people saw me and said Byron, it is so good to see you I m glad you haven t gone bad like that what they really meant was they were glad that I was still getting haircuts So, during my sopho year, I let my hair grow long to make a point, and it was fascinating to see how responses to me changed.Anyway, back to the book one point and I am done the late 1960s and 1970s were tumultuous years, and one of the things that exacerbated the issues that erupted at Kent State was the language of President Nixon and Vice President Agnew, as they said things intended to create hatred and anger towards specific groups of people It is not unlike how our current president talks about people.

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    I attended Kent State University from 1992 2002, and when I saw this book at a library book sale, I was interested in reading this, especially since it was by James A Michener, an author I knew of but never read This book was very well written and detailed, without being filled with personal opinions of the writer This book was originally released in 1971, and filled with great facts and reports, from newspaper and television reports, to students and faculty members, to officials in the city When attending Kent, whenever this event was ever brought up which was very few the impression taught to me was some anti Vietnam students were peacefully protesting and got shot from the National Guard However, the book explains that rioting from other colleges throughout the state was happening, how some rioters were not even campus students, and some were even high school students.The book talks about the early riots in downtown Kent before May 4, how letters were sent to campus officials demanding things like the ROTC Building to be shut down or it would be burned, to attacks planned on The President of the University s house, and even flyers being posted all over campus of threats and hate speech The great thing about this book is that it covers as much of the story as it can find, from rumors that may or may not have happened, to how the university changed curfews on the university, yet a different time was used in town At the end of each chapter, the writer states some conclusions, which is objective by the facts they gathered they cover how both sides of the issues were at fault for miscommunications to just causing trouble Regardless of where you stand on the issue, this book is very well written, and covers the days leading up to, during, and after the events Too bad this topic wasn t this thorough in my Kent History classes when I attended there This was a great bargain buy at the book sale.

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    This is an extensive book that goes into extreme detail of all of the events at Kent State University in Ohio in May 1970 It took me back to that era of the Vietnam War and life on college campuses at the time I m not sure I could ve made it through the book if I would ve been reading it in paper because it was so long but I listen to it on audible and in spite of a few lulls I found the book captivating for the most part The book was published in 1971 and was the product of a crew of reporters who must ve crammed an incredible number of interviews into a few months The book is wide ranging covering a variety of topics beyond the killing of four students by the National Guard I hadn t remembered the extremely negative reaction of the Kent community to the student riots after the fact The comparison of the May riots in Kent involving 10,000 people that was related to the war and the invasion of Cambodia with a November riot in Columbus involving 30,000 people after an Ohio State football victory over University of Michigan was fascinating The National Guard was not called in for the sports riot The Kent riots were just before a state election and a candidate for governor Rhodes wanted to look tough.

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