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Vantage Point chapter 1 Vantage Point , meaning Vantage Point , genre Vantage Point , book cover Vantage Point , flies Vantage Point , Vantage Point 964e175ba0d83 For Nearly Years, Climbing Magazine S Goal Has Been To Inspire And Entertain With Compelling Coverage Of Climbing In All Its Forms, From Bouldering To The Big Walls, Trad Rock To Sport Climbing, Ice Climbing To Mountaineering Vantage Point Offers A Collection Of The Most Inspiring, Thought Provoking, And Humorous Stories Featured In Climbing Over The Past Five Decades An Anthology That Will Move You To Grab Your Chalkbag, Rope, And Harness

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    Vantage Point presents a varied and comprehensive look at the evolution of climbing With voices from the real community and a distinct tone of adventure, I was left feeling equal parts, anxious to be back on rock and terrified of some of their misadventures They present the good, bad, and ugly of climbing and adventuring, but at the heart of every single story, you can feel their passion There is a distinct thrill that runs through each page and the stories are compiled in a way that leaves you turning the pages continuously.

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    Read maybe a third Worth it for the Black Dog set of essays on the dark side of the climber mind.

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